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Nvidia Shield (2019 Model) - US$152.33 (~AU$226.67) Shipped @ Amazon US


Model is the new 2019 model with Google Assistant

Cheaper than B&H


Both devices feature a Tegra X1+ processor packing 25% more performance than the last generation SOC. The X1+ is capable of delivering Dolby Vision in 4K, Dolby ATMOS for ultimate surround sound, on-device AI-enhanced 4K up-scaling and of course, the Google Assistant built-in.

The Shield TV has a Gigabit LAN, Dual Band WiFi, a Micro SD card reader, 2 GB of RAM paired with 8 GB of on-board storage.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    No USB kind of kills it.

    • +1

      The bigger unit probably more suited to your needs then this

      • True but I'm used to paying less than this for the older models that still have the features of the bigger unit.

  • +2

    I hope the new remote is more responsive than the old one.

    • It's an IR and BT remote, so it's used for sending IR to the TV/soundbar if needed for volume or input changes. If it's not pointing at the TV, things can glitch.

      The Toblerone is slightly different, so IDK. It's more durable plastic but it's also heavier.

      You'd need to put them side by side, the 2019 Shield seems faster but I was used to the controller more often with the 2017 shield. I really don't mind either Remote, the 2017 slider volume is quirky sometimes, but it's not a huge thing.

      The Toblerone remote doesn't have the volume slider, but it does have replaceable batteries. The size is better IMO, but it's just vaguely different enough to get used to. It's an easier remote, IDK.

    • The new remote is a massive upgrade. The only downside is the massive Netflix button they added. You can remap it with an app but you still have the ugly logo on the remote itself.

  • -2

    A NUC seems like a better option.

    • A NUC ends up being 2-3 times the price (I know, I have two)

    • Why?

    • As much as I like NUCs, they’re not a good choice as an all-in-one device for streaming services.

    • +1

      what OS do you use on the NUC though, I got one, would much prefer a Shield… been trying to get the same functionality and ease of use, but even my voda TV seems easier to use, I just end up using the playstation 3 for most thoughs, as the navigation is easier and quicker than a NUC, (currently using Libreelec)

  • +1

    The pro model is more useful.

  • +2

    What the hell is that design

    • The cheaper one

    • From the reviews I've heard it seems they were going for a inline cable design rather than something you would set up in your entertainment unit.

  • +6

    Has issues with Plex. Will wait for an update or a deal for Pro model.

    • Plex Media Server or the Plex client app?

      • Tube only works with client.

      • It can't run the server. On the client side i think it has issues with plex and HDaudio passthrough, which is a deal breaker for me.
        It also seems that while the pro model run a 64 bit OS, the tube runs a 32 bit OS, so some apps either now or in the future may not run.

  • Thanks OP

  • Great hardware, but wished the software support from Netflix was better.
    I have the older version, everything works fine with Atmos, except for Netflix they won't update the app to support Atmos. Even though Shield 2019 supports Netflix.

    Not sure who's fault this is, but it feels like Nvidia and Netflix has a deal not to update it to support Atmos just to force users to upgrade to the new Shield.

  • Can anyone confirm the built-in PSU is suitable for 240v?

  • This one doesn't support 64 bit apps….

  • Lol $450 for the Pro is ridiculous imo.

    • From where? A 3rd party Amazon reseller doesn't count…..

      • That’s the rrp upon release.

  • +2

    Pro model is due in Feb locally according to Nvidea. Emailed them in December.

    • -1

      I'd caution against buying an authentic Nvidea Sheeld Pro 2019.

      • +2

        Ah FFS mate. Thats what you took out of that?

        • +3

          And you took issue with that obvious stupidity?

  • -1

    Dated hardware made smaller with a higher clock speed. Outstanding.

    Wait for boxes with AV1, 120 FPS and HDMI 2.1 support.

  • Might as well buy a Xbox One and run Kodi..

    • There is no audio passthrough in kodi for Xbox.

