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Free Personalised 'Share A Coke' Bottle Delivered (via Amazon Alexa) - Valued at $12 Shipped


Say 'Alexa, let's share a Coke' to get a free personalised bottle. Edit: Australian Amazon account required.

Share a Coke with Alexa Promotion – Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions were updated on 15 January 2020 and comprise the terms on which you participate in the Share a Coke with Alexa promotion.
  2. This promotion commences at 12:01AM on 29 January 2020 and ends at 11:59PM on 4 February 2020 (“Promotion Period”).
  3. Alexa users engaging Alexa’s “Share a Coke” function must provide their mobile phone number to Amazon Web Services by voice communication with their Alexa device. Customers will be sent a text message containing a coupon code, and a link to the Share a Coke website where they can redeem their coupon by placing an order.
  4. Coupon codes are for the value of AUD$12.00, being the cost of one (1) personalized Coca-Cola bottle and Australian domestic shipping. Customers may choose to purchase additional Coca-Cola products in the same order at their own cost.
  5. Coupon codes are valid until 29 February 2020.
  6. There are a maximum total of 2,000 coupon codes available for redemption during the Promotion Period, on a first come, first served basis.
  7. Limited to 5 coupons per Amazon Alexa device ID or phone number. Multiple phone numbers may be used together with the same Amazon Alexa device ID up to a maximum of 5 coupon code redemptions.
  8. CCSP may update these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting at any time and without notice.

Alexa will ask you for your mobile number; you'll receive an SMS with a link to the Share a Coke website, with a $12 off promo code already applied. (enough to cover $7 bottle + $5 delivery)

Mod Note 30/1: PR for Coca Cola South Pacific has confirmed that they increased the Amazon Alexa deal to 6000 bottles.

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  • +1

    Just managed to get 2 more with my codes I generated hours ago.

  • If anyone could share a spare could, it will be much appreciated, thanks! :)

  • Back in stock! Get em while you can!

    • But no new codes - Alexa says she's out of codes.

  • +1

    Email from Coke team…😀
    Thanks for your order from Share a Coke.
    Sorry, the team has flagged the phrase or name you have chosen
    I prefer PEPSI
    Buy PEPSI
    the INFIDEL
    is either not a name, is a trademark, the name of a company, organisation or team or deemed too socially or religiously sensitive to print on a Coke bottle.

    Is there a different name you’d like to try? Once you’ve chosen something else, simply reply to this email with the new name and
    we will get your order back on track.
    Alternatively, please reply and we’re happy to refund your entire order.
    The team at Coke

    • +1

      What about P3P51?

      • Automatically rejected as "not a name".

        • Alas.. Although this girl might have something to say about that.

          • @rith: Kviiilyn is automatically accepted as is just letters, even if they are Roman Numerals. Was with a Kaitlyn K8lyn yesterday!

            Otherwise you can contact them if rejected & present your case.

      • Same as PEPSI is automatically rejected as "a trademark".
        But I prefer PEPSI isn't. Rejected during moderating.

      • I tried Bepis and it came up saying the name couldn't be used.

    • +2

      You Mad lad

      • Damn, I was going for You Bad lad😢

  • +2

    My code I got back at lunch time wasn't working (specifically the discount wasn't applied), but just tried again now and worked. Thanks OP.

    • Thank you for sharing this, I wouldn't have tried again otherwise.

  • if anyone's got a spare code, could you please PM me?

  • +1

    What if your name is Pepsi

    Will they still honour it?

    • They should. Probably need to send them a photo of ID.

  • +1

    Just tried my last two codes again and they worked. So if you have codes that didn't work before, it's worth trying again.

    • Thanks. Confirmed it worked for me as well.

  • Damn, I deleted my text earlier

    • +1

      Just remembered to check my Safari history! Still worked.

      • +1


        I deleted my text also, just checked my history and got it. THANKS!!!

    • Echo Dot 3 code: BLXZ-Z3D98Z-JBXXCJ

      • Damn, I tried it but someone has already used this code

        • +1

          PMd you my echo dot code, I won't be using it.

          • @shtgnjns: Thank you, much appreciated! Code redeemed successfully

  • Yeah that code is used. (Not by me) :((

  • love a code if any left?

    • You mean for a $29 echo dot? PM me and I'll provide.

  • Does anyone have any spare code? Could you please PM me?

    • You mean for a $29 echo dot? PM me and I'll provide.

  • does anyone have a coke code left ?

  • Does anyone have a spare code? My friend has an uncommon name and buys other people personalised stuff but I can never find her name on anything… and her birthday is coming up :)

  • Was able to order my 5 today, maybe they have a daily limit.

    • +1

      Just tried again with Alexa app on my phone, and she's reporting she's all out.

  • If anyone can spare a code for a personalised bottle I would appreciate one please.

  • Worked just now for me. I'll either get a free coke or nothing…

  • Got the last 3 for my family just now!

  • done

    • Are you referring to the alexa app? If so how do you disable the skill?

