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Fuji Instax Mini 9 Camera $58 + Delivery @ Officeworks, Harvey Norman


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  • Amazing deal. Thanks OP

  • Nice find, was sad when I missed the last best price of $78, glad I didnt buy then.

    don't forget cashback?

    Don't think theres cashback for either stores, for Shopback and Cashrewards at least.

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      Got the Polaroid 300 which is just a rebadged Mini 7 I believe for $38 a few years ago. The novelty wears off fast ^^

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        Yeh, but these are great alternatives to photo booths for parties/events.

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    Beating Aldi's clearance price?

  • So is this like a Polaroid?

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      Not just like.. It is one

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        Nice, a must have if you ever develop anterograde amnesia

    • It has a carbon footprint of about a 100 to 1 compared to the original. A reason they breed Greta's!

  • What's the average price for film?

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      About $10,000 for ten photos, but they give you a microscope to look at the photos with. Great value. My daughter has one. Never bought a refill for obvious reasons.

      • surely they have some cheaper compatible chinese made refills?

    • $27 for 20 photos or $56 for 60.

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          That's the American site. Doesn't deliver to Oz.

          • @Rod911: Oops good point. I should have looked more closely.

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      $27 for 20 films according to the officeworks website.

      • Thanks.

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      Buy them in bulk on ebay and give them to the girlfriend a packet at a time, like you thought about it before going out with friends.

      You can get them for about $8 for 10 in bulk.

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        That is quite devious … dan … :)

      • Thanks for ebay suggestion.

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        Give this man another OzBargain medal.

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          give his girlfriend the OzB medal,
          for keeping that kind of boyfriend.

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            @whyisave: I don't think she know's he's giving her a packet at a time.

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            @whyisave: So buying your girlfriend a near unlimited supply of film is bad? For the record, i never deceived her and after the 3rd time she caught on and we had a laugh about it. I never said lie to her!

      • Link please

      • To this date I'm not understanding why the films are so expensive. It's old tech the cost of making the film should be cheaper its like $1.25 per print unless you buy 120+ then it's less than a dollar on eBay.

        You end up paying so much on film the unit is just to get you started so you have to get the films

  • Thanks, bought one!

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    How to print? Any links for printer/paper?

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      You sound confused as to what this even is….

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        Isn't this a camera which allows to instantly print? So we will need a printer? or not?

        • The camera prints the photo… Pretty much a Polaroid from olden days

        • How can a camera print instantly, if you need to buy a printer? By that logic, your mobile phone can print instantly too.

          Best if you google what the product actually is and does…

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            @Ughhh: Yes it prints so we still need to buy expensive paper.

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              @bajirao: Yes…don't think technology is that advanced yet to build a paper manufacturing plant inside a camera…

          • @Ughhh: Well, you simply have no idea how a polaroid works. The printer is inbuilt.

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        They're just asking what consumables does this need.

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      You load the paper inside, and it prints small photos . Google Polaroid. Popular a few centuries ago.

      The camera will print 62 x 46 mm photos.

      About the size of a match box.

    • Do u not read ^? Or r u trying to do some hacks?

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        Give them a break. Their parents weren't even born when Polaroid went broke. And most people can't wrap their head around paying $58 for a horrible camera (when most people have an amazing camera in their hand anyway) that costs $1 to print a tiny tiny photo (camera prints 62 x 46 mm photos, the size of a matchbox) when you can print a photo about ten times larger for 5 or 10 cents (10 to 20 times cheaper) at an Officeworks store about fine minutes from wherever you live.

        • Yeah but this is hip and Instagrammable. You ain't instagramming with shitty 6x4 prints.

          • @Munki: This camera is not Instagrammable unless you use a second camera to take a picture of the photo you just printed with the first camera.

            • @cerealJay: Yeah, you use your phone to take a pic of the printed photo to upload to insta. Mad hipster points. #photoception

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    Price matched with JB

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    I always wanted one but ended up bought the instanx printer instead.
    The printer allow me to print any photos I like, new or old, or someone sent to me.
    With this camera you don't get this flexibility and might end up wasting photo papers.

    But the camera is good fun for kids

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      Give it to a kid, they press the button 20 times in five minutes, you get 20 photos of their feet, and you've blown $27

      • Never have I thought I would see a comment so bizzare yet 100% realistic.

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    ooo wee

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    waiting on a ddeal for the instax square film

    my daughter has an SQ20 which is great because you can keep the digital files and select which to print

    • update: ordered 50 instax square films for $76 shipped via mightyape

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      same with the Instax LiPLay.
      digital copies can be kept.
      i like this and i don't like this idea.

  • brought one for daughter - even with flash the photos are pretty dark and grainy unless in full light. photos are tiny —if refills were .50 cents per photo it would be ok for kids or special occasions to take some instant photos..daughter would rather use mobile phone for movies and photos to edit then go to officeworks to print out for 10cents

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    HP Sprocket printer would be better value. Get to preview the photos. Version 2 is currently $128 at Officeworks and you get about 50 photos for around $28, so it will pay for the difference with the first pack

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    Another angle is that you can take it travelling - have a meal/drink with strangers overseas - ask someone to take a photo and leave your new friends with a souvenir. It can create memories with a certain charm. Understandably everything I've said can also be done through mobile or digital camera tech. But it's also just different way to interact with your environment - the celluloid look and the instant physical print is just 'fun'.

  • Question, how long do the prints last? Same as normal photo prints?

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    I think some people are missing the point of this camera, it's mainly for parties to take fun photos and hand them out instantly.

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      Exactly this. I bought my daughter one and she takes instant snaps in her school camps/parties to give out to friends. Quite fun actually compared to taking a photo with your phone, going to officeworks a few weeks later, printing them out, collecting them, and then giving out. The 'moment' has gone by that time

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        She could share the photos via WhatsApp, Facebook, email, etc

        • I'd rather not encourage the use of social media at this age. Holding a keepsake is also more meaningful in my opinion

          • @Riker88: I agree with you regarding social media, (there's lots of propensity for bad re mobile phones for kids) and if you don't mind spending $1 for a small photo then go for it.

          • @Riker88: Never knew that email has dropped down to social below useful status!

        • That would require some brain cells. Some think the cost of using them is not justified!

  • Bought one for the nephew. Thank you :)

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    The film cost more than the unit itself just like printer

  • You've only been a member since October 2019? Hardly a "long time lurker"! I was half expecting to see a join date of 2015 or something.

    • Easy to lurk without signing up. Triple the amount of guests compared to users online right now.

  • From amazon would be cheaper $69.12 for Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera with Film Pack (20 Sheets)

    • Link? I haven't seen any Instax camera + film on Amazon for less than $150…

      • its expired and back to $155

  • Does it come with a billboard to tell the Jones next door about the item they do not yet have?

  • INSTAX Instax film 60PK for $41.00 from Good Guys Commercial, if you have access to it.

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