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[Pre Order] Up to $450 off on Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra (Bonus Wireless Pack) @ Samsung Education Portal


Some discounted price through Samsung EPP
Samsung S20 ultra 5G 128Gb: $1599.2 ($400 off)
Samsung S20 ultra 5G 512GB: $1799.2($450 off)

Samsung S20+ 4G 128GB: $1199.2($300 off)

Samsung S20+ 5G 128Gb: $1319.2($330 Off)
Samsung S20+ 5G 512GB: 1519.2($380 off)
Samsung s20 4G 128GB: $1079.2($270 Off)
Samsung s20 5G 128Gb: $1199.2($300 off)
These prices are after the discount.

Please note these are Samsung education portal prices.
Maybe different price on other EPP portal.

Combine with $50 off over $200 spendfor another $50 off.

With these you get wireless pack instead of galaxy bud+

Discount off RRP on the Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra purchased from the Samsung Education Store from 9.00am (AEDT) on 12 Feb 2020 to 11.59pm (AEDT) on 5 March 2020. Bonus Battery Pack (EB-U1200CSEGWW) valued at $99 RRP when you purchase one of the above mentioned. Maximum of 1 bonus per eligible device purchased. Not available in conjunction with Galaxy Buds+ offer. Subject to stock availability at time of purchase. Discount is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not available in conjunction with any other offer

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  • Had anyone successfully used 28 degrees price protection, matching epp without account?

    • You just ask someone to take a screenshot for you.

    • I doubt you'll be able to price match EPP prices. Read the T&Cs

    • I paid full price ($1849) last year for the S10+ 512gb through Amazon AU. Used shopback and got around $180+ cashback. 28deg price protection around August of last year price matching Becextech Australia, got about $660 back. Also sold the pre order buds for $200. All up the phone technically only costed me $809.

      Just listed to sell for $999 and will repeat a similar process this year for the S20 plus.

      • I did the dame plus 10% TRS as I travelled to the US within 3 months from the date of purchase.

        • Good work :)

          You can pretty much do this every year and the phone ends up costing $0 or even make a small profit on them. Makes no sense to go on a plan anymore if you're using a 28deg card IMO.

        • nice work! Any thoughts on claim for multiple purchases, would it still work? e.g. if I get 2 phones (separate purchases say on same day or next day) that may be the same phone and specs (for missus and I)

          I'd imagine it should be fine

          • @jabbairc: EDIT (misread post)

            Yeah it'll be fine. The only catch is that you can make a maximum claim of $1000 per item per year. $5000 total of all claims per year. But for most electronics that cap is perfectly alright, unless you buy TV's or something that cost over $4000 etc (then suddenly it has a sale that's over $1000, you'll only be able to claim $1000).

            We generally use it for mobile phones, every year. Has worked out favourable every single year (eg. resale price is higher than total paid after claims/cashbacks). As well as computer parts, which generally always drop in price within 12 months at least a couple times. Good for buying parts immediately and not worry about the price drops, as you can just claim them later.

      • I just looked at the PDS for the 28degree card and it says eligibility for price protection is only valid if the price drop comes from the same place you purchased it from. Is this accurate? How did you buy from Amazon and price protect with bexectech?

      • Very jealous, enjoy that feature…

        Signed up too late for 28D, and as of now I don't think there are any CCs that offer price protection insurance for new cards.

        • This is true. I just called them and they are no longer doing the insurance. I'm a long time 28 deg card holder

        • Since there's not much info available anymore now that they don't offer it, was it a standard feature before or did you have to opt in/pay for it?

        • it's still a feature on the 28D GLOBAL PLATINUM card as advertised here:

          I have no idea why people say it's no longer available. You may have to opt in/out but it shouldn't be on the website unless it's a current offering.

          • +1 vote


            I have no idea why people say it's no longer available. You may have to opt in/out but it shouldn't be on the website unless it's a current offering.

            It is no longer available to new applicants. The PDS is there for cardholders who signed up for it previously.

            If you click on the hard-to-find Insurance link right at the bottom of the page, it'll bring you to this page which says:

            Note, we are not currently issuing new policies.

            • @eug: I see now. I applied for a card back in 2013. Didn't use it once, didn't even activate the new card they sent me after the first expired in 2017. Hoping i'm still on the grandfathered insurance policy when they send me my new card.

