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$29 for Any Puppies, Dogs, Kittens, Cats, Horses, Sheep and Rabbits @ RSPCA (Excludes TAS)


This popular deal is back!

In a mission to ‘clear the shelters’, the RSPCA is offering $29 adoptions for all animals in their care, including dogs, cats, horses and sheep.

The adoption drive will take place across the country over three days, starting on Friday.

Excludes TAS (per comment from RSCPA on Facebook) - …"this is a national promotion (minus Tas)."

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RSPCA Australia
RSPCA Australia


  • +52 votes

    $29 for a horse is a great deal!

  • +3 votes

    Great cause, get behind it!

  • +33 votes

    Found one of my best buds during the last $29 sale. I still can't believe I was able to find such a good boi for such a small price.

    Depending on where you are located, the price also includes council registration fees for both the microchip and the chip's information.

  • +4 votes

    JV finally finds a good deal and can go as an OzBargain representative!


  • +15 votes

    That’s a lot of animals for $29!

  • +6 votes

    Not much available in vic 2 puppies & 29 dogs, guess thats a good thing


    I couldn't see anything about this on the RSPCA site linked.
    How much is the usual adoption fee?


    adoptapet.com.au site is getting hammered at the moment

  • +14 votes

    Obligatory "the adoption fee is the cheap part of owning a pet, don't get one unless you can afford it" comment.

  • +2 votes

    i adopted my first kitten from RSPCA. The staff there were friendly and lovely

  • +2 votes

    Lamb costs around $12 a kilo. I say$29 for a sheep is a good deal. ;)

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    Both of my s w e e t b a b y cattos are from an RSPCA shelter. Love them both to bits! But they are a significant time and financial cost; please don't adopt if you expect your circumstances to change significantly any time soon!

    • +1 vote

      It’s the potential downfall of this scheme. It helps promote more adoptions and take them off death row but also invites owners who don’t know what they are getting themselves into and may mistreat their pets.

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    Link to make a pre-booking in QLD.

  • +1 vote

    what is an average monthly cost to have a kitten?

    • +3 votes

      For cats, around $1000/year. More in the first year as you need to buy things like deworming/flea treatments, scratching post and carrier. Also need to think about if you want to buy pet insurance, have an emergency vet visit fund, premium food, etc.

    • +6 votes

      Well it depends on what you feed them, whether you opt for insurance etc.
      I have two 3 Y.O. cats and while there are certainly cheaper options, a typical monthly breakdown for me looks something like:

      $80 premium wet food
      $30 treats/toys
      $20 litter
      $15 dry food
      $5 pet toothpaste
      $50 pet insurance for both

      $20 worming tablets every 3 months

      ~$200 annual vaccinations and vet checkup

      It’s certainly a huge responsibility, and I’m strongly of the camp that cats should be kept indoors if they haven’t already been exposed to an outdoor lifestyle. These are my first pets and I waited well into adulthood and after plenty of research before getting them. I really couldn’t imagine my life without them now, the amount of joy they bring by far outweighs the cost, but I definitely waited until I was in a position to be able to give them the best care

      • +7 votes

        thanks, i think its too much commitment for me, i will stick with my gold fish pet

      • +3 votes

        Our last cat just died at the age of 18 and we approached this slightly differently. We also had cats when I was growing up that also lived to a ripe old age with a similar approach
        Vets are good at inventing things you need to spend money on

        $80 premium wet food - $0
        $30 treats/toys - $0, has a garden to play in and catches mice for treats
        $20 litter - $0, uses the garden
        $15 dry food - about this for premium dry food
        $5 pet toothpaste - $0, what is this?? Do people really brush their cat's teeth ?!
        $50 pet insurance for both - $0

        $20 worming tablets every 3 months - about the same

        ~$200 annual vaccinations and vet checkup - only went to the vet if the cat was sick, which was hardly ever

        • +1 vote

          Sorry to hear of your loss.

          How I look after my cats is based on my own research, and have never felt oversold on anything by their vets, they only remark on how remarkably soft and shiny their coats are than their typical patients and always enquire what I feed them.

          I brush their teeth both the same and one cat at 3 already has a lot more noticeable plaque build up, and is just more prone to it than the other who still has white and plaque free teeth; I’d rather prevent issues where possible, as there is a risk to putting cats under for dental problems down the line, I know someone who lost their cat while it was put under. Given their diet and some cats being neophobic with food, this is the best preventative care/alternative I can give them to cats being in the wild chewing on raw bones etc. They actually love the taste of their toothpaste.

