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Kogan Mobile Prepaid 365 Days 243GB + Free Annual Kogan First Membership (Valued at $99) $275 @ Kogan


Live large on a 365 Days LARGE FLEX Plan with a hefty 243GB of data to use on the lightning fast Kogan Mobile 4G network.
Free SIM card included
243GB of data
UNLIMITED standard national calls for 365 days
UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS for 365 days
All for use within Australia
Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!
FREE 12 Month Kogan First Membership Valued at $99!

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  • +12

    Dang I read the plan fee as $99 and was like bargain!!!

  • ~20GB/m

  • XL also available under the same deal

    Can use discounted kogan gift cards to stack on the savings!

    • Already got one

    • +10

      $228 from Officeworks price beat

    • My Kogan expires mid Mar.. can I buy now and activate later. Tried to find this detail on the boost website but couldn't locate that info.

      • Yes you can, it has long expiry date.

        • Thanks. Ordered through OW pricebeat for $228

    • How would you get officeworks to price match this? Both of them showing $300 ATM. Thanks

      • They’ll price beat a current deal, the Boost special is no longer a current deal hence you shitoutaluck

    • Damn..it looks like this deal is expired.

  • +10

    " lightning fast Kogan Mobile 4G network."


    • +3

      Depends on where you live. i.e. (lack of) congestion in your area plus how close to the tower you are

  • +3

    Be warned - Kogan customer support is dismal. They have no idea of basic consumer law.

    • +4

      Kogan Mobile customer support is Vodafone, and to my experience the few times I called they were very pleasant to deal with. Also they are Aussies and not outsourced to India/Philippines.

      • Ok, I was referring to Kogan/Dick Smith electronics. Didn't realise they were different.

      • -2

        I've been trying to port to them for 1.5 months, it's always an Indian picking up, you can guess how competent they are from the ongoing duration.

  • Will pull the trigger only if they include unlimited international calls.

    • boost sim $228 for 240g and unlimited international calls for selected countries

      • How is it $228 and not $240 as per the above link?

        • Price beat as per post below that

        • as my comment above price beat from officeworks

  • What benefits u get kogan first membesrship?

    • It's not that great. Free shipping on 1000s of "select" products and priority support. Not worth it imo

      • And only to selected areas.

    • -2

      Kogan First = better than Amazon prime and eBay plus ;)

      • +2

        This one appears to be neg fishing…

        • +2

          thought the ;) would be enough to show sarcasm but apparently not :(. OzBargainers are a rigid bunch

  • +3

    Why would anyone buy this over the boost $240 deal?

    • -1


    • I guess there might be some people who would get their money's worth out of Kogan First (as unlikely as it seems).

    • +4

      People that get a better reception with Vodafone than Telstra?

    • +1

      People such as myself who have crap reception with Telstra.

  • I read it as the whole thing is valued at $99 but it costs $275. Was wondering where the bargain was?

  • This used to be cheaper when the data was handed out monthly.

  • 243gb, such a random number

  • Kogan (Vodafone) has better reception than Telstra in Blairgowrie. That's why my whole family changed over and it was cheaper and my brother works for Telstra lol

    • Yep same for me. I made the mistake of switching from Kogan to Boost and I'll be switching straight back once my 365 plan expires

      • +3

        Yeah i am also getting poorer reception on boost compared to kogan before.Stops working in Melbourne CBD train tunnels as well.Will decide when its time to renew again.