      • +1

        using the alexa app you can look at "your skills" then select the "share a coke" skill once it opens up you can click on "DISABLE SKILL"

  • Just received an email from PR managing Coca-Cola:

    I manage the PR for Coca Cola South Pacific. Just wanted to let you know that we have now increased the Amazon Alexa deal to 6000 bottles.

    • This be true.

      I just managed to get some:) yay

    • Emails like that should really make you proud of your community. I seriously would be.

  • +3

    I just tried it and Alexa said I don't have an answer for that.

    • did you get it yesterday? if not follow the instruction in the comments

      • Yup just made a new Amazon AU account and it worked. Cheers!

  • Just worked for me using Alexa app on android phone.

  • Anyone having issue with the link?

  • Thanks - ordered a bottle.

  • alexa isnt sure when i say 'alexa, lets share a coke'
    anyone else having same issue?/

    profile is under australia

    • Just say Alexa share a coke.

      • +1

        I tried this also but it just gives a description of the campaign.

        • Same here

        • i contacted amazon support, and they said in the app, go to skills menu, and enable share a coke skill.
          then try again.

          it still didnt work for me however might help someone else.
          my issue is being escalated apparently.

          • @PreSsieGuY: I can't get it to work either despite having an Australian account. Where is this share a Coke skill located?

            • @paulieau: on the app, select the menu button and you will see skill and games.
              then select the coke banner

        • Ok finally got it to work.

          1. Create a new Australian Amazon account.
          2. When it asks you to input your phone number, make sure you put the leading zero after +61. i.e. put in +610455542912 and not +61455542912 - I have a feeling that this is the problem for most.
          3. If you get an error saying Alexa does not recognise your number, make sure you use triple 2 instead of saying 2, 2 where possible of course.
          • @k: bugger, still not working for me. but i also didnt create a new account.
            i just updated my number on my amazon account.
            will just have to wait for amazon tech on it

    • +2

      Doesn't seem to work for accounts that were originally created on Amazon US (before Amazon AU existed) and then transferred later.

      • I created mt Amazon US account in 2009 and I changed in to AU a year ago.

        Worked for me

        • mine is an AU account for sure. i even have prime if it matters.

  • I'm having troubles with the Alexa app on iOS, it says it doesn't have an answer for that. First time downloading/saying this command.

    • Need to add the Skill.

      • Figured out my issue - somehow my account was linked to Amazon JP. Changed region settings and it's recognising it, but having "trouble connecting to the network" once I say my mobile number.

        • Mine linked to JP as well so strange

  • Alexa keeps telling me my mobile number isn’t valid lol

    • Try saying zero not oh
      And try four numbers three numbers then three numbers.
      That’s how I got mine to work.

  • Just worked for me using iOS Alexa app. Thanks!

    • +2

      How do you activate it directly from the iOs app?

      • I just said the phrase “let’s share a coke” and it asked for my mobile number to send the code to.

  • Cheers, got 1

  • Guess my initial amazon account is still linked to US, so had to get onto my Oz account and it works. Cheers!

    • Same here, so how did you re-link the account to AU?

      • By calling Amazon they can do it on phone

      • I had 2nd amazon account that is actually registered on Amazon au site.

  • Thanks for the update I got another four

    • Same.

  • Got 5. Last one will say Ozbargain

  • Thanks OP, got 3 more, total of 5.

  • Guys
    Download Alexa App
    Create free account
    Say Alexa, lets share a coke
    she will send you a link
    fill out the form
    you will get an email with a code for $29 alexa

    • is $29 for Echo Dot a good price?

      • Yes. RRP$79.

      • Yeah, it's a really good price.
        $79 RRP, the best price on eBay is $64 new.

  • Can't get it to work.

    Created new AU account
    Added the skill
    Said Alexa, let's share a coke like 100 times
    Just says it doesn't know what I'm talking about

    • Have you tried closing the app?
      As well as logging out and back in?

      This worked for me.

      • Yeah tried all that. Have done every comment suggestion in this entire deal.

  • My name is

    A. Moron.

  • +2


    Echo Dot Codes for all <3

  • Just got 5 through the iPhone Alexa app, because I couldn’t be arsed walking into the kitchen/shouting across the house to the Echo Plus.

    Now to decide if I need another Echo in the house…

  • Din't work for me. Can anyone pm me a code?

  • +2


    My house is kitted with Google!

    • Thanks friend, used BLJ6-ZBHAQ8-DQAHC7

    • thanks BL5L-HMD5LM-AVBVC4 used

  • +2

    Aw man, "Trump" is too socially sensitive.
    I was going to get a Diet Coke with his name. I think it's hilarious how the guy is into Diet Coke. He doesn't drink alcohol and you can see photos where he's at fancy presidential events with what must be Diet Coke in a wine glass.
    I've also read he uses a special dedicated button at the oval office desk to order Diet Cokes.
    Edit: I offended someone! I guess the name is sensitive after all. Nothing wrong with laughing at an eccentric public figure, I thought.

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