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Free Personalised 'Share A Coke' Bottle Delivered (via Amazon Alexa) - Valued at $12 Shipped


Say 'Alexa, let's share a Coke' to get a free personalised bottle. Edit: Australian Amazon account required.

Share a Coke with Alexa Promotion – Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions were updated on 15 January 2020 and comprise the terms on which you participate in the Share a Coke with Alexa promotion.
  2. This promotion commences at 12:01AM on 29 January 2020 and ends at 11:59PM on 4 February 2020 (“Promotion Period”).
  3. Alexa users engaging Alexa’s “Share a Coke” function must provide their mobile phone number to Amazon Web Services by voice communication with their Alexa device. Customers will be sent a text message containing a coupon code, and a link to the Share a Coke website where they can redeem their coupon by placing an order.
  4. Coupon codes are for the value of AUD$12.00, being the cost of one (1) personalized Coca-Cola bottle and Australian domestic shipping. Customers may choose to purchase additional Coca-Cola products in the same order at their own cost.
  5. Coupon codes are valid until 29 February 2020.
  6. There are a maximum total of 2,000 coupon codes available for redemption during the Promotion Period, on a first come, first served basis.
  7. Limited to 5 coupons per Amazon Alexa device ID or phone number. Multiple phone numbers may be used together with the same Amazon Alexa device ID up to a maximum of 5 coupon code redemptions.
  8. CCSP may update these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting at any time and without notice.

Alexa will ask you for your mobile number; you'll receive an SMS with a link to the Share a Coke website, with a $12 off promo code already applied. (enough to cover $7 bottle + $5 delivery)

Mod Note 30/1: PR for Coca Cola South Pacific has confirmed that they increased the Amazon Alexa deal to 6000 bottles.

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  • +1

    [email protected]@@ i just ordered two last night

    • +2

      why neg this comment ?

      • +4

        Perhaps for excessive use of the '@' symbol?

        'Twas an @ @tack!

      • I’ll do a test to see if we are allowed to say (profanity) here. If I end up in the panalty box, this will be why.

  • +13

    Works from the Alexa app too.

    • +8

      Couldn't get it to work, just says I don't have an answer for that.

      • +1

        Not working for me either. I just get "sorry, I'm not sure" as a response on echo.

      • I did it through my lg tv and it worked.

    • +1

      Worked for me, thanks!

      • +1

        Same !!

    • Do you need an alexa machine?

      • Just Alexa on whatever device you have.

    • Couldnt get it to work with the App on iOS, Amazon Account originally signed up in the US didnt even have the skill. Fresh/New AU account had the skill but didnt work.

      Just tried on Android and it worked first go, odd.

      • Amazon hates Apple!

        • Just got it on iOS Alexa app.

  • +4

    all im getting is "i dont have an answer for that"

    • +2

      Are you sure you’re not using Google Assistant?

      • tried from the alexa app

    • I didn't have to add the skill first on my Echo Dot - it just worked - but this blog mentions you might have to add the skill first?

      • +1

        Nah nothing there

        • Just using the IOS app, didn't have that skill so signed out and created a new account and could then add the skill and eventually got it when she finally understood what my mobile number was.

    • Getting the same, using Echo Dot

    • Me too… What the heck

  • Worked. Thanks OP for sharing

  • +4

    Looks like you can get 5 bottles for free if you do this multiple times:

    Limited to 5 coupons per Amazon Alexa device ID or phone number. Multiple phone numbers may be used together with the same Amazon Alexa device ID up to a maximum of 5 coupon code redemptions.

  • Easy as thanks, also comes with a code to get an Echo Dot 3rd Gen for $29

  • Free coupon? :D

  • +12

    "Hey Alexa, Share a Coke with Diabetes"

    • Unless its Coke No Sugar :)

    • +1


      Sorry! The name or phrase you have chosen is a trademark or deemed too socially or religiously sensitive to print on a Coke bottle. If you believe this may be an error, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Otherwise, please try something else, such as a nickname.

      Looks like coke is rather sensitive about it.

      • +2

        i wonder if dieabetes would work instead?

  • +1

    Hmm, doesn't work for me. I assume it's because I created my Amazon account in the UK as it doesn't give me the option to even add the Coke skill….

    • +1

      I think I might be in a similar boat with my original Amazon account being in the US as I don't have the option of adding that skill either.

      • +1

        A bit stupid, I've been living in Aus for 5 years and don't even have my old UK address on my account.

      • +1

        probably why im also having issues

      • I think this is the issue. I have both US and AU Amazon accounts under the same email and can't see the skill either.

