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½ Price Cheetos Flamin' Hot Puffs 90g $1 @ Woolworths


Cheetos Flamin' Hot Puffs is made with real cheese and contains no artificial colours. Made on Australia.

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    Cheese and bacon balls and twisties also $1

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      Burger Rings 100g $1, CC's 175g $1.65.

      Smith's Lamington Chips are half price $1.75.

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    Just be careful Brodening these, don’t want to send yourself to hospital eating them like Lil Xan did.

    “’ Hot Cheetos and the Mexican snack Takis are apparently a leading cause of gastric-related hospital visits among kids, with one Memphis, Tennessee, children’s hospital estimating this year that it sees 100–150 patients per year following overconsumption of spicy snacks.”


    • @cheaplikethebird

      How many packets you need to eat for that to happen?

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    Wish they made & sold the crunchy ones here in Aus, they are far better!

    • You can get Flaming Hot Twisties that are close. Currently on sale at NQR along with Flaming Hot Doritos

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  • Addicted to these. Fml

  • I am not very good at eating hot stuff, but I love the taste of these chips. I have a cheetos in one hand and a big m milk in the other. Oooo so nice

  • I love these so very much.

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    I'm guessing that Alf Stewart likes these.

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      these are flamin' hot puffs not galahs

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    Made on Australia.

    Oh well that's a relief. Most things are made in Australia and I'm just hoping they washed all the dirt off first.

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    asian cheetos are so much better, drool

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    How spicy are these? Say compared to the Korean shim ramen noodles?

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    Flamin' Hot Puffs

    …sounds like a foxy 70s pornstar :p

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      I laughed way too hard at this.
      Have your +1 and then get out lol.

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    You'll be doing Flamin' Hot Puffs after this.

  • not very spicy

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    Anyone know where you can get the original crunchy ones?

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