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Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor $98 @ Harvey Norman


This is the updated version with lower weight, improved sensor and better battery life.

Decent discount on this one. RRP of $169 (JB Hifi/Logitech online) and average price on staticice ~$150, with $117 at Umart as the next best in-stock option.

"Specially designed to keep you in control even during intense, in-game situations, the Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor is a suitable choice for completing your gaming setup. It’s also compatible with the POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (sold separately) for convenient recharging."

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    updated version with lower weight

    Can't have any weight for lightspeed.

  • Is there any noticeable input lag for FPS when using these wireless mice compared to a wireless one?

    • I've had mine for around 4 months and no issues with input lag at all, even from some heavy flicks as I play on low sens (e.g. BL3, OW, CS:GO)

    • You mean compared to a wired one? Not noticeable afa I can tell playing CSGO at 240fps.
      Switching to the Wireless G Pro with a Powerplay mat was one of the best decision I've ever made. No wire, no latency that I can tell, no worry about battery, Logitech precision.

    • Nope. Well there is if you count 1ms (or so it is claimed).

      In theory, removing the cord can make you a better gamer because the cord creates variable forces making it harder to create muscle memory. However many pro players still use corded mice so take that with grain of salt.

  • +3 votes

    $148 for the G502 lightspeed also, seems like an ok price https://www.harveynorman.com.au/logitech-g502-lightspeed-wir...

  • Want the g604!!

  • defective scroll wheel design. i've swapped it 3 times already. finally changed to g903 instead

    • Is it the unbalanced wheel issue still? (Wheel moves after you move your finger)

      • yeah i had enough of it and requested for g903 instead. happy ever after now. not sure if they have fixed it but unlikely

    • Hmm I didn't do much research before pulling the trigger… hope mine won't have this issue, otherwise hope HN is easy to deal with on swapping it out…

    • same issue here, scroll wheel started to scroll to opposite direction intermediately within a year, swapped another one and started to have the same issue within a year again, I ended up get a refund and went back to my old G9x.

  • Using the previous version for work for about half a year. I reckon the Hero version has a better battery life. Mine is charged less than once per week so pretty happy with that already.

  • Bought the Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless for $103 from JB Hi-fi a few weeks ago.

    Wonder which is better?

  • Just pirce matched @JB. Too ez~

    I already have 2 G403s and love them so much. It is so ideal a mouse that I want to keep using for my whole life. Just brilliant in every aspect.

    G703 is literally an enhanced G403. They're almost exactly the same in terms of look, shape, feeling, control and other important form factors. They both use PixArt 3366 so the performance is almost identical, just G703 is slightly better for that Logi has made the most of this sensor and new firmware when G703 released. The only difference is the longevity of the micro switch, G403 measures 20M clicks while G703 50M according to my memory.

    And one secret probably many people don't know is that actually G403 supports PowerPlay perfectly. Yes not just G703 and above such as G903. But Logi never mentioned that in any way for which I guess just because of their pricing and marketing strategy.