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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy S20 128GB $1146.65 + $6.80 Shipping @ Allphones eBay


Long time stalker. First time poster. Was just searching for a Valentine's gift for my wife and bumped into S20 pre-order from Allphones at AUD 1146.65 after coupon. I have been monitoring the pre-order prices of the other places, JB Hifi, etc. Since there is no pre-order gift for the S20 anyway, I might as well just buy it off Allphones, which I have bought my two previous phones - Note 8 and 9 from.

Part of the 15% Off Galaxy S20 Pre-Order promotion

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  • Am I missing something here? The S20+ pre-order is the same price: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S20-128GB-Pre-Ord...

    If this is a pre-order, won't we still be eligible for the free galaxy buds plus?

    • From what I could get. The S20+ and ultra have galaxy buds around 299AUD as a preorder gift. But if you pre-order from AllPhones, you won't get them. Since they don't provide the free ear buds for just the S20, and my wife wanted just that, it fits in well with my requirements. I have gotten her other better earbuds already.

      • what xyron means is the S20 & the S20+ is the same price on allphones site .. in other words get the S20+ for the same price

        • I know that, bud. However, S20+ that comes with AllPhones do not include the earbuds, that is why they discounted it in such a way. With that said, as they do not have the S20+ in pink, I just had to stick with the S20.

    • I see it as $1499 now


      Hi xyron,

      Please refer to the updated pre order notes in the listings. Thank you

      Pre-order Shipping: Dispatch from 06-March

      Pre-order Stock / Promotion: All the pre-order stock are Australian stock directly from a Samsung distributor, however we are not part of pre-launch partner, The stock that we provide to you will be the models as per the official pre-launch list, however the bonus Galaxy Buds+ via redemption are not guaranteed but up to Samsung's discretion.

      Pre-Order Cancellation Policy: Cancelled order accepted due to change of mind, price changes or delays prior to order dispatch. After the order is dispatched the standard 2 years warranty or return policy still accepted.

  • Prices if you have EPP

    Samsung S20+ 4G 128GB: $1199.2($300 off)
    Samsung S20+ 5G 128Gb: $1319.2($330 Off)
    Samsung S20+ 5G 512GB: 1519.2($380 off)
    Samsung s20 4G 128GB: $1079.2($270 Off)
    Samsung s20 5G 128Gb: $1199.2($300 off)

    Also take another $50 off with a newsletter signup. Do note that buying off the Samsung Portal will not get you the Samsung Buds bonus, instead you get battery pack.

    • Thank you for that. First time posting. Still trying to get a better handle of how best to post according to guidelines. I'll update it to EBay Plus on title

      • Uh mate I don’t think EPP stands for EBay Plus. That link is for the offer you get from Samsung educational program.

    • Wish I had EPP access.. I'm down for a S20+ 4g.. can't see real need for 5g for anohter gen or two.

      • Where are you based? I had my EBay account transferred to EBay Australia after I moved here. If you have a foreign EBay account, you can get it transferred over to EBay Australia if you are living within the country or can verify you have Australian phone number, Address, etc.

      • get the S20+ from the above link quickly.so it will be $1146

      • Maybe hang tight for when people start selling their 50% off codes, would make it even cheaper than buying via EPP as well.

        • who has 50% off code?

          • @yfxsmike: Every time a new flagship Samsung comes out, their staff as well as those of certain partners receive a 50% off voucher to use on any model in the range.

            They get listed in the classifieds section, and will most likely start being sold again very soon.

    • I think EEP can't be used with the $50 code?

  • I sure hope for your case the S20+ is the same price (which they have included an extra discount) before voucher.
    My wife wanted the pink one and only S20 has pink. So there's that for me. Haha

  • Looks like they've fixed it and the S10+ is back up to $1499 (before 15% discount) …bummer

  • " Was just searching for a Valentine's gift for my wife and bumped into S20"

    Can I marry you too?

  • Optus employee have offer to get it for 50%.
    Check with any of your known working there.

    • can you tell me where to find it from optus intranet? got a mate looking for me but he cant find it anyway

    • Not seeing any info on this. Anything more you can share?

      • updating what i have found. its quite a process if you are at a telco (or have found a friend there willing to buy it for you at 50% off).
        only 128gb versions seem to qualify and looks like shipment date is 06 Apr for the ultra. from what i can see, no bundled items (no buds or wireless battery pack)

        1. set up a samsung account. can be in your own personal email and name.
        2. go to your company's EPP website e.g. for optus its https://shop.samsung.com/au/multistore/auepp/optus_au/login/... and register your corporate email
        2b. click on verification link they email you
        3. click on the quiz link and register for samsung plus using your corporate email and your corporate affiliation code
        3b click on verification link they email you
        4. do the quiz in samsung plus. get 90% or more to pass
        5. wait 1 week. codes get sent out every monday i believe
        6. go into the epp site and do the preorder with the voucher code

  • read this if you plan to buy the basic model https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/13/tech/samsung-s20-5g-conne...

    • 2nd Quarter this year for a 5G base model that isn't speed limited. Looks like + version is the one to get for now.

  • So if you order s20 plus or Ultra from Allphones you don’t get the earbuds?