      • I've just checked and all my devices are linked to my US account due to my Kindle being US based and each device since has registered under that account not my AU one as they both have the same email address. I think I'll just leave it all as is, don't want to upset the apple cart for a bottle of coke! :O

    • +1

      Same! I created my account in Japan and everything is in Japanese (my Japanese is terrible) and im locked into the .jp skills etc. I've changed my location to Australia and it keeps reverting back to Japan… f*$&king pain in the a$$ that you cant change home countries easily with amazon/alexa.

      • +2

        I created my account in australia but mine shows Japanese and english but I don't know japanese.

        • LOL now I'm questioning if I created it in Jap or Aus! I thought i created it in Aus! lol Great work Amazon!

    • +2

      To fix all of these issues, you have to log into your amazon account and transfer your devices under Management kindle and devices’ to the Australian amazon.

      • Hmmm, I'm already sent to AUS under country/region settings (originally UK account). I can't get this Coke thing to work

        • -1

          As I said, it’s not under that. It’s under ‘Manage content and devices’. Changing the region settings of the amazon account only switches the shopping account, not any of the devices associated with it. But you can continue to ignore advice if you’d like it to continue not working, to give you something to complain out. Simply complaining is often easier than figuring these things out.

          • @ihavecentsnotsense: That's where I was already. Sub-section of "Manage content and devices", Preferences, country/region settings. Anyway, thanks for your input

            • +1

              @hen dawg: This guy is pointing you in the right direction. I can’t remember exactly where the setting was but I needed to do something like this to move my dad’s account from Japan to Australia when I bought him an Echo for Christmas. It was something to do with managing devices.

  • A small bottle of Coke normally costs $7 ??

    • +2

      for a customised one, may be?

    • +3

      fortunately for cocacola there are lots of gullible people :)

    • And this one is free!

    • plus shipping

  • Worked for me :)

  • thanks OP, got 1

  • free bottle of coke but need to have a botnet in my house? no thanks.

    • +6

      This is free

      Edit: i see you've figured it out and changed your comment…

  • -3

    Thanks! Got 5 lol

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    I have two echo dots….. and you can install Alexa on your smartphone, so that should work.

    Maybe it's Greta's fault, but I cannot convince myself to order this freebie

      • +5

        Is it because she is smarter than you or because she is younger than you?

  • +7

    I tried the name PEPSI. it came back with an error. 😥

    • +3

      Easy - add something in front.

      Worked with
      Buy PEPSI
      Try PEPSI
      I prefer PEPSI
      But not
      Drink PEPSI

      My username worked, but my old username INFIDEL was rejected due to being religiously sensitive. I'm not religious about it.

      Will see if Coke delivers!
      Words and phrases requested for personalised Coca-Cola product orders are not guaranteed, and are subject to review by CCSP and its agencies. CCSP reserves the right to reject any order requested at its sole discretion

    • +5

      thanks for your contribution to this conversation??

      i dont understand. Jeff bezos doesnt have a gun to your head to force you to buy an alexa does he?

  • +2

    Confirm works via the Alexa app, used it 5 times

    • Not sure why you were negged, it says 5 in the description.

  • +2

    awesome got 5

  • worked like a charm on phone app.
    although she didn't like my mobile number until i said ZERO instead of Oh

    • She keeps telling me she doesn’t have an answer for that. Did u just say let’s share a Coke?

      • make sure you say Alexa first

      • You have to say Alexa, let’s share a coke.

        • +1

          I did she just says I dnt have an answer for that

      • Australian account? Try a new account if you didn't create it on

        My account was originally created on so I had to make a new one.

  • +2

    Ordered and named the bottle ‘Broden’

  • Got it to work 5 times via Alexa app, thanks OP.

    • Please help! I pay the button on app and say 'alexa, let's share. Acoke' but it doesn't work

      • Australian account? Try a new account if you didn't create it on

        • Yes. A paying amazon prime member too

          • @dddddog: Did you create the account on though or was it an old account from amazon US?

            I'm a paying prime member but my account was created years ago so I needed to make a new one on now.

  • +1

    As mentioned previously, you don't need an Amazon device, the Amazon Alexa mobile app works fine. However you need an Australian Amazon account, if you had a US amazon account originally, that you now use in AU, it won't work. Just create a new Australian account and login with that. You can use the same mobile number.

    • +1

      Cheers :) Got the app and claimed it

      Nope, missed out :/ Ah wells

  • -2

    Ordered and named the bottle "Pepsi"

    • How?

      • It was a joke lol

    • They may cancel your order because there was a disclaimer that if your requested name is that of a trademarked or copyrighted business they won’t produce it and give you a refund (even though it cost you $0)

      • Block-quote “Once you confirm the order, your requested name will be sent for individual moderation. During this process, we will double-check if the name is permissible. In the rare case that the name requested is a trademark or deemed too socially or religiously sensitive to print on a Coke bottle, we will send you an email to advise a change in the request, or to arrange a refund.”

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