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WD Elements 8TB External HDD $233.31 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


WD 8TB Elements is on special again at Amazon (International fulfillment). Cheapest I've seen on StaticIce currently is about $303. These usually sell out quick and remember these will almost certainly come with a US plug but WD will send you an AU plug on request once you register the device with them.

Pretty sure these are shuckable and get you a nice drive for NAS and other general purposes at a price cheaper than if you just bought the drive naked. 3.3v trick may or not be necessary - comment below if you know.

Edit 23/01/20: price has changed from $210.74 to $211.71 (probably just an exchange rate fluctuation)
Edit 26/01/20: price now $212.11
Edit 28/01/20: price now $228.43
Edit 03/02/20: price now $233.31

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