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Anaconda 70% of Cape & Denali Clothing and Fluid Bike Accessories


70% of Cape clothing
70% of Denail clothing
70% of Denail packs and luggage
70% of Tactical headlamps and multitools
70% of Fluid bike accessories

So many bargains to be had.

Fluid bike pumps from $6,
Hydration bike pack for $22
Water bottle for $1.50
Bike tool bag with tools $20
3 x cape socks for $1.50

Some items already have a reduced price like the socks and the drinking bottle then another 70% of that.

Heaps and heaps more bargains to be had. Get in before it all gets sold out.

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  • Damn, Id love a kayak!

    • They had there $1900 Sea kayak for $1300. I think the Wavedance kayaks are your best value direct from the manufacture if you are in Victoria. They have a few. If you just want a stuff about one Anaconda have there 3M $499 venture for $299 a few times a year.

  • Guess where I drove past today for the first time in six months…pondered stopping in…I would of if I knew this sale was on! 70% off anything is not to be sneezed at. I need some lights :) More lights…

  • Any idea when this sale started?

  • Translation: "by Tactical", "by Denali" etc means the discount only applies to the home-brand products, which have inflated RRPs as pioneered in the outdoor/camping retail business by Kathmandu.

    Some bargains to be had, but look at the actual price tag and quality. Ignore the nominal discount.
    I've bought some good stuff from Anaconda, and things that turned out to be junk. They are not fussy.

  • i went there tonight - awesome sale!

    They had rain jackets for $15
    Cycle vests for $20
    Ugg boots for $15
    Fleeces for $13

    Insane prices… i am heading back to get gifts for fathers day!

  • What cycle vest do they have on sale ?