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$279.95 450km/h Blower + 51cc Brush Cutter Garden Pack w Free Shipping


It's almost time for spring and your garden is probably looking a little tired and messy by now.
Get rid of the excess mess in your yard with the AGR garden value pack- the 450km/h Blower is perfect for high velocity clearing power and will push dirt and leaves away with no problem at all.
While the 51cc Brush Cutter will slice through branches and stubborn weeds with ease. Normally these items are $378 separately but just for one week, together we're selling them for $279.95 with free shipping. Thats $99 off! So grab this value bundle pack and revamp your garden from the ground up just in time for spring.

We also have more value packs and sales so come and take a look around!

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    "*It's almost time for spring and your garden is probably looking a little tired and messy by now. *"

    no i just mowed my lawn over the weekend, cleaned it up, its looking fantastic…was admiring it this morning as i was leaving for work…

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      Did my lawns and garden on Sunday afternoon - it was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne!

      I also was admiring it as I left for work this morning ^_^

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        we must have done them at the same time then! how exquisite, I also did mine sunday afternoon… I concure, it was a great day for it… didn't have the time to whippersnip though.

        Rep - probably best to just cut to the point in future! :P

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          yep and all the pointless stuff can then go into the comments


          Same Same, also Sunday did lawns (ride on mower) and whipper snippered, which overheated and stalled a few times. Just glad i dont do it for a living, its exhausting work.



        I see a conspiracy of tight arses here

        So did I :P


    How much is just the blower?

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    Suggest you have a read through this thread first before buying


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      wonder if that was the rep that did a hit and run neg on you…

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      I Gotta admit, when I saw AGR Machinery in the new deals, I immediately remembered the Whirlpool thread too!
      There are some very serious allegations from several members..
      Maybe the rep can shed some light on this?

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    Just to be clear - I am not passing judgement on these guys because I haven't been a customer. But there appears to be some serious issues raised by past customers in the thread. To the rep : perhaps you should give an explaination here of some of the issues raised.

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      It would do a LOT better if the rep posted and addressed concerns on the Whirlpool thread.

      There are HEAPS of unhappy clients there, and this company (and the others that they trade under) are not well known for good customer service.

      Personally, I suggest avoiding them… if only because of the total lack of response even though they know about the Whirlpool thread.

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        To make it clear, the reason why we have not responded on the actual whirpool forum is because after going through these complaints, we have had to distiunguish between genuine concerns and those that are disingenuine or have already been resolved. One must remember that many customers try to gain refunds, etc, when they are not actually in the position to do so, and while the online world provides a wonderful avenue for real discourse between consumers and businesses, it is not without its problems: namely being an opportunity for competitors to smear other businesses, and as an avenue for disgruntled customers to vent their frustrations with one-sided depictions. In the end, as shown below, we can generally find these instances if they are real, and, if they are, will always endeavour to rectify the problem. We do this via the communication channels provided - not generally in open forum spaces, no. We have no intention of turning a whirpool forum into a customer communication channel, obviously. This is no different to any other business and for valid reasons. We have made the decision to interact here, but neither will will be answering any more personal incidents on this thread - we have provided details for customers to contact us on with every purchase, and direct them to use these. This is important for both parties, as it provides legal records and transparency, as well as a private communication (which forum threads obviously are not!).

        We have viewed many of these posts recently because we are currently revamping the customer communication processes. When a business expands, often the amount of communication (and product moved) eventually "outgrows" the system that was initially suffice. This is the case with AGR Machinery and associated stores. We openly admit that this has meant that it has become near impossible to maintain phone communications for every single customer (although we do talk to a great percentage, and provide a working number for every purchase), but have set up adequate email avenues to buffer this (which, as shown below, are in full use!). Emails can be answered within 24 hours, and we will have our new call centre operating very shortly. We currently advise email as a preferred option for this reason - it is faster! Obviously, a phone system to smoothly handle high volumes of calls is a very different system to an email inbox setup, and so, for now, is much quicker (but again, will soon change). There will always, however, be customers who are still unsatisfied and take to forum boards with this frustration! Absolutely, there will always be some genuine situations that need to be rectified, but the problem would be if we didn't bother to - yet we do! I remind you that there are also many posters on that thread (among the posters who have been a part of that community the lomngest) who have reported just this, that their problem have been dealt with, alongside those who have experienced no problems. On the whole, the online world presents a handful of cases amongst what we can tend to forget - the literally thousands of customers who do not take to forum boards to discuss their experiences! However, we look forward to improving the customer experience in future for anyone who encounters issues of any nature with their purchase.


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    Hi all,

    More than happy to address the issue of the whirlpool thread. We've systematically addressed every issue in this thread and had a team specially assigned to getting to the bottom of it. We've had some major changes taking place at AGR, and it's important to us to know what needs to change. There have been several major restructures taking place, providing the perfect opportunity to make sure AGR lives up to its mission of providing competitively priced goods without compromising on the quality of those goods or the customer service which accompanies them. In short, there are some genuine concerns in that thread, and some that are unfounded. I'm happy to address both.

    It is firstly important to remember that online forums, whilst useful for customer feedback, will always be populated by customers who choose these avenues to vent frustrations and negative opinions for a variety of reasons (both true and false), and that they ultimately can appear unbalanced. Whilst some members of that particular forum have taken great issue with AGR, we narrowed the thread down to no more than 11 genuine individual customer complaints. This does not mean these complaints are invalid; however, against the thousands of customers AGR have served, some perspective needs to be kept. Similarly, many of these forums are populated by strategic comments placed by competitors.

