Petition - Make Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices Compulsory to Stop Drink Driving

I started this petition just now. I am interested in knowing your opinion on this. Do you think we should make alcohol ignition interlock devices mandatory? Please read before voting here, sign the petition if you agree and leave comments. Thanks.

Edit: Alright that didnt take long to get the votes rolling. I hadnt expected it to be a overwhelming Yes or No, I simply wasnt sure and was curious to check out the opinions.
I should address some of the very common comments here:

  • How does this system tell that the person who blew in there is the person driving? Or that it's not blown in by balloon? Or via a pipe blown by the passenger?
    The current devices are not equipped with facial recognition, but clearly we have good facial recognition technology in our phones for years now. If fitting these devices was driven by legislation, the devices that would be installed will have facial recognition to counter all of the above hacks.

  • What happens when the device asks for a "during trip" test sample and you refuse? Does the device disable the vehicle while travelling at 110kph?
    No. If you fail a running test then it will sound the alarm or horn and flash lights until you stop driving. The car will keep running so you can pull over.

  • In the future it may become a cost effective technology, but then futile because autonomous vehicles will solve these concerns.
    I disagree that self driving cars will become common so quickly. The infrastructure needed to get automated cars to work at their best is massive. 5G and 6G are going to help cars communicate with each other, but they will also need to be connected to the "grid" itself - the cars will need to know when there's an accident on the way, they need to be connected to all signals to know whether they are red, yellow or green and make appropriate decisions. Its a LOT of work still to be done for automated cars to become a common reality.
    Also, I really dont think people are simply going to give up driving. Car/motorcycle enthusiasts will resist automated cars, I guarantee it.
    Additionally it is only going to need a few tragic accidents where automated cars killed children or people and you'll see growing resistance to them.

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  • +67 votes

    who's paying ?

    and the device needs maintenance / calibration every XX months ?

  • +73 votes

    Lol.. that's just stupid. Nanny state attitude at it's finest.

    • -6 votes

      So you not supposed to use a phone or do anything else distracting while driving but we introduce this contraption?!
      Or would we have to stop the car to do another test during the trip?

      BS! I predict that this rediculous idea will save some lives, which will be offset by the amount of suicides produced by living in an ever more controlled police state.

  • +9 votes

    It is very hard to be proactive in this area. We also don't know if alcohol was the only contributing drug in this circumstance. A lot of people on other substances, some of them prescribed, cause death on our roads. An alcohol interlock will not stop those people.

  • +6 votes

    Voted no because I think it's pointless and there's simply no way a policy like this would ever get off the ground. Too many "nanny state" people

    • +3 votes

      You're welcome to voluntarily put it in your car and fork out the cash monthly to maintain it.

  • +38 votes

    I don't drink and drive, why should I pay for something like that?

    What's to stop someone's passenger, or a complete stranger, blowing into the system for them?


      What's to stop someone's passenger, or a complete stranger, blowing into the system for them?

      According to VicRoads:

      Your alcohol interlock has a camera that takes pictures during each trip, such as when you blow into the interlock to start the vehicle or when taking a breath test after the vehicle starts. It’s very important that all drivers blow into the alcohol interlock when requested so that the camera can take a clear full face image of the driver.

      • +3 votes

        Face recognition though, or manually checked? Easy enough to manually check now, but imagine the manpower needed to manually check every driver on the road

        And face recognition can be fooled pretty easily on a few modern devices


          Manually checked, I guess when you apply for the interlock to be removed, or if you fail a test.

          • +1 vote

            @pjetson: From what I understand, it's checked by the company, who will then provide a print out of false matches to the Magistrate when the person goes to apply to have it removed (in VIC).


          I wonder if someone could blow up a small balloon of air the night before (as suggested by orangetrain above), put it in their mouth before they enter the car, then pierce the balloon with their teeth (or some other method) while placing their mouth over/near the interlock?


      Fear of a manslaughter charge perhaps, or whatever the charge is for assisting someone in a manslaughter. I'm sure the prosecutor will think of something.

    • +17 votes

      I'm against a 0% BAC for the opposite reason. It's very easy to blow over 0% without drinking any alcohol - orange juice can cause it, some common medicines can too, and depending on your gut bacteria, even bread.

      • +11 votes

        and on 0% BAC, in the case we are all alluding too, the guy was miles over the limit, changing the barrier was never going to stop him, or the vast majority of cases where the person does not care one bit about the law, this guy didnt slip over the limit, he knowingly hurdled it

        Similar to constantly bring down speed limits when there are high speed accidents, the people speeding dont care and it just affects the rest of us.

