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TCL 55P8M 4K HDR 55” TV $636 @ JB Hi-Fi


2019 model. Pretty sure Goodguys also have the same pricing.

Key Features

55" UHD 3840 x 2160 Panel

AI Integrated

Android Oreo


100 Clear Motion Rate


Chromecast built-in

Freeview Plus


PVR Recording to USB

Dolby Audio

3 x HDMI inputs

1 x USB 2.0 Port

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      PUNNET isn't working for me but POOL3 does for $616.92 + shipping (or free C&C if your local GG store has stock)

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        need eBay Plus

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        The PUNNET code is for eBay Plus members.


        ^^^ beat me to it.

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          So it's an additional $30.92 in savings in return for forking out the $49 membership fee (or free trial if haven't used one yet).

          Unless you can get eBay Plus for free (which I can't as I milked the trial twice now), I am still $18 worse off if I wanna use PUNNET

          Thanks anyways peeps :)

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            @ginmi: If you actually want this TV shouldn't be hard to go in-store JB & get them down up to $50, just mention eBay deal, usually find a rep thats willing to budge

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            @ginmi: I think maybe your OzB game needs work. The eBay plus for nothing, $1 or even $1 profit have been available a number of times. Even to people like you and I who had used free trials.


              @Flyerone: Lol.
              Read my previous comments mate. Already had the free eBay plus trial twice. Once for 60 days and once for 90 days.

              Is my OzB game strong enough for you? ;)

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                @ginmi: No, not strong enough. As mentioned, $1 cost or $1 profit for 365 days EBay Plus previously. I'm actually on my $1 cost 365 days EBay plus right now.


                  @Bigboomboom: I salute your superior game mate. :)

                  Is "$1 cost or $1 profit for 365 days EBay Plus" still available for people who have had a free trial in the past or do I need to open a new eBay account for that?

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                    @ginmi: It WAS available for people with free trial. I actually was on 30 days free trial then paid $49 first year with Google Home Mini. After that my sub ran out for around 4 months then comes the $1 promotion and I subbed again.


    Are there any features missing on this that some would consider a deal breaker?

    This will be my first smart tv…what should I be looking for?

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      It fit in my MG3. But I had to put the seats down and lie it flat screen side up.


      TCL bottom of the range if your budget is higher go lg, Samsung, Panasonic about low $700s

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      Yep. Game mode has a 170ms approx input lag.

      HDR also seemed lacking in contrast - I'd go a Hisense r6 instead, which is what I bought (I was able to compare the two and definitely preferred the r6)


    wasnt there a deal for the 65 it was around 800 few months ago


    I bought the 50p8m last year for ~$400 from Bing Lee via an eBay code.

    Love it, for $400 I would buy it again!

    For the 55", an extra $200 isn't bad.


      Bought the 50P8M yesterday for $469 from Good Guys, pretty happy with it too, saves me having to buy a chromecast with the cheaper tv sets.


      Have you run Disney+ on this at all?

      Trying to find a TV for a friend’s kids that’s cheap and has to run Netflix, Stan & Disney+ (as well as Hulu if it can) but currently looking more into Hisense R4 49” and getting a Vodafone TV for media playback.

      If this thing can run both Disney+ and Hulu (sideloading is fine) then would be worth grabbing this one instead.

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        Does run Disney +. If it doesnt show in story call TCL and they will send you a link to the update. Had to do it to mine. All good now. Very happy with the TV

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          Cheers for that, figured it did when it runs Android TV. Will have a decision to make now I think to see if it’s worth it over the Hisense!


    Thanks, been waiting for a deal on these. Low cost AndroidTV for the in-laws. Perfect.

    ($586 through TGG eBay, that is)


    Also to note; even though the specs don’t mention it. I’ve plugged in my Xbox one X and it’s picking up that it’s HDR10. Thought I’d mention if anyone was wondering. I’m assuming that’s good yeh?

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    Be aware tcl don't respond to warranty emails or phone calls, from my experience, your mileage may vary.

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      yeah, mate. we know it. stop repeating the same on EVERY TCL TV deal post!

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        So it's not relevant information? Thought I was nothing but factual. Just trying to help others, thought that's the idea of this website. If it's written please don't detail actual experiences related to previous purchases then I'm sorry I have been providing this information.

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      What are the details of your issue (model, vendor, timeline)?


      My issue with the 55P8M was that the YouTube app has AV sync issues. That is the internal app any version, playing on the screen using internal speaker, out of sync.. not good. No fix. I can't get a refund either. I took it back at 20 days. Anyway coming up on 2 months now so may need to go to VCAT to get a refund, they're still trying to fix it. Don't buy is my suggestion.


    Bro, spread love not hatred


    Bought the 50" for a relative and they were pleasantly surprised to see that it picked up 10 or so Chinese channels (CCTV4 and others picked up on channel 350, 351 etc). Does anyone know if all TCL TVs do this? Hisense also perhaps??

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