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Zojirushi SM-KHE36BA 0.36-Liter Stainless Steel Travel Mug $33.86 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Real small Zoji if anyone is interested. I used these flasks, albeit the bigger one and can vouch for it.

Stainless mug with non stick coated interior and flip open lid
Tight fitted flip open lid keeps beverages hotter or colder than travel mugs
Safety lock to prevent the lid from opening accidentally
Stopper disassembles for thorough cleaning
Wide mouth accommodates full - size ice cubes

FREE international delivery on Prime international orders over $49

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    I know their big ones are good, but when you're talking small,i feel like $34 is a lot.

    I mean, it'll hold a can of V or a coffee, but, thats all…

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      ~360ml coffee is a pretty big serving.

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        Only if its pure espresso.

        If its a white or mocha or anything, not really.


          How big is your mug? Fairly sure this is about a mug full which is perfect for the morning trip.

          I wouldn't even fill my mugs to the brim, so this will end up being a bigger serving.


          This thing is bigger than a regular keepcup, more than enough for what is essentially a cup of milk with a shot of coffee.


        That's almost exactly the contents of a Coke can or other standard sized soft drink..


    Had 2 of these and after about 3 mths use one of the bottles rubber seal had black stains on em that cant be washed away. Had to throw it out.

    The other bottle still going strong after a year and no stains on the rubber seal. Unlucky I guess?


    Wide mouth accommodates full - size ice cubes

    Won't leave much room for the drink if you also add ice cubes to the 360ml.

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    I see the 16oz/480ml showing up at $33.66 - only in Black


    I wish these companies would show proper photos of the inside cap and seal.

    It's really difficult to get a stainless steel inside cap and silicone seal. They are usually a cheap plastic with PTFE/BPB or similar coatings which are generally bad for extended contact with food.

    Even though Zojirushi are a reliable company this trend really annoys me because they know its a selling point to NOT have plastic interior lids.

    Edit: Did find pictures of the larger versions with lid photos and they are indeed plastic/coated interiors.


      And what's the verdict? I've used these bottles for 1.5 years now. Got to know them through OzB. Currently use it every day.


        Verdict is, if you're the type to worry about plastics, not good.

        If you're the type to not worry about a single source, then probably a non event.

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