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[Pre Order] Amazon Echo Show 8 $114.50 Delivered (RRP $229) @ Amazon AU


It’s finally available for pre order now. 50% of RRP in AU.

Delivery estimated end of Feb

Charcoal: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07SKF553C?th=1&psc=1

Sandstone: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07SH9J658?th=1&psc=1

Terms and Conditions: Echo Show 8 Introductory Offer
This offer (the “Offer”) entitles customers to purchase Echo Show 8 (“Qualifying Items”) on Amazon.com.au for $114.50.

Limit 6 per customer.

Delivery charges will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies.

If you return any item purchased as part of the offer, Amazon AU will only refund the price actually paid for the item (that is, less the value of the promotional discount).

Amazon reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time where Amazon suspects misuse, abuse or fraud.

The Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice.

Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.

The offer is valid until 11:59PM (AEDT) on 25 February 2020.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Stilllllll no Fire tablets. :(

    • +32

      Fire tablets


      • +5

        Oh, jv….you've done it again. The guffaw got out before I could contain it. I was expecting a Samsung tablet ablaze.

        • +1

          I was expecting a Samsung tablet ablaze.

          next time…

  • +7

    Limit of 6 to stop the broadens lol

    • To be fair … Broden didn't claim to order more than 6 PS3s IIRC

  • +1

    Hope it has a better mic than the show 5

  • +8

    How does it compare to google hub ?

    • +1

      Second this question!

    • +2

      Google it on a google hub ;)

    • +2

      Alot better than google hub for the price

      • I got my google hub for free. (Two actually) from the Telstra deal.

        • I respect you jv, but it's not free if you used points.

          • @sunnyc:

            it's not free if you used points.

            I got 50,000 free points from Telstra

            That's 2.5 free google hubs…

    • +3

      I don't know, but recently I acquired echo dot to compare my google home minis.

      I don't want to comment on the audio part of it but:

      Pros for Amazon Alexa
      * A lot easier to say "Alexa" or "Echo" etc
      * Understands me better
      * Has "skills"

      Cons for Amazon Alexa
      * Phone interface is a nightmare in my opinion
      * Doesn't know as many "words" or I'm yet to get myself accustomed with it. I've had it only for 1 week now.
      * Doesn't do YT/Google Music

      I actually prefer Alexa to Google Home. Google Home struggles with "ok/hey google" and sometimes picks up random words in the house and thinks I speak with it.

      • +15

        Cons (cont):
        * 90% of skills not set to be used in AU accounts.
        * If you switch to US account, you won't be able to purchase books in US Kindle store neither in AU (confirmed with support)
        * If you have 2 accounts and switch between them in Alexa, you will lose all smart devices, rules, scenes, skills etc. and have to re-do it
        * Search skills next to nothing comparing to google
        * Doesn't support favourites, most used commands etc

        From my experience, Google home is much better

        • Google tends to have a more natural language. E.g.

          Hey google open kodi on the Xbox
          Alexa tell Xbox to launch kodi.

          • +3

            @DisabledUser35983: Have you got that other way round? I always say "Alexa open plex on firetv".

            • +1

              @Obake: No it seems really strict for alexa, where as good it's fairly flexible. Well it was when i played around with it a few months ago.

              Google is quite flexible like lights, i can… turn kitchen light on, turn the kitchen light off, kitchen lights out, lights on/off (if using g.home inkitchen.), Lights on on the the kitchen.

              Lots of variations. But alexa is/was quite strict in what you can say.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser35983: I have the same experience as @Obake. I can open my Xbox by saying “Alexa, open/launch Netflix on my Xbox”.

                Another thing I like is how I can call my Alexa devices other names like Echo or computer lol. My brother has a google device and this doesn’t seem to be an option.

              • +5


                turn kitchen light on, turn the kitchen light off, kitchen lights out, lights on/off (if using g.home in kitchen.)

                I don't know what you're on about. Alexa understands these too.

                Lights on on the the kitchen.

                I don't understand that and neither will Alexa.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser35983: If you set up rooms in Alexa you can say turn off the lights and all the lights in the room will turn off.. You just need to set up rooms and add your Alexa to that room

          • @DisabledUser35983: Routine mate, routines.
            Alexa, Xbox Kodi.

            I just can't say "Hey/OK, Google".
            I bought a gen 1 Echo from the US when you had to tinker w/ it's webservice to get it localized, so I guess it was first in and I never gelled w/ Google.

            I think Google understand me better though.

        • From my experience, Alexa understands me better.

      • -1

        I actually prefer Alexa to Google Home.

        Can Alexa do this ???

    • +5

      I got one of these for my parent in the UK for Christmas, and I have a Google Home hub, so my comparison of using both :

      • 8 inch is better than the 7 inch and both are better than the 5 inch. Basically the resolution is better than the 5 and you can see it across a room. Both would be even better if you could hang them on the wall. All of them should be <$99 in reality.