      • I thought 28 degrees card has an expiry of 6 months ie. the price drop must be identified within 6 mths of purchase?

      • can you coach step by step how to do this? Is your take value estimate realistic? tell us how successful you've been in the last on recouping your$$ outlayed? thx heaps for the heads up on this

        • I believe I've already written down exactly what to do. Do some research on it and check prices every now and then, it's not that hard.

          • @HybridGT: thanks hybrid, you are right you've outlined it well, i apologise for my vague post. i should have been more specific with some questions, namely:

            how did you secure approx 10% cashback on mobile phones? does this come up regularly? i see it's currently on 3.5% at Amazon, not sure who else may sell these on cashback, in searching, i struggled to find others.

            My other question is how easy is it to sell second hand phones for above the price our around the price you ended up paying after refunds? How easy is it to sell the buds for around $200 (if valued retail at $250?

            Unfortunately 28 degrees is no longer letting people sign up for their insurance. i'm bummed - had the card for 7 years. trying to convince the insurance department of latitude later today (they are calling me) to let me in on the action.

            appreciate the help

            • @rensman: nothing to do with insurance its just price protection

              my nab platinum card has it too but only for 21 days

              • @AussieMark: oops yes, i meant price protection. they wont let me sign up. they never rang me back so will try again tmrw. i think my nab cc has 3 month price protection so @HybridGT's hack wouldn't work nearly as well on that one.
                thanks guys for the replies

            • @rensman: That's a pretty tough and broad question to answer. How good are you at selling second hand items?

              Cashbacks vary throughout the year.

              Insurance and price protection are 2 separate things, as @AussieMark had mentioned.

      • Hi @hybridGT - just wanted to check which 28 degrees card you are using. I am assuming it's the old 28 deg global card with insurance? Was there a certain fee you had to pay? I can't remember if I got the buyers protection at the time or not. I only use it for international travel.
        Looking at their website it seems they are no longer offering this to new policies? Would this be correct?

        • I think you just have to call them on the phone to activate it on your card.

          That is how I did it previously.

          • @GerrardLFC: I'll give it a go tomorrow, but looking at other ozbargain threads, I think they haven't been adding it to even existing customers since sep last year.

        • Latitude 28deg Global Platinum Mastercard. No annual fee. No sign up fee. Got it about 4 or 5 years ago. You can still sign up for this card, but you won't get the price protection anymore (for new sign ups).

          Price protection falls under it's own category. Separate to Insurance. Insurance is something else, with it's own category - items over $10 are covered for lost, stolen and damaged within 12 months of purchase.

          • @HybridGT: Thanks for that. Yeh that's the card I got probably around the same time but didn't add price protection. I'll see if they will add it for existing customers but sounds like they won't anymore.

      • @HybridGT just thought of something - you've listed your S10+ for sale and yet the new one doesn't come out for a couple of weeks - do you just use an old phone during this couple of week gap or do you wait till the S20 arrives and then sell the old one?
        Also wondering if second hand prices dip once the new one comes out?

        really appreciate the coaching on this scheme :-)

        • I always list it prior to the release of the next model. Gumtree/Facebook generally has 95% timewaster enquiries and 5% genuine. 2 to 3 weeks is usually enough to weed out the timewasters and line up a genuine buyer.

  • When were the best discounts within the first few months on EPP for S10? At pre-release or post release?

    • Pre-release. Post release same price but they took the bonus earpods away.

      • +2 votes

        I would say the same actually. You don't get the earbuds with the EPP discount anyway and the post release price is the same as the pre order price so I don't think it makes a difference.

        • You can also factor in time owning the device so the edge kinda of goes to pre release, but you're right.

    • If you're planning to get the phone while its new then best discounts are during prerelease time. Mainly as they included the bonus offers (galaxy buds). I also remember Woolworths mobile surprisingly having some really competitive plans which included the phone.

      Usually EPP is the way to go if you can get access to it, otherwise perhaps look out for when people start selling the 50% off codes for the phones as that would still be significantly cheaper than anywhere else even after factoring in the cost of buying the code.

      • Do you happen to know where to purchase these codes from people who have it? And also, just curious, does one have to sign up to workplace's Samsung EPP to be notified when there's the 50% off code?

