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Boost $150 Starter Kit for $130 Delivered | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas @ TOV Mobile


Similar to previous deal that is now expired - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514503

Use code OURSAVE at checkout, save $20. Better deal than official Boost Mobile offer.

80GB and 12 MONTH EXPIRY. UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers. UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins &
text to 30 selected destinations.

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    Don't put * in your title when there is no explanation in your description! Now please reveal what is being hidden from us.

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    "Please Do Not Publish Any Deals/ coupon code / Or buy price in Ourstore in Any Social Media (including Ozbargain), Unless Permitted"

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    Ordered a $300 SIM in late-January and still haven't received it. Have had emails apologising for shipping delays but no idea when it'll finally arrive.

    Just something to be aware of.

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      Their email address is:


      Maybe they only ship it to you after they verify you are Chinese ?


    anyone care to share their delivery experience?

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      I ordered the $135 (not as great as the $130) on Jan 27th and still haven't received mine. Got various emails about delays to up to 15 working days with the latest on 4th Feb. Basically can vouch for apdglove's experience. Can update what happens if you like


        I ordered mine from Boost itself on 24th of January and still haven't received mine.

        On 30th of January I got an email about it being delayed by up to 10 business days.

        Today is day #10


      I ordered the bigger 240GB Sim on Jan 21 and received my Sim about a week later no problems.

      Possibly don't have stock issues on larger Sim?


    Has anyone received theirs from the last promo?


    Does this deal come about often? Just trying out different providers month to month at the moment to see what service is like

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    None left!


    Please Do Not Publish Any Deals/ coupon code / Or buy price in Ourstore in Any Social Media (including Ozbargain), Unless Permitted

    ( Contact us if your have any question or need any assistance )

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    Back in stock but the discount code does not apply a discount anymore

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    Was about to get one until I read this



    Thank you.


    Did anyone else get their order cancelled?


    does the unused data rollover when you recharge?

    i looked at the boost website and i can't see anything about it
    it does on their 28 day plans but it doesn't mention the 365 day ones

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    Any other current boost deals?

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    Refunded $130, relieved after seeing the thing about shop owner on leave. Anyone had any luck with Officeworks price match on these?

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    what's the best Boost deal right now? time to get thinking as my current 3 months Catch Connect runs out in March.

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    Discount not working..

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