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365 Day Long Expiry Pre-Paid Phone Plan (Unlimited Call & Text, 84GB Data) $150 @ Woolworths Mobile (Online Only)


This is a great plan slightly better than boosts $150 plan (80GB) data if you don't care about international calls. Also:
-You earn woolworths rewards points.
-10% off Your Shop Once Every Month.
-Data rollover.

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The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • +2

    Decent deal if not calling/texting international.

    The few times boost was at $135 was better but still, good stopgap.

    • +4

      plus if you like AFL or NRL you get a year free streaming on live pass worth like $90 on Boost

      the rewards points from woollies are lame.. they equate to like 75c LOL

      • +2

        How to get this pass? Im with boost 365 80gb plan.

        • +1

          theres a thread on ozbargains - do a search youll find it

      • +5

        But if you shop $100 a month, you get $10 off, multiply by 12 equals to $120 a year (savings).

      • Thanks @gavman. I had no idea

  • Does anyone know if you can buy buy the prepaid sim card instore? Or is it online only?

    • +1

      The 365-day long expiry plan is only available online.

    • You have to have a prepaid sim card to start with, or an existing account. It's confusing.

      I bought a $30 pre-paid card, when registering, I choose this option.

      • Ok, so did you get a $30 discount off the $150 plan? Or did you have to pay the full $150 even though you paid $30 already?

  • +20

    Not 100% like for like.
    Same carrier(Telstra) but Boost is the only MNVO that has access to the entire Telstra network.

    • Good point, but a small difference for most people, compared to the advantage over optus/voda. Which still may not be huge.

      Belong is still cheaper, if you get a discounted starter pack and switch to $10 plan after first month.

      • small difference for most people, compared to the advantage over Optus

        See the coverage maps
        I'd much prefer the extra coverage regionally personally. But I guess those that spend their whole life in the city wouldn't care.

        • Do any of the sellers of Telstra wholesale get full 4Gx speeds? If they do then those could be better value in cities than Boost. Boost service is throttled speeds, but full tower coverage.

          I was wondering if Belong for example was Boost in reverse…
          Belong - limited Telstra tower footprint, but 100% speed.
          Boost - 100% Telstra tower footprint, throttled speed.


          • @Tuba: While it's stated that Boost can throttle speeds, I have never seen it and the general consensus on other forums is it hardly happens.

            • @cv05: I have Boost, but Ive never clocked the speeds. Question remains though. Even if throttling is only when necessary, if Belong has full speed, then they cant throttle that.

            • @cv05: it usually only happens in crowded environments - think at a stadium event and a friend is trying to contact you. Otherwise each cell/grid is usually not reaching it's capacity.

            • @cv05: I find Boost hopeless on my morning/evening commute, must be throttled.

          • @Tuba: I'm currently with Belong, not unlimited speed, caps or at 100Mbps…which is far more than you'll ever need on a mobile anyway. Coverage is pretty good, even in some remote areas. It's just the places where Optus and Vodafone have no coverage for hours that they seem to curtail the wholesales reach (but Telstra Wholesale is likely to be faster in regional places than Optus or Voda).

    • +2

      Save time- don't google (and Yes, its not MNVO)
      MVNO - Mobile virtual network operator

      • -1

        and Yes, its not MNVO

        It is an MVNO.

      • Oops my bad! Thanks for the correction! :)

    • -6

      Ditto, Kogan uses Telstra network but not the entirety and I'm not sure if Woolworths is exactly the same. For commute travel in inner city, internet was practically inaccessible. I changed provider to Boost and have all coverage on my commute now. Way much better, feels like 4g, unlike when I was on Kogan.

    • I use Aldi and thought it was basically the entire Telstra network. How can we find out if it uses the whole thing or not?

  • +21

    This is a great plan slightly better than boosts $150 plan (80GB) data if you don't care about international calls.

    Boost can regularly be bought for $135 = $1.6875/GB, this one is $1.786/GB. Buy a Boost recharge for anything under $142.86 and you're ahead

    As well as the better coverage with Boost

    • +6

      Love the logical analysis. Have a +1

    • +2

      $142.86 - $135.00 = $7.86
      10x that = $78.60.

      Conversely if you spend more than $78.60 at Woolworths once a month to use the 10% off there, you're ahead with the Woolworths offer.

      • +2

        On that specific weekend too

    • Woolworths claim: "Woolworths Mobile uses parts of the Telstra 4G and 3G Network, covering more than 98.8% of the Australian population" - I'm guessing it's nowhere near the coverage of Telstra itself? How much of the Telstra network does Boost use?

      • +2

        Boost network = Telstra retail network. To answer your question, 100%.

      • Awful coverage in SEQ with Woolworths Mobile, every call drops out.

    • Any ideas when $135 with Boost will be available again?

      • +2
        • +2

          That one is Out of $tock 🙁

      • Not sure about $135 but available for $140 on ebay

        • Be mindful that the $140 ebay listing (with $10 off) is a starter kit not a recharge voucher

  • The 10% off woolworths shopping is nice. But do you need to recharge the sim more than once before you can qualify for the 10% off shopping?

    Or because it is a 365 long expiry sim. We only need to wait 60days from 1st activation? No need to recharge for the 10% off Woolworths shopping offer?

    • +1

      As long as your service is active. That means one charge gives you 12 times (months) of discounts.

      • +1

        Wrong. You have to wait 60 days after activation until you can redeem the first 10% off shop.
        This occurs on the 2nd weekend in the month, so you may only 9 or 10 shops of 10% off.