    There are many situations presented in these comments that are simply untrue. We have always enjoyed a fruitful and respectful relationship with ebay, and the idea that ebay are somehow in cohorts with us in relation to any dubious sidestepping of legalities of trade is not just untrue but somewhat fanciful. This is itself stated by some of the forum members in this thread (members with the longest whirlpool history). Ebay have not built their reputation on such practices, and the idea that they would jeopardise this for AGR Machinery is illogical.

    Under no circumstances would AGR deceive customers for the removal of negative feedback. Whilst it is true that ebay provides only a specified time limit within which to provide feedback, this applies to every ebay trader – it goes without saying that feedback may change outside of this time on some occasions, across all traders, but this has nothing to do with AGR and is at the discretion of the individual user. AGR have, however, made sure that the right customer service and warranty procedures are in place, should problems arise. We are confident that any problem encountered can be resolved.

    AGR Machinery under no circumstances will AGR void offered warranties. AGR will always act within the law to honour warranty requirements. Goods that have encountered problems will either be fixed or refunded.

    AGR Machinery under no circumstances will AGR hold goods without refund. One of the problems with freighted purchases is that inevitably there may be problems – on very rare occasions, mind you in the transit of these goods. However, once items are identified as lost, by no means does AGR wash its hands of responsibility even when responsibility lies in the external courier service. Unfortunately, in this instance, a delay would incur while the good is identified as lost however, the goods will always then be sent again or fully refunded. However, to put this in perspective, this situation has only happened to two customers in the last one thousand. We understand the frustration encountered by these customers, but it in no way represents the general experience of AGR.

    However, any business that thinks itself perfect is a doomed business, and AGR constantly strives to identify problems and rectify them. We do not accept poor customer service and seek to remove those who cannot deliver this for the company, and increasingly seek to hire the right people for the job. If we feel any customer has been disrespectfully treated in their submission of complaint, we have sort to compensate them accordingly.

    And like any business, customer feedback is crucial to identifying problems with particular products. We sell literally hundreds of goods, it is unavoidable that every now and then we may find a batch of goods that have a particular mechanical weakness or problem. We use these products ourselves, and keep a keen eye on customer experience feedback, as well as monitoring any requested replacement parts or returns. This allows us to constantly perfect and tweak our product range accordingly. Again, any customers who encounter faults with any goods are compensated accordingly.

    We have served thousands of customers over the years, and are proud of how many return to buy from us, again and again, as well as providing positive and encouraging feedback. It would be unrealistic for us to think we will never encounter any further problem situations from time to time; but we can endeavour to deal with each of these situations and do. We do not pretend to be Stihl, but we do offer quality equipment at prices that other commercial grade equipment suppliers simply cannot beat. We invite you to experience AGR for yourself. You're always welcome to speak your mind, once you have!

    The AGR team

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      You say you rectify any problems your customers have. I beg to differ. After 46 emails over 45 days between your company and myself the problem was still not sorted out. I then had no alternative but to leave negative feedback because everything you said you would do(and there were numerous) you didn't. Your company said someone would ring me a number of times and I even gave my mobile number in case I was not home. I still heard nothing. I was left with no alternative but to start a dispute. Since starting a dispute I have heard not a word from your company.



        Unfortunately, without any of your details, I have no way of addressing this problem. That is not to say you do not have a legitimate case, but I would require you to provide an ebay name or email, etc, as certainly we can find no situation with 45 emails in 46 days (which is an awful lot, obviously!). We cannot give out contact details in open public spaces - why we keep these to the standard avenues in ebay - but am more than happy to look at this situation to see if this case of 45 emails is happening and why. You obviously already have our email, so let's do this another way to see what is happening here. Otherwise, there's no way for me to find your problem and do anything about it.

        I should point out also that we are currently undergoing some major transformations - one of which is a new call centre! Part of the reason we prefer email contact for now is because we simply have too many customers for the current system that, whilst being operational, is now overloaded as the business has expanded. We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours, but cannot provide the same guarantee for phonecalls, so prefer emails (as do 90% of online retail). Our new system should be ready to call very soon, which will make everybody's lives - ours and our customers - much easier!



          This was to do with Adventurers Corner(one of your companies) and regarding a blue gazebo where the sides did not fit. If you look in your records I am sure you will find the one that is mine. The emails came from a variety of people from the company not just one person so maybe that is why they do not link up. But I can assure you the number is correct as I have a file with them all in it.

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          Good news! I have found the case of 45 emails regarding the blue gazebo…

          In this case, the gazebo has been reported as faulty. As corresponded by us on many occassions, we have been more than happy to provide either a replacement or a refund - however, as is legally the case, we will only provide the refund once the goods have been returned to us. This is standard practice and is no different to anywhere else! If I returned goods to Kmart, for example, I'd be expected to hand over those goods in order to receive that refund.

          This case has been investigated by both ebay and paypal - both of which have acknowledged that it is unreasonable to provide a refund without the goods being returned. In the case of ebay, the negative feedback against us has been removed for this reason, as it has been deemed by ebay as unwarranted. The case, therefore, has been technically resolved - as has been corresponded. This is why we have proided no more correspondance. Without the return of the goods, there is nothing more that can be offered.

          If the goods are returned, as requested, then the refund will still be given.


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    It is AGR. Enough for me to NEG this 'bargain;.

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    Cheap + nasty + Poor Customer service = Stay away from AGR Machinery.

    If you are looking for a reason to stay away from them, or a bit of a laugh, read the Neg and neutral feedback on eBay.

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