      • The echo at least in the UK was better for telling you what was on TV tonight, sports scores, etc. than google.

      • Google seems to have developed a habit of not hearing the first thing you say, which the echo didn't suffer from.

      • You can set the google to turn off the screen and keep it off till you address it. The echo seemed to randomly wake up to notify you of something you weren't interested in, and then not turn off. Annoying.

      • Integrating into a truly smart home wasn't a particular strong point of either. It's there, but should be so much better.

      • In Oz I got prime membership for $60 pa. Given that prime video has 4K in that price, and some worthwhile shows, and you can also get the free music service in that price (that you can put both on the echo), its better than the free spotify service that the google has - if you don't want to be paying >$10pm.

      • Both phone apps to control the devices suck balls, in different ways.

      Those are my impressions, YMMV

      • Yeah I've got both, or had. I got rid of the Echo stuff because its voice recognition isn't as established as Google's in my case. I don't have any particular accent as until I moved here I've not lived in a country longer than 3-4 years. Google's stuff understands me, Alexa's stuff mostly understands me :)

        I found the features to be otherwise relatively the same. The most annoying thing about the Google stuff is it doesn't support things like playing Audible over the Nest devices.

  • Compared to Echo 5, is it just about the size and speakers?

    • +1

      And higher resolution screen.

      • Higher pixel density from what I can see. Both have 1280 x 800 resolution screen but Show 8 packs more pixels in a smaller 8" screen.

        • Both have 1280 x 800 resolution screen

          Please check again. We are comparing Echo Show 5 vs Echo Show 8, not Echo Show 8 vs Echo Show.

          Echo Show 5 — 5.5” with 960 x 480 resolution
          Echo Show 8 — 8.0” with 1280 x 800 resolution

          • @alvian: Ah yes you are correct. I did not see that from oc.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • I cant help thinking this is just inferior tech to what's in your phone or iPad - and you can't move around with it. If you have an Echo Dot or Plus (to do the smart home stuff) what do you gain? A pretty average screen.

    • +4

      I guess it's something nice to have in the kitchen/lounge as a little screen to show you the time/weather, as well as asking it some questions when you don't have time to pull your phone out and google something. Plus they're also used as alarm clocks as well so good for the bedroom.

      So basically it's just an added convenience, just like any other piece of technology.

      • +3

        Yeah I figured that. That's why I have an old ipad air on a stand in the kitchen (before that it was a cheap android tablet). So much more versatile especially with a ms wedge keyboard.

        • Yeah I figured that. That's why I have an old ipad air on a stand in the kitchen (before that it was a cheap android tablet).

          I used to do the same with an old Android device and a bluetooth speaker in my kitchen. I decided to replace it with a Lenovo Smart Display as it was much neater having just 1 device with a built-in speaker with just 1 wire attached, as opposed to a tablet on a stand which can move when prodded, with a separate Bluetooth speaker that also needs its own power.

          Elsewhere I find the very well-tuned screen on a Google Home makes it blend in to a space a lot better than a tablet on a stand with a cold white screen.

      • +1

        I'm hoping I can code up a skill that will allow me to stream images from my NAS and display on the Echo display - kind of like a network photo viewer with voice support.


    • +3

      I can bring up my Ring cameras, view recipes, view shopping lists, view the weather for the week etc. Especially handy on the 10" screen in the kitchen.

      The screen functionality on the 5" show in the bedroom doesnt get used as much besides viewing the Ring cameras, but it makes a good bedside clock and it's handy to have my calendar events always cycling on the screen and photos running in a slideshow. Plus less clutter then having a echo dot and clock radio.

    • And you can have the g.assistant, alexa app on your tablet/phone to do the smart stuff.

  • +6

    Still waiting for the 4K fire stick…

    • Me too

    • hey hey.. you called for a fire stick? ;)

  • I wonder if shopback will work?

    • It will. As long as purchase is shipped within 60 days (which in this situation it will) and don't use any promotional credit

  • +14

    Thx Op. Got 1.

    My wife is complaining that I talk to Alexa more than I talk to her, so I have to be careful every time I add a new Echo to the house. Thing is, Alexa always does what I ask her to do, gives me useful information, actually listens to what I say and doesn't twist it and most importantly knows when to keep quiet and stops when I ask her to.

    • +1

      Tell your wife to change her name to Alexa and problem solved.

      Alexa always does what I ask her to do, gives me useful information, actually listens to what I say and doesn't twist it and most importantly knows when to keep quiet and stops when I ask her to.

      Good wife!

    • +1
    • +1

      When my alarm goes off, I turn it off with "Alexa, shut up!". That prob won't go down too well with your wife either.

