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30 Day Free Trial Unlimited Deliveries (Min $100 Order, New Unlimited Customers) @ Woolworths Online


Couldn't find this anywhere on Oz Bargain. We previosuly always used Woolworths but switched to Coles after a few issues. Might give Woolies another try!

Woolworths Delivery Unlimited - $0.00 Free Trial

**Minimum order $100.

Experience the convenience and value of unlimited deliveries first hand. We'll email you 7 days before your 30 day free trial is over. Plus, you can cancel at any time.

**For new Delivery Unlimited customers only.

2% Shopback available as well.

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    What happens if ordered $100+ but woolworths delivered less than $100 due to meat weight differences? Does woolies charge delivery in this case?

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      Generally it's whatever value you checked out at, any adjustments made later don't mean you are back billed for delivery.

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    Might want to add it’s a Minimum $100 order


    Keen to try.
    Are the prices the same as in store?
    How to order meat? If I go to steaks for example it is not clear how many I will get?


      I believe they assign a "unit weight" to each meat item. For example, 300g per unit which means you can order in multiples of 300g, 600g, 900g…). Then when they fulfill the order, they will adjust the charged price to reflect the correct weight and will refund you the difference. Not sure though if they can charge you more if the item is slightly heavier. It was not the case before but I haven't ordered meat online in maybe a year so they might have changed it

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      You should also worry about expiry date.
      Gave Woolies a call, they said they are allowed to give you meat that expires even in 2 days.
      This is one of the reasons I will never shop online on Colesworth.

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        Woolworth allows you to add comments to each item. so you can ask for a long expiry. Generally they follow the instructions.

        Coles online is a POS.


        I’ve had similar issues with both Coles and Woolies in regards to expiry dates. On every occasion they’ve advised me of their policy but have always just refunded and let me keep the items.

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    Free drive through click and collect is so much better than waiting around for a delivery guy.

    1. Park
    2. Press 'I'm here' on the app.
    3. Groceries appear in a few minutes.
    4. Go home.
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      For some yes but I’m home all day most days anyway. All I have to do is check it off and put it away.


      My early click and collect experiences weren't too great. Took a long time to find my stuff and not every staff knew what to do. But I guess I could have another go.

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    Home delivery is great to stock up on heavy or bulky items when they are on special. For us canned soft drink, pet food etc.


    For those of you who have done this before, have you generally received the items in good condition and with good expiry dates?
    I am a bit worried that they give you the "worse looking stuff", especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables? If anybody could give some info on that that would be great.


      It has definietly improved over the years. I still prefer to go in store to pick my meat but fruit and veggies no issues. If I have had any expiry date issues both companies have always refunded and let me keep the item.

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        That sounds pretty great. Thank you for the info. Might give it a go then.


          We had twins in 2004 just as Coles and Woolies were starting home delivery. It was a godsend for us at the time! We could get about 80% of our groceries online back then, now about 95%.


    i thought delivery would be free after a set $ limit?

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