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Google Pixel 4 Half Price Handset Repayment 64GB ($524), 128GB ($599) with Month-to-Month Postpaid Plan @ Vodafone


Not sure if this is a mistake on Vodafone, but looks like they've published the Pixel 4 at half the price!

Month-to-month postpaid plan Handset repayment per month
12 months $43.66
24 months $21.83
36 months $14.55

Minimum cost: $524 + one month plan cost

Edit: A further $20 credit off your bill with code CAFQUL, thanks WoodYouLikeSomeCash

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    • hey, is urs with star track or toll?

      • I got message All your Vodafone services on your order have been shipped. To track your order, visit http://www.vodafone.com.au/tracking/56677.
        No e with startrek, but I can't track it says error

        • +1

          good, which mean we got the last stock of the xl,lol

          the tracking with star track has not yet activated, should be alive after 8pm tonight

      • Mine is with StarTrack as well. Left the warehouse today and expected by Tuesday.:-)

        • is ur star track tracking number working now? mine is still an error.

          do u know where they ship from?

          apparentlly Toll is faster, delivery on next business day in melbourne

          • @mapletian: Try again now. My code is finally working now.

            It's coming from Sydney and currently in Greenacre.

            Will probably take 2 days to get here, even with express. Let me know how you go!

            • +1

              @Bond-007WA: yes, my is working too, probrobly is working since friday afternoon as i have to manuly put the tracking in to star track tracking page, and it also show info at Australia Post website too.

              at Greenace now, eta sunday, but should be Monday,lol.

              the Voda tracking still an error on star tracking page though.

              • @mapletian: Checked your order status this morning?

                Mine landed in Perth this morning. Here's hoping it's delivered today!

  • Those that got it shipped did they email you a proof of purchase document yesterday? What value did it have next to handset cost on that proof of purchase document?

    • Device total : 714

      • Mine came up as 0
        The first one I purchased in store had the device total 714.
        Hmmm what have they done

        • i signed up 2, blacked one is 0, just checked white one, which is 714……not sure why

      • Mine came up as $0 in the email as well.

        Also stated that they'll email a tax invoice soon.

        • First one I got also said they will email a tax invoice soon but never did. That one had the phone price in it and I cancelled and paid it out.
          Just strange that this one is set to 0

          • @H-Culture: Odd indeed. Perhaps at time of cancellation, odds may be in our favour! 😉

          • @H-Culture: strange, both of them are signed up, not paid off yet. black one is 0, white on is 714…..

  • Does anyone know from previous experience with Vodafone M2M contracts? Are these devices physically or software branded to Vodafone? Also are these locked to Vodafone only by default, and if so, how hard is it get an unlock code?

  • +1

    Went through the process. was told I'm approved on the month to month plan but not approved on the phone…
    Enough said.
    "Very Good" credit score, never missed a payment to anything. 150K+ income.

    • u should sign up in the store, i did not pass the credit check online, but passed in the store.

      u can try 4 as xl is sold out

      • White xl is available online.

        • r u sure? just checked voda website, no pixel 4 xl link anymore, only pixel 4 link.

      • +1

        cannot be bothered if they cannot set up the system properly, but thank you very much for the advice :)

  • Anyone know any store with 4 xl still in stock? Melbourne east area.

    • no chance for 128g xl, almost no store has it in stock at the store in Vic.

      for 64xl , u can try burke st mall store and preston store, although should be run out of stock since thursday.

      ur best bet were voda online store before. but now they have cleared all xl stock and discountinued this model.

  • -1

    4xl and 4 available outright for $624 and $524 respectively

  • Ringwood Eastland had XL 64gb in stock.

    • Was this yesterday what time might try when I can?

      • Yup Sunday. They said they a few in stock. Try today.

        • Ok thanks for the quick reply I'll try to get there asap.

  • Does anyone know where in syd they still have stock for XL?

    • +2

      Try Broadway, but say you want it on a month to month plan. (They reject you and say they're out of stock if you ask for the phones outright). I got an XL 128 GB Black today.

      • +1

        Got the last one, thanks!

  • Anyone succesfully cancelled the month to month plan under the 30 day cooling off period?
    do you just pay 1st month sim plan and the handset outright?
    Is there any early cancellation fee?

    • You just pay the handset. Don't pay the first month and no cancellation fee. I did 2 of them without issue

    • +1

      I have just cancelled, no problems at all, they asked for a reason why and I just said I'd prefer not to discuss. Only the handset payment is needed and no plan charges are needed to be paid.

      • Did you activate the Sim first Or just called them when you received the phone. Also did you get a tax invoice?

        • +1

          Did not activate and no tax invoice. The guy said I would be invoiced in March for the cost of the phone.

        • Just threw the sims out and called them and said cancel please. Got the invoices 3 days later for the handsets

  • +3

    just received my white xl 128g. super fast shipping.

    sold the black one for 1000, cancel the plan for both black and white.

    make white xl 128 around 400 bucks.which is the deal of the year 2020 i recokon. thx to OP

    • Did you sell on Gumtree / facebook or ebay?

      • +1

        there are 2, 3 xl 128g on ebay atm too

  • Are these deals also available with 'Vodafone Partners?' or only official vodafone branded stores?

    • xl deal is finished. out of stock. pixel 4 is any Vodafone store

      • so voda stores wouldn't preorder any stock for you?

        • pre order? u mean order xl? they can do this last week. but now they sold out. they are clearing up the stock, so if it is finished at warehouse, then they wont order anymore from Google.thats why they even removed the xl link from their website

  • Did you guys wait till the phone was delivered before you cancelled the month to month plan? My phone was just sent today so not sure weather i can ring them to cancel the plan.

    • Wait until you have picked up the phone then cancel

      • Cheers bud will do.

