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512GB Seagate BarraCuda 510 PCIE 3.0 m.2 NVMe with Bonus Cooler Master MM711 Mouse $129 + Delivery @ mWave


Eligible for this redemption promotion, with delivery starting at $11 to most capital cities.

Solid NVMe SSD with a great small mouse. Enjoy!

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  • Goodness the price of storage is amazing these days. I'm tempted to go into a "back in my day…" story about storage and prices, but I'll just revel in the amazing price/speed/size combos we get these days!

    • Nah lets do it

      When I became Accounting Manager (back in the day) they bought me a new HP PC. Cost for the PC was around $3750, and the hard drive was enormous - 40GB.

      • 40gb?

        Where were you when they were handing out Amiga 1200's and their groundbreaking 40Mb harddrive?

    • "Back in my day" when 7200rpm hit $1 a GB, thought that was amazing.

    • My 200mb hard drive was the most amazing thing ever

    • I remember the good old days of going around the Swap Meets, jumper settings on motherboards, and when MSY first came up and was amazing! Dual speed cd writer was $2k and my mate bought one and killed about 8 of his first 10 disks with buffer underrun issues at $20 a disk. Awesome times…loved it!

  • I am biding my time waiting for the right 500GB - 1TB NVME deal, but one thing I can't work out is whether an NVME has DRAM. Generally someone in the comments section will mention this without prompting, which is nice, but I would like to be able to tell right off the bat. Can anyone assist?

    • Yes usually. Someone else can prove me wrong but I don't think I've seen anyone without cache.

      • There are some without cache, and you see their performance really suffer. There's also some that use SLC or MLC NAND as the cache, typically QLC drives.

  • Well I purchased this, hope I can put it in the TechFast recent budget gaming PC