          I think letting cats out is irresponsible as it can be dangerous to not only the cat, but very destructive to wild life, while some things may be regarded as pests, there are plenty of native birds etc. being wiped out by cats. Outdoor cats also statistically have a much shorter lifespan than indoor cats.

          Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of a garden or yard space, even then, I wouldn’t let my cats out, as I live quite close to a very busy main road. Every time the front door is opened, they might curiously look out but then quickly retreat and never have the urge to run outside.

          I consider them my family, it was my choice to get them so I feel responsible to give them the best care I can. Of course there are always several approaches, but this is what keeps my kittens happy and healthy.

          • -1 vote

            @Vivk: I agree with the not letting cats out part but I do let mine out supervised for half an hour since they get bored inside. Also filling the yard up with cat poop makes the whole yard smell and is better to buy cat litter even though it's more expensive. Cats do need premium cat food as they contain nutrients such as taurine and furball reduction ingredients so I don't understand 0 dollars being spent on cat food


            @Vivk: Sounds like you really care for your cats, which is great.

            In an ideal world I agree it would safer to keep the cat inside, and the risk of road death is a major concern, but for us it is not practical to keep the cat inside due to the layout of our house (whole back opens up with big sliding glass doors).
            Plus our old cat and new one just love being outside and roaming the neighbourhood, and their happiness compensates for the risk . We keep her inside at night and in the morning she is always sitting by the door gazing out longingly and desperate to go out.


          Yeah. My cat just died around her early to mid 20s.

          • Always been outdoors, doesn’t like it inside.
          • bulk OzBargained my healthy “premium” dry food which was close to the price of whiskers biscuits.
          • wet food wasn’t that “premium” I guess but it was fine.
          • toothpaste… yeah, didn’t do that
          • killing other wildlife. She’s a furball. Scared of her own reflection. Might kill some lizards etc. but don’t a huge threat to the wildlife.
          • pet insurance… what’s that?
          • annual vaccinations. Also only went to the vet when she needed it. Most expensive vet visit was when she was attacked by other cats and half your face was ripped open.
          • +1 vote

            @SlappersOnly: Pet insurance is if they need surgery etc unless you can afford upfront costs



            Most expensive vet visit was when she was attacked by other cats and half your face was ripped open

            You really shouldn't intervene when animals fight…

            Also, see a doctor not a vet


            @SlappersOnly: "bulk OzBargained my healthy “premium” dry food which was close to the price of whiskers biscuits."

            Could you share what premium dry food you purchased, where and at what price? We just adopted an adult cat and looking for a good food option

      • +5 votes

        That's a lot of luxury items included, a cat will play with a piece of string, doesn't need $30 toys every month.
        All our cats have lived healthily on just good dry food.
        A cat keeps itself clean, definitely doesn't need toothpaste.
        Insurance is probably a good idea but not 100% necessary.
        While an annual checkup seems way over the top, our cat's 10 and never been to the vet.
        I'm not an anti-vaxxer (quite the opposite), but I don't think an annual vaccination is really needed, especially if like you say the cat is indoors only.

        I reckon you've overstated the cost by about $1,000 a year.

        • +1 vote

          It’s typically for joint supplement treats and paste tube treats, to give them a bit more hydration as one of them doesn’t drink as much water as he should.

          Typically cats in the wild have their teeth scraped clean by the bones of their prey etc. I’ve tried giving them raw chicken wings but they simply do not go for it, so this is the best alternative for them, and they love the taste of their toothpaste. Their teeth are important and I want to prevent or delay dental issues down the line, there is definitely a noticeable difference to their teeth to cats who have never had their teeth brushed. With a different lifestyle to that of wild cats, I really do think that they should be brushed, would hate for my cats to have premature dental issues due to personal laziness.

          Of course it’s always optional but this is what keeps my cats happy and healthy.


            @Vivk: Thank u for sharing & being very responsible pet owner (parent). Sounds like your cats hit the jackpot with u! It really warms my heart to hear about ppl like u. I try to do best I can for my animals too & yes it is significant financial & time cost for those unaware, but they are my family too.


            @Vivk: I simultaneously agree and disagree with some points because it isn't so simple. I wouldn't spend so much on wet food, most of their nutrition comes from dry food so just buy better quality dry food. Wet food is only bad if you get the cheap kind and then you can notice it in stuff like their pee being different.

            In terms of pet insurance, maybe? There is a value to it but an indoor cat shouldnt have too many major issues when it's young. Then again you never know.

            Pet toothpaste. I wouldn't use this straight away. I had 4 cats and only one had bad teeth and started losing teeth early, but a vet visit warned us and we got a solution for only him. The other 3 are quite old and still have strong healthy teeth naturally.

