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30% off Qantas Classic Reward Flights to New Zealand, Fiji & San Francisco


30% off Classic Flight Rewards on Qantas, Jetstar and Fiji Airways operated flights to Queenstown, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Nadi and San Francisco for travel between 10 February 2020 and 31 December 2020.

The 30% discount will be automatically applied to the Qantas Points required for Eligible Flights booked between 11am (AEDT) 10 February 2020 and 10.59pm (AEDT) 19 February 2020.

Thanks to Doctore1003 for spotting it.

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    Economy and Business available for: NZ and Fiji
    Economy and Premium Economy available for Brisbane to San Francisco

    SYD/MEL-ZQN (JQ and QF)
    BNE-SFO (QF)

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    So strange, also working for flights from SYD to HKG

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    perth to fiji in may - ~100k points per person - domestic legs are economy and east coast to fiji is via business[a350-900 there and 737-800 back] + $685.44 fees/taxes
    perth to auckland in may - ~80k points per person - business all the way [mixture of a330-200 and 737-800] + $598.50 fees/taxes
    perth to san fran in may - ~220k points per person - domestic economy and premium economy international [787-9 and a330-200 there then cathay 777-300er and a350 back] - not enough points to calculate taxes :(

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      fees/taxes for the last are $696.27 (AUD)


      2004 i went Perth-NYC (JFK) - Perth, all business class classic award for $240 taxes total. They are definately clawing back costs.


    Seems to be 30% off for all flights…
    75,200 Points for SYD - JNB ($1700 usually) - $22.60 per 1000 points


    Any idea when Qantas tend to release new Classic Rewards seats? Most of the dates I'm looking at are in a peak/shoulder season and very few seats are available right now (which is normal).

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      I understand they tend to release them just before they get booked.

    • -3 votes

      No specific time - always random.

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      For Bronze members, 297 days before the flight.

      For Silver members, 323 days before the flight.

      For Gold and above members, 353 days before the flight.

      So if you are not Gold or higher, you usually miss out on the good seats (ie business class seats during peak times to popular destinations).

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      Here is a guide to when award seats open up for each airline that can be booked using QFF points - https://www.pointhacks.com.au/when-do-award-calendars-open/


      From 353 days out.

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      Thanks for the info everyone.

      With the last flight I booked with points, I monitored for a couple weeks: I started out seeing no rewards flights for entire week around my trip, then most days suddenly had reward flights available (which I quickly booked). I'm guessing these releases are sudden/random so I'll keep monitoring for now.

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    BNE > NAN
    25200 points + $279 taxes

    Taxes kills the deal!

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    We’ll probably see a lot more of this.

    My company has cancelled all travel/conferences and I know a lot of other companies have too.


    Damn, I just wiped out my points to book a trip to SFO last week.

    I was just on hold with Qantas for over 2 hours to see how much it would cost to cancel a reward booking (6000 points per passenger) and why I couldn't cancel it online (PayPal payments take 3 business days to clear so the ticket isn't issued yet).

    Does anyone know firsthand if points are redeposited straight away after a reward booking cancellation? We stand to gain back 70k+ points by cancelling and rebooking while the reward fare sale is on.

  • -2 votes

    Anyone know if you can get these prices through the AMEX travel portal? Trying to use up travel credit from a CC ugh

  • +1 vote

    Was really excited about using this deal for Fiji, but the taxes are stupid.


    Mar 20/27 Syd-Fiji 80,000 points plus $1100 in taxes VS $1600 return paying cash.

    • +10 votes

      you need to call it what it is. It is NOT tax but Qantas rip-off carrier surcharge.
      BTW, Fiji also got a rip-off departure tax as well, even higher than Australia.


        Agree totally! Looking at the breakdown, Qantas passenger fees are a huge proportion of the overall charges.


      What are YOU looking at? One way on Fiji Biz shows me 39.8k points + $90 AUD in taxes

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    I’m here trying to deal with their customer service for the last 3-4 months. Such a shocker Qantas!


      They have been rubbish recently. On the weekend I had to call them to book an award flight that I couldn't book online. I was on hold for two hours, they booked the flights for the wrong date, spelt one passenger's name wrong, and charged my credit card more than they said they would (euros rather than dollars).

      The Qantas SMS service fixed the name issue but it took a lot of messages back and forth.


    Ah… damm it. I booked BNE-MEL return for 7 people (family) 3 days ago. Is there any way I can cancel it and make use of this offer? I am gold with Qantas. Thank you


    good deal esp for Business class to Fiji but in saying that, they jacked up the prices.

    I wish they did same promo for domestic flights, wouldnt mind 30% discount on flights to port douglas.

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    Absolute typical Qantas FF nonsense. 29050 points biz class Bne to Nadi with return one week later 228,000 points per pax in October plus exorbitant fees and charges. Qantas cash cow in action.

    • +3 votes

      Yer, you just don't understand the difference between a classic award and points + pay.


    Whatever happened to the Qantas points club where they reward members who collect points other than by flying? Thought it was meant to launch late last year.

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    So I looked at Bri-SFO in December and I'm expected t think flying out by Hong Kong(!!!) and back via Sydney is acceptable. before we start baulking at the prohibitive cash premium on top of the points. Typical Qantas RUBBISH .. :-( .. !!