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HP ZBook X2 G4 14in 4K UHD Touch i7 7600U 16GB 512GB PCIe-SSD Quadro M620 W10P - $1799.00 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Umart


Perhaps a bit of a niche offering, but a pretty impressive set of specs for the price, especially for those involved in graphic design or the like. Added bonus of 3 years warranty as well, which would normally add a bit for a device like this.

Product Name:
HP ZBook X2 G4 14in 4K UHD Touch I7 7600U 16GB 512GB PCIE-SSD Quadro M620 W10P 3/3/3 yrs Workstation Laptop
Model Number: 3GW60PA
Brand: HP
Manufacturer Warranty: 36 Months

HP ZBook X2 G4 14in 4K UHD Touch I7 7600U 16GB 512GB PCIE-SSD Quadro M620 W10P 3/3/3 yrs Workstation Laptop


Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64

Processor: 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 7600U

Internal Storage: 512GB PCIe® NVMe™ SSD

Memory: 16GB

Graphics (discrete): NVIDIA® Quadro® M620 (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)

Network interface

Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2x2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 Combo

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    Summary says 8th gen CPU but 7600U is a 7th gen processor. 8th gen is heaps faster than 7th gen, but older processor will stop be sufficient i suppose.

    4k screen at 14" may be very hard to read (i have 4k on 13.3 - pointless as text is way too small). Scaling fonts helps but isn't ideal.

    Price seems quite good otherwise.

    Just my 2c


    Very strange low end specs for a WORKSTATION, This is a classed as a low powered variant of the i7 7x00 and it's only dual core. A i5 8250 would eat this for lunch not to mention it's less powerful than a AMD Ryzen 5 2500U by 40-50% and you can get a laptop/2-in-1 with a i5 8250 or Ryzen 5 2500U for around $800-1000 easily now. I won't even mention how the i5-1035G4 on the Surface Pro 7 is around 100% more powerful.

    Surface Pro 7 i5 with keyboard and stylus is $1500ish. For the Surface Pro 7 i7 it's around $2000ish I think so you are not saving any money buying this machine. You are paying for the 3 year onsite warranty.

    This imho is no way a bargain at all and no idea what market this is aimed at with such a low end cpu for the price and called a WORKSTATION, I THINK this is aimed at Photoshop people who will offload the grunt work onto the GPU and get work to pay for it?

    Now if they throw in a 9th or 10th gen quad or hexa core CPU then it would be a steal with the 16GB and 512GB NVME!

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      Discreet quadro graphics and a detachable screen with a set of physical programmable keys make this a competitor for high end Wacom tablet of sorts by offering an all in one solution. It's a good price for the hardware aside from the CPU

      • -1 vote

        I checked the GPU but turns out it's quite bad, It's comparable to a 950M but with only 512 of the 640 cores active. So I'm going to assume for now the IGP in the intel Gen 9 and 10 would be better but not by much.

        I just checked on the i5-1035G4 IRIS Plus iGP and it's about the same as the Quadro M620.

        With a Surface Pro 7 you also have a detachable keyboard and if you need programmable keys you can install a app that works on ANY windows machine to allow you to assign whatever key's you want which is very useful for Photoshop and CAD work in tablet mode. I have it on my Surface Pro 6 and it sits on the left side of screen. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/tablet-pro/9nblggh1rqvc?ac...

        What you are paying for is the onsite warranty and the Quadro "drivers/support". I have a pair of Quadro P5000s in my Lenovo Workstation and I'm not very impressed by it tbh.

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          I take your points, but a physical set of buttons is a premium many willingly pay for to prevent loss of screen realestate, and the keyboard travel quality is surely better than the ultra low profile keys of the surface. This also comes with a stylus and keyboard, while I believe Surfaces do not, so you have to add another $300 there. We also haven't even touched on the many more ports this has.

          I'm also certain the cooling on this device will be better for intensive tasks with its large fans. This perhaps mitigates the CPU throttling many complain about with Surfaces that prevent all the theoretical maxes you mention from ever been reached.

          • -1 vote

            @Anders: I've already applied the $300 to the Surface recommendations as a base model Surface Pro 7 i5 is $1200 on sale from JBHIFI right now (Over priced imho, I got my SP6 for only $1020 when it was a on sale at JB a few times last year)

            The i7 7600U doesn't even throttle that much as I've had this CPU on a ultrabook and it's also quite slow so that's why I was going all out saying the CPU is bad. The only saving grace for this thing is the ports and Thunderbolt 3 for a external eGPU but.. From what I've seen this thing is HUGE , heavy and wouldn't really need the active dual fan cooling for this CPU. It's only use is not for portability but for a artist to use it like a drawing tablet. The Surface Pro line is already over priced but it's a better choice here for money.

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              @ickyboo: That CPU does indeed throttle, quite a bit:

              Your performance is in line with a poorly cooled CPU. Besides, most performance issues/throttling occurs after prolonged use of graphic intensive apps, which is exactly what this device addresses with its dual active cooling.

              It's large, yes because it's a robust gpu powered tablet designed for professional creatives who want to go from work to home with one device. It's very fit for that purpose; far more than any Surface that doesn't even offer thunderbolt or hdmi and will slow to a crawl after using photoshop for 20 minutes.

              So it's all relative. I don't doubt the surface is better for you, but don't undersell this device just because it doesn't suit your needs. As a professional photographer who hates switching/syncing libraries between work and home computers, and needs thunderbolt for working off of a DAS, this is clearly the superior device.