Samsung Announces Galaxy S20 Range of Phones

Samsung have announced the S20 series of phones this morning

PHONE: Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung Galaxy S20+ Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Operating System Android 10 Android 10 Android 10
Display 6.2-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X Infinity O Display (3200X1440), HDR10+, 120Hz 6.7-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X Infinity O Display (3200X1440), HDR10+, 120Hz 6.9-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X Infinity O Display (3200X1440), HDR10+, 120Hz
Body 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm, 163g 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm, 188g 166.9 x 76.0 x 8.8mm, 222g
Camera Rear:Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2, Wide-angle 12MP F1.8, Telephoto: 64MP. Front: 10MP F2.2 Rear:Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2, Wide-angle 12MP F1.8, Telephoto: 64MP, DepthVision sensor. Front: 10MP F2.2 Rear:Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2, Wide-angle 108MP F1.8, Telephoto: 48MP, DepthVision sensor. Front: 40MP F2.2<br>
SIM SIM and eSIM SIM and eSIM SIM and eSIM
Processor Exynos 990 Exynos 990 Exynos 990
Memory/Storage 8GB RAM/128GB storage (4G) or 12GB RAM/128GB storage (5G) 8GB RAM/128GB storage (4G) or 12GB RAM/ with 128GB/256GB/512GB storage (5G) 12GB RAM/128GB storage or 16GB/512GB storage (5G)
Water Resistance IP68 IP68 IP68
Battery 4,000 mAH with 25W fast charge and fast wireless charging 2.0 4,500 mAH with 25W fast charge and fast wireless charging 2.0 5,000 mAH with 45W fast charge and fast wireless charging 2.0
Connectivity 4G or 5G 4G or 5G 5G
Colours Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black
Price $1,349 for 8GB/128GB + 4G $1,499 for 12GB/128GB + 5G $1,499 for 8GB + 128GB + 4G $1,649 for 12GB/128GB + 5G $1,899 for 12GB/512GB + 5G $1,999 for 12GB/128GB + 5G $2,249 for 16GB/512GB + 5G

Pre-Orders start Feb 12th with Launch set for March 6th
All S20+/S20 Ultra pre orders get a free set of Galaxy Bud Headphones valued at $299

They have also announced the Galaxy Z Flip
launches later in year for Australia , Feb 14 in the US and is $1380USD


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  • Will I be able to call Grandma once a week with these?

  • Plus and ultra very similar, shouldn't just do two version normal and plus.

  • S20 instead of S11 I take it? That totally runs my run. I've had an S2, then S5, currently S8 so obviously next phone was going to be S11.

  • Will this be an improvement on my galaxy s6?
    I don't need 5G.

  • How big is a standard 108 megapixel jpeg?

  • I will be upgrading my S9+ later in the year. I like some the specs here and the bigger battery, but those screen sizes! I feel the 6.2" on the S9+ is probably about right for me so I think when I do upgrade it will be the s20.

    Also seems I have to finally accept the death of the 3.5mm

    • no 3.5mm on this? :(

    • worth checking what the unit size is, not sure with the s9+ but the s8+ isn't the same infinity screen, so even though the screen size is bigger, the phone size might be closer than you think.

      • +1 vote

        Good point! On review the S20+ is only 2.8 mm longer.

        158.1 x 73.8 x 7.9mm

        151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm

        161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm

    • So only choice for headphones is Bluetooth? That s BS. Seriously I don’t want Bluetooth, worse sound dollar for dollar, battery drains faster, need to ensure batteries in headphones are charged. Lose headphones easier… why why why

      • +1 vote

        You can buy USB C headphones, not as common or always as cheap but options out there.

        I prefer the cheapies when out and about as I always forget they are in my pockets and put then through the wash. They normally survive at least.

        • Xiaomi phones come with USB C to 3.5mm converter cable, not sure whether we csn use the same on this

      • Also costs more, I use $6 Kmart headphones on my S10

    • No 3.5mm no buy for me. I've had the S6 to S10. Buying a different phone next.

      • Me too, my S8+ needs replacing. Trying to find the most current flagship phone with a 3.5mm, could go S10+ but dont want to support Samsung after they ditched Jack

        • Poor Jack,
          Nobody loves him

        • Honestly it's not an issue. I was initially unhappy about it as well but I got the Mate 10, no headphone jack, and never felt it. The phone came with USB type c earphones which I kept the whole time. It also came with a headphone jack to type c adaptor. I had a few old headphones which I spent a bit of money on, and I could still use them by running thru the simple adaptor. No fuss. In fact if anything, plugging headphones into a type c port is a lot smoother and comfortable than screwing in that clunky old headphone jack.

        • Samsung give you that in the Galaxy A71 :)

  • S20? What marketing moron came up with thise naming scheme?!

  • Are the Australian versions getting Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865?

  • These look incredible. Those specs are looking absolutely top of the line, the 120hz screens with 240hz touch polling will be butter-smooth - only thing I wish was included is a headphone jack. However, it's not these devices I'm excited for… the next Note will likely be just as full-featured, and I can't wait to buy it in 2 years time when it's actually affordable.

    • 120hz only at 1080p though 👎

      • That's admittedly a little disappointing, but I've used my Note 9 in battery saver mode on and off (which is set to drop the display down to 1080p) and it's barely noticeable for me unless I really hold the phone close to my face and look. Bear in mind, the 1080p resolution on this device will be 2400x1080 instead of 1920x1080 which ain't that bad in my opinion, and I'd still definitely take the lower res for 120hz functionality.

    • Wish they had a 90Hz Option at a higher Resolution than 1080p or just made the 120hz available for higher Res

  • I'll just wait until Samsung lower the price end of the year.

