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iPhone XR $999 | Google Home $79 | iPad 7th Gen 10.2" 32GB $469 C&C @ Big W (Online Only)


Big W will be having a flash sale starting 18/02. Use your 5% discounted WISH gift cards or price match with Officeworks for further savings!

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  • Fitbit Ionic - $239 (was $399)
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  • 25% off tradie footwear & work clothing

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  • +46 votes

    iPhone XR $999

    XS is $999 at jb. Much much better phone.

    • +2 votes

      XS has been this price at JB for more than a month. XR at the same price is not even a deal at this point.

    • +4 votes

      I assume the extra small is tiny but?


      I bought an ex demo iPhone XS from Kogan for $800. It was in great condition except for a faint squiggle scratch on the screen, but you can't see that with a screen protector. Battery health was optimal 99%. I was going to get the XR or 11 but I dunno I kinda like the OLED/HDR screen. Battery life on the XS isn't anything to boast about but I already knew that before I ordered. If I wanted battery life I'd have bought the 11. I'll probably upgrade to whatever pro phone they come out with November this year anyway, if the virus doesn't cause shortages.

      Also the XS is the perfect size, the screen is bigger than the old 8 Max but the phone is smaller, it's amazing. XS Max would be too big, I'd only get that if you really wanted a 1080p screen.


    Yawn. Just another dime a dozen big w sale with the same bloody specials as always. Also the XS is way better a purchase at $999 over the XR


    i was about to whinge its been ages since homebrew stuff has been on sale but apparently its 20% at the moment. better make a trip in to stock up

  • +1 vote

    apple should have discontinued XR model instead of Xs.

    • +3 votes

      XS would dig into iphone 11 sales

    • +1 vote

      Based on ????

      The Xr was the biggest selling iPhone of 2019. Why would you
      Want to discontinue your biggest seller.

      I agree that the XS is a better phone in most aspect and it would be
      My choice of the two but maybe the bigger screen and longer lasting battery
      Is why the Xr is so popular.


        No it was popular because it was cheaper than the XS in 2019, also the bigger screen on the XR is not a OLED like the XS and it has a lower pixel density than the XS. Camera on the XS is way better as well.


      you're dreaming, they will discontinue all the x, if they haven't done so already, stopped making the xr for couple of years and resurrect them at 'cheaper' price when the 111 pro is release.


      Why "should" they do that? Care to explain how that would have benefited them?


      Xs has steel frame and OLED display which are expensive to produce. Apple can’t cut the price by all that much without ruining their margins. XR is much cheaper to make.

  • +8 votes

    Flash sale but starts in 2 days. I believe that is a planned sale.


    Guesses as to the storage size of the XR? My 7 is still doing fine so not asking for myself, just curious.


    Is the ipad a good buy? or should i go with android tablet like the much cheaper Lenovo m10?


      depends what you plan to use it for. if you are really just planning to browse the net/watch youtube/etc and don't care for ipados, the performance, enterprise support, optimised apps, etc… then just get the cheaper tablet. That being said, I've bought non Apple tablets before and always regretted them for one reason or another.

    • +1 vote

      I have the original iPad air, I was told iOS 12 was less bloaty but my scrolls were never smooth after that update.

      Considering I have the 16GB all these years (mostly as a stream, browse, checking email) it's done me well. Compared to most Android tablets available, I prefer the ratio of the iPad.

      But if you're going for 7th Gen ,if you can find 6th Gen for cheaper or with the larger storage capacity, you're better off getting that since accessories would be cheaper and it's the same processor anyway. 7th Gen is just a 0.5" upsize + smart connector (for an Apple keyboard).

      And if you're getting cellular, it's currently cheaper to buy it on a 12 month plan at Optus than it is buying it all rrp.


        Same processor but less ram. So the newer model will still offer better performance, especially as newer updates come out. With my Air 2 the lack of ram (2gb) is noticeable with ipad OS. Hence why the choice for Apple to increase the 7th generation to 3gb. Buying the newer model should give you an extra year of support too. Just stuff to consider.

  • +1 vote

    Very strong rumours of Apple releasing SE2 in March. Latest processor in iPhone 8 chassis. Worth waiting.

  • -1 vote

    The google home mini (not mentioned here) is $79 at Big W but currently at Office Works at $39