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TP-Link HS100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug $19 In-Store Only @ Bing Lee


The following stores have all reduced their prices. Enjoy :)

Bing Lee A very few available in a couple of stores. Unorderable online.
JB HIFI (Expired)
OW (Expired)
AusPost (Sold Out)
Bunnings (Expired)

Manage your household electronic devices anywhere in the world easily, with a tap of your smartphone
Check on devices remotely, create schedules, and set timers on your smartphone
No hub required, Kasa app available on iOS and Android
Voice Control integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Works with Google Assistant

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Bing Lee

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  • Just for reference ‘Australia Post’ is usually referred to as ’AusPost’ not:


  • Here we go again.

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    Which major retailer isn't selling it for $19?

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    I love tech, I really do, but every time this kind of thing comes up I wonder what do people actually use it for? I even bought one last time it was offer and still have yet to find a purpose. It works, I tested it etc and then thought hmmmmmm?

    I do use timers for things light external lights, pool pumps etc but what else am I missing?

    Not trolling, just after some actual ideas….!!

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      I use it for the Christmas tree lights in December

      Every other week my iron is plugged into it, so I can pre-heat it without getting off my ass, and/or when I'm in another room

      Could always use it for a 'dumb' lamp/floor lamp, without changing the bulb. Or outside lights/Christmas lights

    • Im alao interested in other people's uses. I use mine for one of those small humidifiers in my room that smell nice.Turns on for a bit when im nearly home.

      • I'm missing something here. I had assumed kasa only worked while I was using the home network /WiFi. How is it accessible remotely?

        • Based on the "turns on for a bit" part, I'm assuming @renw is using the timer/schedule function of the Kasa app.


        • Hi mate. Works remotely via the Kasa server.

          I have 2 of these.
          Also a smart bulb
          And 2 Kasa cameras.

          Works nicely on iOS. I even have controls on my widget screen.

    • I control my beer fridge with it. When it's going to be a really hot day I drop the temp early in the morning so my beer stays cold.

      • Does your beer fridge not run 24x7 ?

        • +1

          It does run 24x7 but it lives outside and struggles to keep the temp down on hot days so I disabled the fridge's thermostat and I read the temp into openhab from a xiaomi temp sensor in the fridge and turn the power on and off with a wifi power point. Openhab checks the weather forecast and if it's going to be hot it drops the target temp by a few degrees so everything cools down in advance and it's still cool at the end of the day. Also lets me do a defrost cycle in the middle of the night and make sure the compressor gets a decent rest between cycles. Works well for me.

    • Connect mine to a 3D Printer so I can turn it off when a job is done if I'm not around when it finishes.

      • +1

        same, but using Octoprint, I can remotely turn on/off the printer, and it will also turn off automatically after print completes

        • Same, also good for remotely terminating a print that is spewing plastic all over the tray and the printer is having a nap when it comes to abort commands. (Generally a camera is required to detect ;)

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      Charge my phone. I keep the phone battery charge between 30 and 80 percent to increase its lifespan (when possible). I can set the smart plug to turn off after 20 or 25 mins or so when it'll hit around the 80% mark.

      Also use one for the fan.

      • +1

        Don't know what phone you have but I have an app on my Android phone that stops the phone charging after certain %

        • +2

          Don't most modern phones do this sort of thing internally anyway?

        • What app is that ?

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      I control:

      • 3 fans in my house with it.

      • my dumb kettle with it and created a routine so water is boiled when I get up.

      • some lamps

      • the light in my chicken coop with a routine.

      • kettle starts boiling just by turning power on?

        • I imagine you have to remember to push the button down the night before, and then when it gets power in the morning it starts boiling.

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      I use one for the video baby monitor in my baby's room that's an expensive piece of absolute junk and needs to be rebooted often to work, saves going in and fumbling around and possibly waking her up.

      I use another for my fish tank light on a schedule to turn it off at night.

      • Oh I like this. I’m getting one to restart my router!

        • +7

          Turn it off you can but what about turning it back on if your Wi-Fi is down?

          • @cute as ducks: Best get proper PDU for this :) you can sleep for 5 mins and wake up and do a power cycle.

      • Arlo Baby?

        If so, I have one with the Arlo for that very purpose!

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      Trolling here, but you could use it to keep your twelve o'clock flasher in sync daily.

    • I use one with my coffee machine, too bad the thing is just a little too wide to sit next to another plug.

    • +1

      I use it for a security camera monitor that was running 24/7.

      Worked out the cost of running the monitor was roughly $30 a quarter in electricity.

      Having this power plug switch the monitor off for 8 hours a day saves $10 a quarter so will pay for itself in 6 months time lol.

    • Turn a fan off while I am in bed.

  • Anyone doing the LB130 bulbs?

    • I wouldn't use those for anything except decorative lights.
      They're missing the white led which makes their whites terrible.

      • I have a couple at home in lamps, they work perfectly.

  • Wifi Plugs - The New Eneloops…

  • +1

    Could be great for turning on the electric blanket in winter.

    • I like this one

      I have a heater in my toilet I turn on in bed a min before I go

      • You're obviously a connoisseur of hot nuts.

  • also Bing Lee eBay .. free delivery with +

  • I'm looking at using it to water the herb garden, can anyone recommend a small pump??

    I'm guessing.. my plan is plug a pump into mains water which runs on electricity then schedule it to turn on at certain times. Alternatively, has anyone found like a simple valve that can be turned off/on by electricity.

    Any advice appreciated

    • +1

      I looked into this, there are some cheap valves you can get that you can connect to power, but it seemed fiddly and you still need an outlet nearby the pump/tap which might be outside.
      I ended up just getting a b-hyve tap timer. It works really well, and runs off AAs so it can be out in the open with no issues. More expensive, but worth it I think. You can get the bluetooth only versions off ebay for around $60-70 on special, about $80-90 if you want wifi too.

  • Looks like these are fairly easy to hack, plus it phones home even when set up as local-only…

    • Tasmota it..

      • Oooh, I haven't come across Tasmota before, that looks awesome! Doesn't seem to support this device, though, but it does seem to support a lot of devices, so worth looking around. Thank!

    • Looks like these are fairly easy to hack

      If someone is on your local network. Might be best to read the article properly ;)

      • Obviously, and I did.

        Of course the smart thing to do is keep IoT devices on a separate WiFi network from your normal WiFi gear, and from guests, etc. But WiFi is not impervious to hacking and disruption, so a more-secure device is better than a less-secure device. I'll still pass on this one, thanks.

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    Can this turn the aircon on at a scheduled time?

    • If it plugs into a standard power plug, yes

      • +1

        …and it comes on automatically when power on, not just in standby. You're best off with an IR blaster for this.

  • JB bumped them up to $34. Idiots.

  • Been looking at getting some of these lately. Does anyone know if they stop vampire power?

    • I think you're looking for Buffy.. the Vampire Slayer ?

  • I am using this smart plug but I don't recommend it because of its large size. If you let it stand alone, it is very good. If you need the next plug to it, you cannot use the beside plug because this smart plug will take the space of the beside plug hole.

    I suggest buying the Genio plug in Costco. They sell it $32 for 2 so it means $16 each and you have 1 more usb charging port. The Genio one is smaller and you can plug the beside plug easily.

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