expired Heart Rate Monitor $19.99 @ Aldi from Thu 1st Sep


Lightweight, comfortable and simple to use
Includes a wireless chest strap to continuously transmit your heart rate to the accompanying wristwatch
Also includes a training timer, calorie reading, fat burn reading and 6 level recovery ability fitness test
The watches in the pic looks much better than the last ones they had on offer. Pic shows a bike attachment, but not listed…..
I'm not sure how good this is, but if you don't like it, you have 60 days to get your money back… http://www.aldi.com.au/au/html/service/3789.htm?WT.z_src=mai...
There are differing opinions on the benefits of these, but I use mine regularly when training.

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    choice rated the aldi heart rate monitor highly (equal best) a couple of years ago http://www.choice.com.au/reviews-and-tests/food-and-health/d... i wonder if this one is just as good


      Thanks for that mattgal. Looks like same features, but I think form the pic is a much nicer watch this time.


      do you know which one they recommended to buy?

      I was looking for a cheap HRM, such as polar F4 or equivalent. FT4/7?

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    If these are the same ones that they sold last time, they are crap…


    had to return mine, it didn't work… person at store said they had many returns…


      Looks like same brand, but newer model maybe?


        at least you have the option to easily get a refund…

        i ended up buying a Polar… automatically syncs with Gym equipment too…


          Out of interest. Have you got a link or model number of the one you bought?

          Can't reply to your post for some reason. I meant the polar one.


          the one you bought?

          The Aldi one, no… it's whatever they were selling 12 months ago…


          So you'd suggest Polar range? My OH wants one for her new exercise program, only really wants one for the calorie reading. I loathe spending $120+ for something a $19.99 item will do!


          I got the Oregon Scientific one of 1-day for $30 last year. Works fine for what I want - just heart rate and nothing else, but watch is very small! http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/35400

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          So you'd suggest Polar range?

          no… the polar ones are great, but expensive…

          try the new Aldi one, if your not happy, you'll get a full refund…

          (I wouldn't really on these for calorie readings, all they do is monitor heart rate…)


          (This is more for "phluffed" - can't reply directly to his question).

          I've got 2 HRMs - the high end is a Polar "WearLink+" bluetooth (to sync with Endomondo on my Android phone: the bluetooth HRM plus phone GPS enables me to upload heart rate, course, speed and calories burned to Endomondo). That one was $83 delivered (63.29 Euro from sports-tracker.com ). Has some 'issues' syncing with the equipment in the gym (note also: Wearlink+ bluetooth straps will NOT link with Polar watches).

          The cheapie is a $50 "Pulse Sonic" - it syncs effortlessly with gym equipment, and is every bit as accurate as the Polar… it has no hi-lo alarm function, but it does have a pedometer (and the pedometer is pretty accurate once you calibrate it with a 400m run and a 400m walk). I use that if I'm doing a non-cardio, non-HIIT workout (say, a non-HIRT weight workout).

          The Lovely has a super-cheapie - $28 from DinoDirect. Works fine - syncs with the gym's equipment and does what she wants from it. She's not interested in charting every lub-dup during her HIIT workouts: she trains much harder than I do anyhow.

          Last but not least… somewhere in a box in storage is my original Polar one-function HRM that I bought in 1997; that cost me $200 when new, now it's a historical curiosity.


      Same here. I returned the first one I got because it wouldn't read the sensor. The second one worked well (after reading hints on getting it sync'ing here on OzBargain & on internet forums) but it suddenly started not holding the signal until it wouldn't even sync. This was after 3 months, so no 60 day warranty :(
      In the end I had to ring Aldi HQ who put me onto some Sydney based watch repair place, which I sent with warranty info almost 2 months ago, have not heard back from them yet!!

      The watch looks different to the last one, but the sensor & bike mount look the same, so it may only be a cosmetic change.

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        you should have taken it back to the aldi store you bought it from. the retailer is responsible for handling warranty issues. i've taken stuff back which has failed, had a 12 month warranty and was outside the 60 day period. they simply gave me a refund.


          3 year warranty in ad.


          you should have taken it back to the aldi store you bought it from.

          yep.. i would have done that too…


          I did try that, they said I had to take it through the warranty procedure (classic pass-the-buck). The warranty on the back had a phone number on it that didn't connect (think it was an overseas number). Had to track down someone at Aldi HQ who put me onto the right mob.

          I know about the "store is responsible for warranty" new legislation, but I really wanted the watch exchanged or fixed, haven't seen a HRM at that price range anywhere but Aldi. Thought I'd give the warranty procedure a try & so far, it hasn't worked in my favour :(

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