        • There's a very limited chance you'll have many people posting them for sale as it's limited to one per employee. I sold a few (helped out others at my work who didn't even know they were eligible for it, letalone would use it, make something out of it) a few months back for the note 10. Did that via OzB classifieds and I saw a couple others do the same.

          Not trying to break the commenting rules so that's all I can say here

          For the second question, signing up to the EPP doesn't notify you about that particular offer. Like I alluded to earlier, majority of people that have access to it don't even know about it themselves.

      • How to get hold of these 50 percent off coupons? Where do people sell these coupons?

        • It's only given to certain Samsung partners, such as telco's.

          OzB classifieds would be your best bet, that's where I sold mine for the note 10 last time.

        • If only your PM's were open…

          • @Shekster: well i'm about to purchase a phone on EPP, keen on this coupon if it also stacks with the $50 off.

            DM me :)

            • @plentifoo: Just to be clear it doesn't stack with any other coupons you may have.

              Although in saying that, the discount from the 50% eclipses any possible coupon you may have so will definitely be worthwhile.

    • In regards to the Note 10 plus it was post release. I know I picked my plus up a few weeks after release on EDU store and it was a few hundred cheaper than pre order, just no headphones which I didn't need.

    • EPP appears to have been the best discount in the past if you wanted to pick the phone up close to release date. I am contemplating picking up the S20 Ultra 5G 512GB if work is going to provide the 50% off coupons, as they previously did. I do still have the S10 plus so not sure if to pick this up.

      • 50% off is up on my EPP but very little info on how to claim. I found a PDF which had the name of the stupid quiz you have to do, so I did it, but no idea when the codes are sent or what other process you need to follow.
        The quiz had to be done on their S+ learning app.

    • If you have a price protection CC, pre-release and full RRP (with the buds) and a cashback through cashrewards/shopback will give you the overall best end result price.

      (eg. sell the buds, pocket the cashback, maximum price protection from full RRP and a "sale" price)

      I did this last year, over the alternative of buying at a discount (without buds) from ebay (Paid $1849 RRP over $1500~ on ebay without buds and cashback). So If you did the ebay price, you pay less at the start, but the claim back will be very small (only $300~), end result costing $1200~ as opposed to around $800~ doing the latter.

      • I am new to these CC buyer protection (price) . Why do they allow you to compare your purchase of phone plus (free)ear buds against discounted phone without ear buds? . They are a different product surely? If they did not use the word 'free' in the marketing you would not be eligible for discount against a phone that did not include ear buds or are you claiming against products that come with earbuds but aren't free?

        • Hence why I purchased them through a seller that doesn't include the "Free" buds in the invoice. If I recall, buying direct through Samsung AU also doesn't have the buds listed in the invoice. Buying it from Samsung via Amazon AU has the invoice only containing the phone. No mention of anything else in it.

          Otherwise your matched product will need to have the exact same additions that the original one did.

  • What is the ‘wireless pack’?

    • in the description…its the Samsung Wireless Battery Pack..the one that came out last year after the Samsung Health Check giveaway

  • Works on my education portal as well. Deakin University.

  • Any clue if Samsung is doing trade-in offers? Sounds like they're doing a pretty decent offer in the US

    • They did last year.

    • They have a trade in option here. Haven't run anything through to checkout and not sure yet if it will stack with the edu $450 off above.

      That site also says S20+ & Ultra get the buds+. 512Gb only available in black :\

  • They have any deals on the S10?

    • S10 and S10+ sold out on my EPP store. I checked 2 days ago and they had stock. Maybe Samsung has taken them off until they adjust to new RRP?

  • Are AU models exynos or snapdragon?

    • Looks like at least the 4G ones are Exynos, which is a huge shame.

      Not looking forward to having to import a Snapdragon version again (like I did with the S10 last year). These are surprisingly sharp release prices though.

      • Specs on jb page all say exynos.

        Disclaimer: jb page

        • I don't believe JB is correct, they most likely copy pasted it from the 4G spec sheet.

          It's said the Exynos chip is only being used in Europe, also the 5G models should have Snapdragon 865.

          Edit: seems other retailers are saying the same. :(

    • All S10/Note10/S20 models officially sold in Australia are exynos. If someone sells a snapdragon model, it would be a grey imported one.

  • Just remember, if you looking to resell these phones, Samsung value will drop like a tank in such a short span in time. Unless if you decided to keep it, then that's a different story.

  • Are these dual or single sim?

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