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½ Price Sirena Tuna Varieties 95g $1.35 @ Coles


½ Price Sirena Tuna Varieties 95g $1.35 @ Coles (Starts Wednesday 12/2)

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    Finally. How many can you fit in a supermarket trolley?

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    I did about 80 cans last time. I never regret getting a lot of these - so easy for lunches when you can't be bothered

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    Sirena Tuna Varieties 95g $1.35

    Might have a big serve later…

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    Step aside John West, the true best is here

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    I'd like to see another sale on the large tins again. Last one was so long ago! :(


    If you have constant sleepless nights wondering if a tuna might also contain pork, then fear not, this is halal certified.
    There's no logo on the can to advertise their stupidity.


      Why would the tuna contain pork?

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        i think thats the point of his statement, sirena went and got a can of tuna helal certified. That being said, helal certification also covers sea creatures with no scales (crustaceans) as they are also not eaten by the muslim community so the certification still makes sense as they are certifying the fact its only fish in their product.


    I'm pretty excited for this


    Does the 185g just not go on sale anymore?

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    These used to be half price @ $1 !!!!!!!!!!


    My go to lunch is a tin of the spicy/tangy jalapeno tuna, a tin of lemon pepper tuna and one small bowl of Sunrice Active Blend rice (microwaved for about 45 secs) all mixed together - lunch sorted!

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    I am sorry to be the carrier of bad news but … if that tuna is soooo good why do they add Lemon Basil & Chilli ???

    Good tuna fish is best by itself. No added flavors, no added anything different than tuna fish.

    Remember, with enough spices and sauces even cardboard tastes good …


      If you enjoy the same tuna everyday, more power to you.

      Might be incomprehensible, but some people enjoy having a bit of variety in life.


        Good for you if variety is your motto. But it is not the point.

        However … this thread started as "how good this tuna is".

        SO, if this tuna is SO good, why to mix it with other flavors.
        If spices and sauces make it unique then the tuna is irrelevant.

        SOOO this Sirena preparation is absolutely divine. Says nothing about the tuna.

        Pizza is great as it is.
        No one will say the black olives are the best in the world.
        Or the anchovies.

        Happy variety :)

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    Awesome timing. Time to fill my work fridge with 250 cans.


    Made in Indonesia :/