  • +3

    To be honest this is the right price mark for this device. It's basically the same as the show 5 but has a bigger screen, slightly better camera and screen res. Rrp seems unrealistic.

    • Cameras are supposedly the same, both 1MP resolution.

    • +1

      8” touch screen with a camera, able to accept voice controls and play video, control your lights, browse the net, etc for $115 is damn good.

  • Wonder if you can leave your ring camera showing fulltime on this? Has anyone done it with an Echo 5?

    • Battery on ring wouldn't last long unless its hard wired to power.

    • You should be using a different system (e.g CCTV) even if the battery lasts (which it wont) because for one the video is streamed rather than an actual live feed

    • Nah you can't first off you have to ask alexa to "Show you the front door" then after about 10secs itll show up and auto close after 5 mins. A lot quicker if you just use your phone

      • +1

        10secs, alot quick to just walk to the door and check

  • Echo Dot is also 1/2 price using "ECHODOT" at checkout.

  • +3

    have used echo 5 for months, worst feature is that it has no usb port to charge phone overnight, so still need second power cable on bedside. Doesn't appear that the new 8 addressed this complaint. Disagree that alexa is strict in what you have to say- you can program it to do anything with any command- I say "alexa sunshine" and it turns on tv, turns on bedroom lights and says hi…its all there in "routines"..

    • Alexa never understood my Aussie accent, so changed settings to British English… Now she thinks I'm a bloody Pom… could it be because I don't drop my gees or aitches???

    • Disagree that alexa is strict in what you have to say- you can program it to do anything with any command-

      I think people are saying with Google you don't have to program it as much - it understands natural language better.

    • Just mount a wireless charger in your bedside table

    • +1

      It has a micro USB port on the back (the Show 5, that is)… you'd need a micro USB to micro USB/Lightning cable to charge a phone, but it's definitely possible!

      • +1

        not correct- did this- it wont charge- the port is for software access apparently

  • Does anyone know how the video calls work? Can it be integrated with FaceTime or WhatsApp or Google Duo or Hangouts? Or is it only between various Echo models?

    • +1

      I heard it can do Skype??? We use it as an intercom around the house. Can video chat with each other also through echo shows or the app.

      I wouldn’t think Google would allow chat functions with its competitor. Does the google hub allow chatting via WhatsApp or Facebook?

  • Damn … the camera is on the right hand side …
    I've read some bad reviews if you're trying to video call someone ..
    Would have been better if it was in the middle! :(

    Would have been nice if they added Zigbee to it like the Show

    Plus even say a 2meg camera .. like seriously .. 1meg in todays technology :(

    • Plus even say a 2meg camera .. like seriously .. 1meg in todays technology :(

      It's the perfect resolution if you're calling another Echo Show 8, since the screen is only 1MP. :)

  • I wonder if they integrated native youtube into Echo 8
    Edit - same situation as with Echo 5.

    • Donno what but asking Alexa to play something on YouTube works pretty well.

      • Does it through the Silk/Firefox browser on my Echo Show 5 if I ask it to open YouTube. An official sort of app would be a huge improvement, as the on screen buttons are too small.

  • I wonder if Google and Lenovo will drop their smart screen prices again shortly to compete? They were well priced around Xmas but gone back up in price now.

  • +1

    JB HI-FI have the same offer

  • +1

    I returned my original Amazon Echo. I couldn't get it to respond to "Hey Google"

    • You should have asked: hey Siri instead

  • Rather annoyed that an item sold as 'to be released after 15/02' will now be, at least, 15/04.
    Blame the virus, I guess.

  • Does anyone know if the adjustable stand sold to go with the Echo Show 8 is the same as the Echo Show 5? I've got a '5' in the kitchen and think I'll move that elsewhere int he house and grab this larger one, but the stands are pretty pricey for what they are so would be ideal if I can just transition the existing stand to the larger device.

  • Pre-ordered a sandstone one and now the order shows delivery around 20 April - happening to a lot of us

    • try jb?

      • I am fine to wait as not in a hurry

        We already have a Show 5 and Show 2

    • I wonder if they've run out of stock due to demand for the deal or whether the Australian release of the 8" has been delayed for all?

      • Not delayed for all - mine got shipped yesterday, being delivered today.

  • Anyone order one they want to sell?

    • Hey bilam send me a personal message. Seems yours is turned off.

  • Just got a shipping notification from amazon for a Friday delivery and $12.49 pending cashback in the shopback account.

    • +1

      Do you know what date you put in the pre-order? I'm still showing mid-April :(

      • Wed, Feb 5, 3:03 PM

  • Thanks OP! I've got mine yesterday. Now I'm not keen to spend $39 just for the adjustable stand from Amazon. Does anyone have other recommendation?

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