            Check ups. We took one cat to the vet when he had issues and the vet said it was no big deal. We later went to another vet and found out it was throat cancer but it was too late. So I guess the lesson there is, there is value in going to a vet, but specifically a good vet.

            And toys/treats I don't spend that much. Maybe 1 or 2 bags of treats a month but this is totally personal preference, you could get no treats and they could still be healthy. More of my expenses have been towards 'tools'. Hairbrushes that actually work, fur rollers to get their fur off your clothes, etc. But yet again thats probably more 100$ per year.

            I'm not disagreeing with most of your points cos it's all personal, just providing another perspective.


          $5 on cat food for 1 cat and $4 cat litter every day not including vaccinations is over $2000 a year…


        $20 per month for 2 cats, whats your secret?


          Strictly indoor. Are you referring to litter?
          After having tried various brands and all the types of litter, I “subscribe and save” on recycled paper litter, which my cats also seem to prefer the most. Clumping corn litter is more costly upfront but was decent for lasting longer, except my smaller cat kept trying to eat it…
          Used to get breeders choice in bulk on sale but recently switched to Srunch and sticks, which is similar to breeders choice but for some reason it lasts longer and has better odour control, also cheaper since breeders choice doesn’t go for as cheap as it used to on sale.
          There’s a general rule of thumb that you should have a litter box for each cat + 1, so they actually have 3 litter boxes (but I don’t think 3 is necessary) throughout the house, and downsized them to smaller boxes so they’re filled with less, but still have the same height that my cats like (full enough for the bottom to still remain covered in litter when they dig one side to bury their business). I scoop daily and empty and disinfect their boxes weekly, but put the salvageable litter into one box and all fresh litter in the other two. Also to reduce waste, I don’t use tray liners, unless I have someone cat sitting and don’t want them to deal with that kind of clean up, which is rare anyway.


    Their website is a tad slow!

  • +4 votes

    tape a few cats together, voila! you have a horse.

  • +1 vote

    What a wonderwoof deal and a pawfect opportunity to get a pet!

  • +1 vote

    Anyone go to https://www.facebook.com/RSPCANewSouthWales/photos/a.6364641... ?

    You can see the horse's ding dong! hahahaha

  • +3 votes

    Today’s the day I would love to see people’s stories. I’m going in now to get a couple of cats.


    this could be quite profitable for savvy ozbargainers. Pet food factories will pay more than $29 for a horse.


    For the love of gosh, dont let your cats outside unsupervised. You dont have to trap them inside, lots of cats are capable of being leash trained and having a enclosure so they can wander around and stare at birds, iy isnt that expensive. Cats are scary when they fight and you dont wanna be taking your cat to a vet with half its face ripped off because you felt bad for keeping old mate inside. They adjust and they wont be bored with 30-45 minutes of play time a day, get a wand with a fluffy thing on it and most if not all cats will chase it. The problem with bored cats is people think they dont need play time, they absolutely need human interaction and playtime everyday. So if you cant spend 30 minutes a day playing with the cat you dont have time for one.

    Most importantly, dont treat the cat like a dog, dont just demand attention from it and pick it up without paying attention to what it wants, cats are affectionate and loving if they dont feel scared that your gonna invade there space every 4 seconds, hell one of mine hates being patted but will curl up on beside me on a bed since it knows ill leave him alone to sleep. People do more research on tvs before buying them then when they buy a cat and cats will be more expensive and more important to your family for a longer ammount of time, do your research and youll have a good healthy buddy for life.

    Some notes on cat care
    1. Use a good cat litter, the breeders choice paper litter soaks up smell much better than the other 5 I have tried and makes cleaning easy as there is no dust
    2. Male cats have Weiner issues and are likely to get crystals, if you notice your cat struggling to pee GO TO THE EMERGENCY VET.
    3. I know it's tempting to leave dry food out all day but you'll never get the cats on a good sleep schedule if you do.
    4. Feed late in the evening before you go to bed after you have played with your kitties it will ensure they feel like the hunt has been successful and they will want to rest after a big meal.
    5. Some cats eat too fast and throw up, this can be avoided by giving them half there food and waiting 5 minutes then giving the other half.
    6. Brush your cats, it will reduce furballs to a minimum.
    7. Clipping nails is dreadful unless you train the cat to like it by giving them a treat every time you touch there paws.
    8.cats can be trained fairly easily using the clicker method especially if you want your cat to sit next to you more.
    9. Cats can live together in Harmony but it's all in the way you introduce them. Don't just plop two strange cats in a room and think it's gonna be fine.

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