  • my phone now has a 7.2 inch screen.
    i want one of these phones, but i can never get a smaller screen phone than this. they feel like toys to me now.

  • Pretty lame colours as far as I can tell. If you want the Ultra, its grey or black, and if you want the top spec Ultra, its just black. Then the S20+ is only blue, grey or black. It might sound a bit vain, but I'd like my shiney new flagship to at least look a tiny bit different to every other phone - or have a blingy option like silver or gold.

  • Does anyone Know if the galaxy flip will have a dual sim version?

    • Nano Sim and eSim
      no 5g either

      • Thank you, will that be for the Aus model?

        • They have done the same with the S20 range (the Nano and eSim) so one would assume so

          • @jimbobaus: Thanks again. I wonder if the experience is like that of a true dual sim phone? I.e you can select to have data from 1 sim and call from another. Or 2 sims active at the same time

            • @dynamicdusa: From the Vodafone website. Looks like the device still has to be a dual sim device

              "Yes. If your device is dual SIM enabled, you can use both a physical SIM and an eSIM. Therefore simultaneously you can have 1 plan active on your physical SIM and 1 plan active on your eSIM. This means that you can receive calls to both numbers and select which plan you want to use when calling, sending a text or using data. If you are currently on a call using 1 SIM, any calls to your other SIM will be directed to voicemail."

  • I would buy the US version

    • Hong Kong version might be better. Dual SIMs model and if they repeat what they did in S10, you would get a free case (though it is just a cheapy bumper case).

      • +FM radio too, there were few good deals on Ozbargain too
        Main issue is non existence custom roms or 3rd party support

  • Probably going to be a great phone but just too big as usual. Need something 5.2inch screen size with beast specs.

  • I wonder if there'll be deals through the Samsung partners store like there were for the S10.

  • It's so expensive. The phone is great, but I don't see a need to upgrade yet.

    • Depends where you're coming from. I've had my S7 Edge since release - I'm noticing photos on my camera are pretty average compared to my wife's S8, and poor compared to my brother's iPhone. These days, I see a phone as a 3+ year investment.

      • I have the S10 5G and I have been upgrade every year lol. I will break that tradition this year, its just too much. I can buy a decent laptop with that kind of money.

        • The S8 through to the S10 have looked pretty much like carbon copies - this is probably the biggest leap in the last 3 years. I'm surprised you've bothered upgrading every year.

  • +5 votes

    No 3.5mm = no thanks

    • holding a torch for something no one will offer soon… good luck with that

    • Pretty soon no phone will have the 3.5mm audio jack.

      • That was supposed to happen 2 years ago. But people vote with their wallets, and they still release phones where a key feature is 3.5mm audio jack. I wouldnt buy a phone without one and many many other people still feel the same.

        • Potentially. Samsung took away the SD card slot and people revolted, that's one of the main advantages of Android over the iPhone. So Samsung was forced to bring it back.

          I think the 3.5mm jack is different. I used to be in the same camp as you and I still have some use for the 3.5mm audio jack on my S10 5G, but I find myself using it less and less. I have galaxy buds as well as Sony wireless headphones.

          Time will tell, but I doubt Samsung will bring back the audio jack like the SD card slot.

    • You will be surprised but I opted for Note 9 instead of Note 10 for the same 3.5mm reason… I barely used the headphone jack since I got it! I mean I did make use of it for a little while but eventually.. it's all about the Bluetooth for me now. You won't even take notice of it much.. and would prefer wireless than wired over time

      • Some of us have good wired headphones, we will notice!!

        • For me it's not even about headphones, I use BT heaphones primarily, it's more about being able to plug it into the stereo in the gym, or older cars with AUX ports, or the million other things that have 3.5mm ports but not BT.

          I know you can use a USB to 3.5 adapter, but that's just one more thing I have to buy and carry around. While I can, I'll continue to make use of the 3.5mm jacks.

      • I have several pairs of good quality wired headphones that I like to use. I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing them with inferior bluetooth headphones or have to stuff around with afapters

        • The adaptors are like $3 on each on ebay. Buy 5 and keep one in your car, one at work, one in your room, and two as backups. Never a problem.

  • Which telcos offer esim? I'm guessing not Boost :(

  • whats the difference between the S20 5g and 4g? other than price and the fact that the 4g verison can't go on the 5g network?

  • Hmm, i was hoping this years phone would come with a snapdragon processor since samsung abandoned their exynos division last year. Guess ill wait at least another year to upgrade

    • Even though the Snapdragon is better, would it actually make any difference in real world use? (unless you like to root and install custom roms)

  • Worth noting that the S20 and S20+ has a different 5g the S20 Ultra.

  • Nice impression video from MKBHD to get the overall idea.

    S20/s20+ -

    S20 Ultra -

  • sometimes you just gotta take a step back and realise how disgusting powerful these new phones are getting. We're carrying computer level processing and VR level graphic computing with multiple top of the line cameras in our pocket? I'm almost OK with the price because in my opinion we are at the stage where we're reaching levels of hardware (at least in power) where you no longer need to upgrade if your phone isn't broken.

    • I'd be ok with the price if this could reasonably replace my laptop computer for productivity tasks. For as long as I have to carry a laptop around, I won't want to also spend $2k on a phone.

    • lol no. Phones are designed with planned obsolescence. That's why every device eventually starts to run poorly after a few years. They know what they're doing.

  • phone looks great but wtf are these people that can afford to buy phones this expensive?
    i would be too worried to carry a $2k phone around. Id probably have it on a lanyard around my neck so i dont drop the bloody thing and break it.
    i dunno i just couldnt bring myself to pay that much for a phone. Like how much more value would i get from it compared to my xioami 8T? id probably prefer spending $260 on that and the $1.75k on something else

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