Clearance - Solar Powered SMD LED Shed Light $5.00 (Was $10) Solar Lantern $5 (Was $10) @ Reject Shop


Clearance - Solar Powered SMD LED shed light $5.00 (was $10) Solar Lantern $5 (was $10) @ Reject Shop

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    can anyone shed some light on this ? quality?

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    I use those shed lights as interior lights in my house.

    Dropped my power bill significantly.


      how does it get charged? inside of the house wouldn't get full coverage of sun I assume


      Same - have used $15 Aldi shed lights indoors for years. Charged from solar panel on tile roof. (Just need to extend cable.)

      Have one attached to extractor fan duct in kitchen, with cable run from ceiling down back of duct. As there was no convenient light outside & inside front door - added 2 there.

      Aldi ones have good motion sensor that keeps light on for 90s after last movement. Lights come on as walk around important areas of house (entrances, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, etc). Batteries are always charged to provide good lighting, even with prolonged dull days.

      So can walk into kitchen at night & make a drink without having to turn light on.


    No love for the solar-powered pink flamingos? :( (j/k)

    My only issue with cheap solar lights is that they seem to all leak in through the top-mounted little solar panel, as there's always an edge to collect moisture. Still, might try a couple @ $5.

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