        If there was a surge of accidents with people blowing 0.02 or some such then there could be an argument for it but it just simply isnt the case

      • +3 votes

        Fair point. My sentiment wasn’t so much about trying to make it 0 BAC because I agree that sometimes anything can trigger it, but what I’ve always found confusing is how can they expect someone to know what their BAC level is at any point in time. If they say the limit is X or Y (measured either as a % or even in terms of standard drinks), it’s not like everyone can consistently apply it (since alcohol affects everyone differently) or reliably measure it in the same way as whether you’re exceeding the speed limit. There’s no easy answer unfortunately.

        • +2 votes

          I agree with the ambiguity. One thing that really irks me is that when my older siblings were getting their licences it was routine to be able to go in to the police station and do a voluntary breatho to see if they could drive which helped them establish baselines for their own bodies, but it's no longer allowed, so the best I have to go on is shitty internet calculators or buyable breatho's that all explicitly say they are not accurate enough for court.
          Because of this I just self impose a 0% BA and just walk if I've had more than a beer. It's not that I don't think I'm fit to drive, I just don't trust the police equipment/system that is deliberately vague with what would ultimately be the end of my career, licence and really the quality of my life going forward.

  • +71 votes

    The government loves people like this. So simple minded.

    On the dash next to that alcohol interlock, we'll have a drug interlock and next to that, a lack-of-sleep interlock and also an attitude interlock.

    It'll be like playing a harmonica each time you need to start the car.

    This is how we get these knee-jerk laws that makes the government look like they're doing something without actually doing anything.

    What we need are well thought out changes.

    • +9 votes

      attitude interlock

      **** me dead! It would be like those ridiculous 'personality tests' that companies seem to be obsessed with using for hiring.

    • +1 vote

      attitude interlock.

      Haha, that'd easily weed out all the teenage P-Platers

      In that case, bring it on!!! lol

    • +12 votes

      Don't forget the Captcha - don't want any drunk/stoned, sleepy, cranky robots behind the wheel.

      Full disclosure : I am not a robot, fellow meatsacks.

    • +38 votes

      How can you be opposed to such a game changing instrument?

      Think of the innocent children!

      This device will literally reduce the number of drunk drivers and potentially save millions on disabilty and medicare funds.

      If you'd like to talk money, I ask you, how much is an innocent life worth? We shouldn't be contemplating if we can afford to implement this technological advancement, we should understand that we cannot afford not to!

      Anyone opposed to this idea is either a drunkard motorist or does not treasure human life.

      We must act now,
      Major shareholder of interlock device company.

      • +3 votes

        That was GOLD sir. Really got me at the end.

      • +2 votes

        I’m reasonably new on this site, but I was quite proud to have read enough of your posts to guess the ending :p. Solid gold!

      • -1 vote

        Lol a bullet for the injured and the person who hit them is a cheaper method. We are at 2.5 deaths per birth, we can afford some more deaths.

        • +1 vote

          We are at 2.5 deaths per birth.

          Sir, that would require some to die multi deaths.

      • +1 vote

        This is a terrible idea.
        But! If you pay me royalties for every device sold, I will spruik this spiel and have it made into law.



          Ah, may I reword your proposition to minimise any untoward remarks and incriminating language. We wouldn't want a fine politician such as yourself to be charged with allegedly accepting bribes.

          This is an excellent idea!

          I cannot wait to share your offer at our next meeting. It is most generous. Thank you.

          Of course, such a monumental improvement will require significant political will. I suggest we first issue a survey and once implemented, we retain a PR specialist to ensure continued good faith in the device. I will make the necessary arrangements for your offer to move forward.

          To safety, to life,

  • +19 votes

    No thanks. I'm pretty right for government intervention in my life at the moment. Thanks for the offer though.

  • +3 votes

    Probably the focus should be on deterring repeat drink driving offence

  • +7 votes is a multimillion dollar for-profit organisation that harvests and sells off users data. The petitions literally mean nothing. You're wasting your time.

  • +1 vote

    we want to see this technology made mandatory for all cars

    You won't get many votes with this requisite. You might have a better change if it applies to only repeat offenders.

  • +4 votes

    I started this petition just now. I am interested in knowing your opinion on this

    now you know what every one thinks.

  • +1 vote

    If it's the people who sign yes to this petition and not the government who are paying for it then I am fine with it being compulsory.

  • -1 vote

    Yeah, that's not going to work. Bottle of compressed air in the car, regulate it, blow it down the tube, drive your car ??? profit!!


    what's next drugs/fatigue?

    how would you be able to test this.
    you have to solve a crossword puzzle to pass the fatigue competencies

  • +6 votes

    guys I am also starting a petition: a televised hunger games for the drivers who are caught drink driving. this Reduce drink driving and provide entertainment! I see this as an absolute win!

  • +5 votes

    How's get (profanity) sound?

  • +2 votes

    Let’s get to 100!

    We're almost there, 76 so far.

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