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Kogan Black Credit Card - Earn $100 Kogan.com Credit with $1000+ Spend in First 60 Days


Hello OzB, not sure if this has been posted. Not as good as this deal. Obviously not the best Kogan credit card deal around but just posting this for those that are interested. Minor bargain? Not a first time poster, please be harsh….

Says on the website:
  • Spend $1,000 in the first 60 days from card approval on eligible purchases and you’ll receive $100 in Kogan.com Credit which you can use within the next 12 months of the credit being applied
  • No annual fees
  • Earn up to 2 rewards points per dollar on your eligible purchases at Kogan.com and 1 rewards point per dollar on your eligible everyday spend, uncapped.
  • Complimentary Kogan Membership
  • All eligible spend by additional cardholders contributes to your rewards!
  • FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability

Uncapped rewards points

Earn up to 2 rewards points per dollar.2
2 rewards points per $1 of eligible spend on Kogan exclusive brand purchases.
1 rewards point per $1 of eligible spend on Kogan.com non-exclusive brands.
1 rewards point per $1 of eligible spend outside Kogan.com.


Earn more than $35,000 a year.
Be 18 years or older and a permanent Australian resident.
Have a valid email address and mobile number.

LEt the comments flow….

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  • +11 votes

    oooof Kogan suck at administration Still haven't got my $500 credit from December

    Also the missus signed up at the same time but couldnt follow through due the identity documents not working because the website stopped working and wouldnt recognise her application number. So she gave up

    They sent out a card anyway that cannot be activated because her identity was not confirmed. Even though the card cannot be activated and she should not even have it, they send her emails telling her her statements are ready but they dont exist.

    Would not go through this for $100


      thanks for sharing…. sound so dodgy

    • +4 votes

      Same experience from November end deal. Followed up countless times after providing all the docs but still anytime if I ask where it is, their customer service reply is “it’s still under review, it takes up to 10 business days for an outcome. Please be patient” that’s even after more than 20 business days of waiting which at that point I gave up. Clearly their number of business days for a week are different, which shows the level of service.

      PS: sorry I had to neg it cos it goes with voting guidelines, nothing against OP it’s just the merchant sucks.


      No issue for me. Signed up easily, and got my credit added to my kogan account few days after I added the kogan credit card details to my kogan account.


      Took forever, sms etc was out of whack and didn't reflect where the process was actually at. They said they had too many applications and just wait. I did and it went through fine.

      Haven't got my $500 yet though. When was it due? In what form do we receive it?

  • +4 votes

    $100 kogan credit does not worth one credit enquiry and efforts.

    But I won't neg it.

  • +2 votes

    Still waiting on $500 credit from earlier deal. Helpdesk useless.


    Worth to get one just to get 'Complimentary Kogan Membership'? Is the membership for first year only?

  • +4 votes

    Please see here for my rant about how terrible their service and systems are.

    Citibank has bad service and systems. These guys are the poor cousin of Citibank, who make normal Citibank look like a smooth operation run by knowledgeable people.

    The terrible experience may be worth it for $500, but not for $100.


      its a white label surely, run by citibank

      • +1 vote

        Sort of, but with their own systems and processes (to a degree). Clearly developed by Citibank given the bugs, but even less mature than Citibank systems, and with support staff that are more inexperienced.


    So who has got their $500 credit so far? And how would you know?


      Still waiting as well since December. Easier to get in touch with them using the Kogan Money App though. I was advised that they will send an email once ready and told me it will be March at the latest.


        App is 100mb I recon. Don't want it, but no alternative :(


        "easy to get in touch"? I don't fully agree, because the app times you out if you don't touch the screen and kills of your session. This happened both during a normal chat session and during an in-app voice-call. In both cases, I had been in a long discussion which got completely lost, and I was unable to get back to it, so I had to start all over again. When using their app for chat or voice-call, you must keep doing stuff on the screen to avoid timeout.


          Not sure, only had to chat them twice but was connected relatively quick to an agent. Must be lucky I guess. Haven't tried the voice in app tho


        The kogan money app that won't start unless it can read your contact list? No fricking way am I letting ruslan spy on me so easily.


      Just got it about 2 weeks ago. Signed up in Jan. you can see credits in your account and they send you an email too.


        Yep, started to use my credits as well. They have also massively improved their email support.

        On the negative side, the items that I had in mind when signing up were $230, now they are $349.. But still within the $500.


    Still waiting for a RGB Credit Card deal

  • +1 vote

    Not sure why some are negging the Kogan credit card. I joined, the process was simple and I got my card sent to me within a few days. Have already spent a bit on it and manually make payments. The mobile app is fine for me. I must be a model customer for them.

    Note: I joined when they were offering $500, not the $100. Still, $100 is a $100…


    By far the worst experience opening a credit card I've ever had. Contacted them multiple times in regards to the status of my application, always told me I would get a response in 2 business days. Never heard from them ever again.

    Absolute garbage service and process for what was a very promising card with decent features.


    Still haven't gotten my $500 Kogan credit from Black Friday. Plus they gave me a much higher credit limit than all my other cards put together - last time I ever tick the "let us choose an appropriate credit limit for you". Definitely wouldn't be using the Kogan credit card even if they did somehow eventually give me that $500 credit, not worth the hassle.


      Revising to say I got my $500 credit within the 10 weeks they said they would take to send it. It gets added to your Kogan account automatically if you're using the same e-mail address (between Kogan and Kogan Money). Has a 1 year expiry. Not a bad deal, easy for customers to get the credit, but the lack of communication makes for a sour experience.

  • +1 vote

    $100 seems like not worth the effort. FWIW, I got my $300 "voucher" from previous deals about 2 weeks after spending $3000, the pre-Black Friday deal. You have to link a kogan.com account to your credit card, and the "voucher" shows up as a single use Kogan Credit.

    Sample Email:


    You've been sent a $300.00 Kogan.com Credit!

    Hi XXXX,

    You are receiving this Kogan.com Credit because you spent $3,000 on eligible purchases with your Kogan Money Black Card.

    $300.00 has been applied to your Kogan.com account!

    Your credit will expire 11:59 p.m. AEDT, December 12th, 2021.

    For more help on how to redeem Kogan.com credit, click here .

    Thank you for shopping at Kogan.com!


    Used it to by Sony ANC Headphones, and stacked it with a 10% off coupon, ended up getting a pair for $41 :p


    What can you use the credit on? Can i use it on Kogan nbn or mobile?

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