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Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Switch) - $39 + Delivery @ Kogan


Regular price $99 - Save $60

Copied from Kogan site,

Game and code like a professional without the heavy price tag thanks to the Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard, helping you win every battle with style and ease.

104 backlit keys
Outemu Brown switch
Aluminium top keyboard
Fully customisable RGB backlight with software
13 Preset Light Patterns each with 8 Colour Options
Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities
5 onboard customisable profiles

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  • +delivery?

  • Blue switches are $35 - even cheaper.

  • I think they're already listed here, but worth mentioned that there's blues available for $35, reds for $39:


    • Are the reds faster?

      • For actuation? Yes, but that probably won't make you a better at typing. It's a switch designed around gaming.

        I'd probably steer clear of cheaper red switches though. If you want the best of both worlds on a budget and you don't like brown switches, get the Kogan blue unit, then get a 60% Gateron Red optical board from AliE, Amazon or eBay via China.

  • Typing on a brown switch kogan now - it is extremely loud for a brown switch.

    • So it's not just me then? I never had a mechanical keyboard before, and I was a bit surprised that this brown keyboard would make so much noise, with everyone saying it is meant to be relatively quiet. I haven nothing to compare it with.

    • Yeah, actually the switches (well Blue anyhow) on these keyboards make a nasty ringing sound.

      I didn't notice it at first but once you do its … not great.

  • Isn't this the normal price?

  • Does anyone know if the switches on these can be easily removed/swapped out?

    I've got a problem with X not always registering a keypress so I'm wondering if I could maybe swap the switch with one I never use like F10.

    • Unfortunately not :( They look like they are soldered in.

    • Return for repair, replacement or refund? Keys not registering on a keyboard is a major fault and should be covered by ACL.

    • I had an issue with my left shift key when it came. Told kogan and they sent a new replacement almost immediately. I had to show them I destroyed the old one though. It was emotionally painful to cut the cable on an almost fully-working keyboard. Such a waste.

      • solder it back on..

        I had a broken stand on mine and they shipped one out next day.. actually surprisingly easy if you give them heaps of detail to begin with..

        So now I have a keyboard for work that's flat and annoying for everyone around me!

  • TKL blue is $35 but brown is still $79. Id prob go the TKL brown for a backup keyboard if it were $35 like the blue.

  • Just be aware some people saying it's a good keyboard might have the older model.

    I bought one 2 years ago and another a few months ago.

    Space bar DOA from last sale. They have changed the kb from years ago. It's way more flimsy and plastic , the LEDs looks worse and there's a lot more light bleed from the new model. Overall it's a downgrade and I'm not confident the new one will last as long.