  • Been thinking of getting the 2017 shield but this has now popped up. Should I get one or wait for the pro?

    Currently using the lg b8 + Samsung n950 so would like ATMOS/DV/HDR 4k in YouTube/Netflix as a minimum. Do not need plex functionality nor will I use the gaming features..

  • +13

    This is a good deal on the 2019 "tube" shield TV. Very similar to the sub $200 shield 2017 deals.

    However, the cuts made to fit in the 2GB tube container are worth noting.

    they won't affect everyone, but it's not common knowledge.

    FAQ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/shield-tv/9/2953...

    1. It is compatible with Australian power, just replace the figure 8 power cable from the box, or get an adapter. It essentially runs with USB power (5v 2.1A) so YMMV on heat, noise and power usage. There's also a small fan that ramps up if needed.

    2. The Android OS runs with 32-bit so there are some apps that just won't load. Or show up in the app store. Notably games and emulation that was built for 64-bit.

    3. There's 2GB RAM, so you have a limited buffering for 4k streaming data and bloated apps that aren't optimised.

    Kodi can crash with 4k files unless you tweak RAM usage, which you might not have ever done before, It requires edits to the advancedsettings.xml

    1. There's some HDR colourspace issues (android 9.0 problems) when switching apps, so you may have issues with brightness and mode switching with adjusting automatically. 95% won't have problems.

      This depends on the TV as well, so YMMV.

    This also applies for Dolby Vision (12-bit) colourspace which is wibbly. But it's likely to be an ongoing question/issue for most OLED with DV. Compatibility is a mixed bag so far. Hopefully fixes and TV firmware updates can correct things, but it's quite good.

    1. There isn't a Plex Server option. This can be a positive.

    2. There's no USB to plug in HDD storage,
      there is MicroSDXC for 512gb support.

    The WiFi range can suffer due to the size and location of the Tube and how much interference is nearby. Ethernet is always recommend, but as long as you keep the power and HDMI cables short/managed, it should work with strong 5ghz signal or an isolated WiFi channel (higher speed 802.11AC routers can have up to 3 different 5ghz channels).

    It's because WiFi is a shared network, and there's not a lot of Local buffering, so don't expect low latency games/streams to behave well on WiFi. Speed won't guarantee much, you need to play different media bitrates over wifi (to measure throughput) to know if there's a problem.

    Youtube and Netflix will handle a lot of drop-outs, but action scenes could be a hassle if your wifi isn't strong enough, or there's NBN congestion, etc.

    1. It doesn't yet have VP9.2 for youtube HDR.

    There is HEVC decode, and it can decode VP9 profile 2 if it's outside of youtube… It's just the container and DRM that youtube uses. Hopefully there's a future fix with youtube or nvidia, but it's likely to take a while if it's up to youtube.

    This can be an issue for 4k HDR Google Play Movies as well.
    Netflix and Amazon will load 4k HDR.

    1. It is very good for 1080p or 4k if you don't need lots of HDR options as it's very minimal. Good for an older TV.

    If you need Plex, or want to use this for offline media storage when travelling, streaming/android Games, emulation, and future proofing, pay the extra for the Shield Pro.

    Or get both :)

  • Still happy with 2017 model. I just want that new remote.

    • ^^^This.

      I heard somewhere the new remote will be available to purchase standalone at some point. Hopefully it will be at a reasonable price point.

      • It became available for purchase yesterday but only on nvidia website and went out of stock very soon.

        Just waiting for Amazon to stock it now and will buy it instantly.

        • Thanks. Price?

          • +1

            @sav11: US$30.

            Hopefully we can get it under Aus$60 shipped.

  • I paid US$149.99 last week. That sucks!

    • +5

      Considering this deal is US$152.33 seems like it shouldn't suck that much.

      • Could be saying this price sucks, or they suck for not sharing their deal.

  • Why does it come to ~174 for me? Adds GST and shipping on top of 149.99

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