      • Do you have to pay the discounted price or the full price upon cancellation?

        • +3

          Just the discounted price. In my case $714 for the xl 128gb

  • +1

    What is the quickest way to cancel?

    • +1

      call Vodafone

      • +1

        +1 on this, had a really drawn out crappy experience on their Live Chat. (Wasted my whole lunchbreak to no avail). Then ended up calling them later, probably wrapped the phonecall up in 10-15 mins.

        • Hi smartblaa, i have received my 4XL 128gb with new sim card, Currently i am with boost, before cancelling vodafone plan whether i need to port from boost to voda then use for some days or can i have option to cancel straight away without using vodafone service. Please help me with your experience. Thanks

          • +3

            @madhuy: I think your mileage may vary, but my experience was similar to those above. I called and cancelled without activating the new sim.

            They have a script they run through to:
            - Ask you not to cancel;
            - Offer to put the service in a family members name;
            - Offer to keep the number open for $10 per month;
            - Offer to change the service to prepaid;

            I just repeated that I wasn’t interested in any of the options, but happy to pay out the device in my final bill.

            There is a risk that if you activate or port in, they will charge you for your first months plan. To the best of my knowledge, if you take the approach above and don’t activate it’s really hard for them to charge you for the plan, just the device outright payment.

            For the 4XL 128GB for example, the payment should be $713/714

            Hope this helps!

            • @smartblaa: Thanks for your reply. really useful, i will cancel without PortIn

  • does anyone know if the plan starts when they send the phone out or when you first put the sim in your phone and active / use it?

    just wondering the 30 day network satisfaction is from phone sent date, phone receive date or first use sim date etc

  • Looks like I hesitated too long, and the 4XL's are no longer in stock.

  • picked up last one black 64gb 4XL in WInston Hills NSW today. Try the smaller stores who may have one-two in stock if you are still lucky,

  • Bought 1 XL 64gb Grenfell Street Adelaide outright, then Rundle mall 128gb XL on plan and cancel. Rundle mall has plenty of stock, they seem to be aware of the deal and told me the process to cancel.

  • Anyone managed to get the pixel 4 xl for half price without needing to sign up for a plan? Can you post your receipt. Hoping to claim prize protection, so need evidence. :)

  • Interesting. Though Google did this when S9 came out too, my mum and sister went on 2 year plans around $59 a month with Telstra.

  • -3

    I got 3 XLs outright at 2 voda stores. 1x 64GB and 2x 128GB outright. The chatswood voda branch (there are 2, 1 won't let you buy it outright but the one near the petshop let me) now only has the smaller pixel 4 available for outright purchase though.

  • Got the phone today, delivered to a store. Called up an hour after and cancelled the account. The call centre staff said there would be a final bill of 639. - for the pixel 4 xl 64gb.

    Using the phone now, pretty happy.

  • So I got on a plan last week. Cancelled by calling Vodafone. They said I'd only have to pay for the phone given I hadn't activated the sim. I just got a bill from Vodafone for the plan ($40) plus phone repayments.. Anyone else? Looks like I'll be on the phone with Voda tomorrow

    • When I called up to cancel I said that I was told I wouldn't have to pay. The person on the phone told me this was incorrect and I would have to pay (I tried to ask for the 30 satisfaction guarantee but this only applies to network issues apparently). So I lodged a complaint using their online form and got an email 3 days later saying that they were waving the $40 fee "as a one off"

  • Quick question - if I'm paying outright and going overseas can I do gst refund?

    • I purchased the phone at a store. They gave a Tax invoice. So yes I can claim GST

  • No luck. I placed the order and got a identity verification request as well. Then received a call saying that, even though I passed the credit check I am not eligible for the phone but SIM.

  • Has anyone received their bill for paying it out yet?

  • Are the Pixel 4XL going to come back?
    Don't seem to be available for me :(

    • I'm pretty sure you missed the boat on this one…

  • +2

    Pixel 4XL is back in stock it seems for anyone following.

    • +1

      Cheers for the heads-up.

  • Just placed an order for 4xl128gb pending approval.The total amount for 1st months is $109.50, so if i get approval and after receiving the phone. Do i have to just call vodafone and cancel the plan and pay $714 straight up. Is that right?

  • Can someone who bought instore outright share their receipt?

  • Can someone suggest best way to cancel the plan during this time? Is going in-store the only option, as call centers seem to be down. Can't find voda live chat either

  • Hi all,

    Can someone help me out? I want to get the pixel 4 outright but two of them. One for me and one for my wife. We are both on iPhones. We want to keep the same plans that we are on and numbers. Her service is currently under my name. I’m with Telstra and she’s with Optus. To get this pricing for pixel 4 I suppose we need to join Vodafone and on a new service? If I do that for both services and cancel straight away is there an issue? Or should I approach this another way?


  • Extending on this cancellation discussion, is it possible to cancel online via chat?

    Anyone done this?

    Thank you!

    • Hey, did you end up solving this? Did you go in store to cancel or figure out a way to do it online? And did you have to pay the first month?

      • no, waiting for some insight from anyone who's done this..?

  • I just received my phone and sim. How do I cancel? Tried calling but doesn’t work. How do you online chat??

    • Did you manage to cancel?

      • Yes I did. Called them up.
        They will send final invoice in mid may
        They said I had to pay for the first months cost $40. Still a great price

  • Is this early exit deal still working? Its still advertised on vodafone's website so just a matter of if can exit like mentioned.

  • +1

    Code CAFQUL no longer works:(

  • Has anyone tried the 75% CR cashback? How does it work?

  • This offer still going?

  • FWIW the Samsung A71 for $474 deal is comparable and a pretty solid phone with much better battery life.

  • Looks like Pixel 4 is disappeared from VF website.

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