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Samsonite Chronolite 81cm Black Combo $329 (Total Package RRP $1059.90) @ Luggage Gear


Limited Stock Only

European Samsonite Model

Samsonite Chronolite 81cm Black Suitcase
Retail Price $965
Normal Market Price $579
Our Current Online Price $337.75 (Bag Only with current discount)

Now with an added Toploader Laptop Backpack and a Passport Wallet…

Just $329 delivered (selected metro areas)!

Total Package Retail Price $1059.90.

Free shipping applies to selected metro areas… more info at https://www.luggagegear.com.au/shipping.php

Item Features:


*Constructed of Revolutionary Curv material for strength and durability.
*Retractable double wheel handle.
*Large comfort grip carry handles.
*3 digit TSA lock for secure travel.
*ID tag.
*Spinner wheels.
*Top interior section features cross straps and side pocket.
*Bottom interior section features mesh divider.
*Made in Europe.

81cm x 56cm x 33cm


*300 D two tone Polyester
*Adjustable dual-strap carry system with air-mesh padded contact points.
*Main compartment with well organised internals including
*Large padded sleeve for 15 inch Lap Top and smaller padded slip pocket for tablet, with additional slip pockets for organising other minor items.
*A mounted downward facing external USB outlet is fed by an internal USB cable
*Front Main plus 2 extra Front Zippered Pockets
*Storage loop found at rear to hang backpack

* Dimensions: 35 W x 12.5 D x 42 H cm
* Capacity: 18 L


* Zippered foldover travel wallet
* 7x InterBusiness card size slip pockets
* 1x Mid size slip pockets
* 1x Large slip pocket with dividing wall
* 1x Mesh slip pocket
* Large zippered pocket
* Zippered mesh coin pocket
* Internal elastic pen loop
* Webbing carry grip &
* Slip pocket on back panel
* Small webbing loop handle

* Dimensions: 14w x 1.5dx 27h cm

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  • +2 votes

    wondering how many have actually been bought at the retail price $1059.90?

    • +8 votes

      Anyone who did should be perma banned from here

    • +6 votes

      Had a quick look on their site. Everything is sold at a discounted/market rate, not at RRP. This is definitely misleading to compare the current sale price to RRP.


      What are misleading prices?

      Misleading prices may include:

      • ‘savings’ or ‘discount’ statements when compared to the recommended retail price (RRP), but the goods have never been sold at the RRP or the RRP does not reflect a current market price.

      One of my friend bought a CosmoLite for ~€400.


    I thought to advertise a Rrp of say 1000 and say save $700 pay only
    300 you had to have sold some at $1000


    I bought Cosmolite 81 cms for 329 2 years back and its is the lightest and very strudy one.. Wish it was under 300 I would have bought another one.


    3kg, what a rip off. For that price it should be half that.


    Misleading RRP


    good price with the additional stuff (albeit useless for me). but that rrp!!


    Not even MYER has ever sold these at this price. That’s deceptive marketing OP and illegal behavior.


    @Rep: do you have discount for the smaller size (72 kg?)


    $1059.90, did I read that right? Like who would pay that much?


    Hi All.

    There seems to be some confusions and even anger over the information on this posting.
    Its well known that OzB customers know there stuff too well to be mislead or anything, and at best we are at fault at not conveying the offer in its best light.
    Most of the time, we get feed back to assist and we edit accordingly as we are simply offering a deal… you can choose to take it up or not.

    In this case, no one is trying to mislead you, all we were doing was stating the facts.

    The $1059 is the cumulative total of the RRP prices of all the items in the combo.

    Samsonite Chronolite 81cm Retail is $965
    Toploader Laptop Back Pack $59.95
    Passport Wallet $34.95

    Nowhere does it state that the Chronolite is retailing for $1059

    Nor did we set the retail prices for the Chronolite. Nor are we stating people are buying at $965 yet alone $1059

    When things are advertised anywhere at any retail store, most discounts are at a % off retail… thats just a guide.

    What we will take from this feedback is to more clearly state the breakdown. The intention was actually the Chronolite is $329 and the backpack and passport wallet are free. Obviously this wasnt articulated in the best way but from the feedback as well, not sure this would make a difference.

    Again , we are happy to take on board feedback about our deals but at no point is anyone trying to mislead or trick you guys into anything.
    Obviously prefer positive feedback but constructive feedback on how to improve the deal for you is better than accusing of of illegal or deceptive behaviour.


    I am reluctant to amend the wording of the deal now in case it seems like we are further trying to deceive anyone. I will ad further information but please let me know if I make this worse or better as again, our intention is simply to offer a deal… nothing more.

    • +1 vote

      Samsonite Chronolite 81cm Retail is $965

      Base the saving on whatever you normally sell the items for, not meaningless, fantasy RRPs like the $965 above that no one has ever paid.

      Google reports your current website price of $337.75 as being a "23% price drop from 90-day avg", so I guess you normally sell this case for somewhere in the $400-$500 range? So for this deal you'd be better saying it's "normally $550" (or whatever the total for the three items is).

      Manufacturer-set, vanity RRPs are completely pointless when the actual selling price is only a fraction of that figure, and "deals" based on them really are misleading.

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