      • 18 years old and over

      • active with Woolworths Mobile for more than 60 days

      • have recharged Pre-paid mobile plans before credit expiry or kept payments up to date on active Post-paid mobile plans; 

      • have opted in for marketing preferences; and

      • have registered with a Woolworths Rewards card linked to the Woolworths Mobile account at least 14 days prior to making the purchase:

  • +9

    "-You earn woolworths rewards points."

    Please note: 2000 rewards points = $10, so 150 points = 75 cents ! Not much of a selling point :)

    • -2

      exactly.. only gulabool egg heads still justify buying something cos they earn crappy worthless points

    • +1

      we are spending >$200 each week at Woolies. Seems that it already cover the cost of this SIM card.

      • +2

        not even close. @ 200$ x 52 weeks that = $52 worth of woolies. Mind you if you shopped at Aldi ud probably save that much every couple weeks

        • +1

          Not sure why my wife prefers Woolworths over Aldi, while they are next to each other at my area.
          Regarding the saving I thought of, it was the 10% first shop / month, not the rewards points.

  • +16

    Found this with Optus. 120GB for $150, 365 days expiry…

    • +3

      But its floptus.

      • +5

        I live in the New England region of NSW and Optus are smashing Telstra with coverage and speeds. I guess it all depends where you live, but they definitely aren't floptus here.

      • I'm regretting switching from Optus (full network and speeds) to Belong (Telstra-owned MVNO). Optus was way better than Hellsta where I live.

    • No international call inclusions

  • International minutes?

  • Just confirming that I'm reading this right; the 84GB is available all at once? So not 6 2/3GB per month? Thinking of this for my 11yo but given she has no concept of managing data can see if this is the case she'll use 84GB in 3 days then have nothing for the next 363 days.

    • +4

      You can set data limit on the phone.

    • +4

      That is how the lessons are learnt, the hard way.

  • +2

    With Boost we can watch AFL live data free. Can we with Woolies?

    • +1


  • +2

    Something to be mindful of is that they don't have international roaming, meaning you can't receive texts for 2FA when overseas. Not sure if Woolworths has changed it since but this was the case for me early last year.

    Boost on the other hand does have this capability.

    • +1

      Still no international roaming on Woolworths Prepaid link

  • This deal is amazing if you can save $10 every month(assuming you have a shopping basket of $100). Virtually this plan is only $30.

    • 10% off shop only applies to the first transaction on the 2nd weekend of the month.

      • Yeah. If you can save $10 on that transaction, that is $120 a year.

        • +1

          After the initial 60 day exclusion period.

      • Don't normally shopping on the weekends. Not much incentive for me.
        Why not the largest shopping of the week?

  • Only if this included free international calls like Boost mobile. That's the only dearest thingie missing.

  • +4

    Things to consider that may/may not be important to you:
    Woolworths doesn't have VOLTE or Wifi Calling, whereas Boost does
    Woolworths coverage is limited/wholesale Telstra network, Boost is the full Telstra network

  • Woolworth has data rollover, even for this long validity one. I dont think Boost has rollover. I have around 18 GB left on my Boot 80GB 1 Year and will be finishing in 2 weeks. I need to get 18 GB finished in 2 weeks now …

    • Boost don’t have rollover on their Long life plans which is super annoying. I went to Renew my 365 day plan and ask their support team but they said the only do rollover on the short plans.

      • +2

        small price to pay

      • Oh! Better start burning my left over data.

  • Why I can't purchase it with the woolworths egift card?! There is more 5% off!:(

  • Boost would be better?

  • Decided to go with this one over Boost as we are Woolies shoppers anyway. The 10% deal will knock $90 off the price as a minimum. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    One thing to be aware of is, if you are already a WW Mobile customer with data in your databank, you will lose it by recharging any of their long expiry options.

  • +5

    Just be aware these cretins require you to be opted in to marketing preference for 14 days prior to redemption of the 10% of shop. I just got caught out with this and it was hidden in the terms and conditions of the same offer on their car insurance.

    • Ah that explains why I no longer get 10% offers with my car insurance. Time to sign up to the spam again.

    • What are marketing preference? Tracking?

      • +3

        You give them permissions to SMS and email you as much as they would like to, about anything at any time. This usually means your clicks & opens are tracked and they will target you with display, search & social media.

        Suggest you create unique email addresses so you mess with their analytics team who will be trying to create a single customer view of your data in order to get a return on the discount they are providing you. By using unique gmail accounts you MAY stop quantium (their analytics division) using some of the data tools against you.

  • +2

    optus deal is way better. $150 for 120Gb online only

    • No international calls included though

      • This doesn’t have international calls either

        • Apologies, I was mentally comparing it against the boost $150 offer.

      • who cares about international calls?

    • Only for new customers though. My kids were on this so I moved their numbers to Boost. Sadly there was no 135 dollar deal last week. Next year I can flip them back to Optus or whatever. The Woolies plan would have been good as we shop there each week but the Boost coverage is a winner when we go out of town for camping and skiing.

  • Can you buy this with wish egift card?

    • +1


  • +1

    Belong Mobile is better than this with double data in the first month and $20 referral credit.

    If you can buy a $40 starter sim for $15 or $20 you can stay for 12 months and make a plan for around $140 130GB. Also any data at the end of 12 months won't be wiped and you don't have to pay the whole amount up front.

  • The 180 days prepaid is better value if you don't use much data, and it is available in store for 60 dollars.

    Presumably you can use egift card and still eligible for the 10%off shop promotion?

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