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4x Pack of 45 Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue $48 Shipped with Subscribe and Save (Baby Wishlist Required) @ Amazon AU


Edit 31 Jan: Party is over, looks like they have removed all toilet papers from baby wish list

Edit: Subscribe and Save is currently unavailable as it's in back order
Will need to wait until it's back in stock in early/mid-Feb

Basically just combining S&S and the Baby15 offer
(Edit 31 Jan: steps are the same, they just changed it to a different code)
That's $12/Pack of 45 rolls, or 14.81 cents per 100 sheets, even cheaper than ALDI brand

It says you have to create a Baby Wishlist first and wait for 24 hours, please refer to the original post
It didn't take me 24 hours, just 8 hrs or so

Reminder for dummies:
Unsubscribe after it is delivered
NO, cashback is NOT available
YES, you may pay with gift card


You may order something else on the list instead of 4 packs as long as you reach $59
IMO It's easier to search through the list on Desktop than on mobile

I know that's 180 rolls, but with this price, there's nothing to complain
just group buy for your family and friends
I ordered 4 packs, 1 for my own family, 1 for my parents, 1 for my sister's and 1 for my friend's

Enjoy Shitting~

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