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$10 off First 6 Months - Aussie Broadband Business Plan


Use this code to receive $10 per month off a new unlimited nbn™ internet service with us for the first 6 months.

  • Eligible for nbn™ 50 or 100 unlimited

  • This may or may not also work for normal residential plans.

Comments direct from Aussie Broadband as of 23/2/20:
- Available on our business nbn 50/20 and business nbn 100/40 unlimited plans only
- Available until 29th of February 2020 at 11:59pm
- Cannot be applied after signup

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  • This may or may not also work for normal residential plans.

    Came up invalid for me on a residential plan.

  • Superloop has $20 off eligible for all plans. Not the same level of support but $10/mo extra discount is nice

    Edit: oh business plans lol

  • so static ip comes free for the first six months.

    • I've been work Aussie on a residential plan for three years and only had my IP change twice, despite regularly power cycling my modem.

      Once was at my request (my home Linux server got hacked after a package update opened a security hole, and resulted in my IP being added to some blacklists) and the other time was when I moved house.

      Unless it's absolutely mission critical that your IP never change, save your money and get a residential plan.

      • +1

        Business IP range and reverse DNS changes ;)

  • Does anyone know is supperloop and AB plans apply to returning customers?

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