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Unlimited NBN12 Broadband $44.90/mth (Min cost $89.80, No Setup Fee) @ Flip


Seems cheapest month to month pay in advance plan around at that speed. Their higher speed is still better value than others.

Choose the billing option:

PIA: Receive a discounted monthly cost when you pay in advance. You’ll be charged 2 months prepayment on your first bill from the date of activation (connection date).

Your second bill will be due 1 month from the date of activation and continue monthly from your connection date.

Date of activation 14 Nov 2019
First bill: Due 14 Nov 2019. Service covered from 14 Nov- 13 Dec 2019 (first month) AND 14 Dec- 13 Jan 2020.
Second bill: Due 14 December 2019. Service covered from 14 Jan- 13 Feb 2020.
Third bill: Due 14 January. Service covered from 14 Feb- 13 March 2020.

All payments are non refundable.

Critical Information Summary https://www.flipconnect.com.au/home/pdf-doc/NBNCIS040220.pdf

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$15 credit to referrer. $15 off 2nd payment for referee.

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    Cheapest Unlimited NBN12 with Flip $44.90 per month

    This was $39.90

    Why is a $5 price increase a bargain?

    Also, $49.90 for their 25 plan….

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      Honestly that 25 plan looks really good right now.

      I am on 50/20 with TPG but find no use for the 20 upload and don't mind waiting twice as long if it means saving $20-30 extra a month.

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        You’d save even more switching to Library NBN

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          but if i remember they have a cap or quota so I don't know how long it would last

          also it comes with some unwanted extras like coughing guy/girl, coffee slurper, no shower guy/girl, excuse me sorry guy/girl, empty smile girl/guy, slow old person and my favourite helpful librarian girl


    The superloop deal is currently cheaper on the 25/5 plan.

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      Yes, $6 cheaper on the 25 plan, but that is only valid for 6 months.


    Tangerine is $50 month to month, but you get $25 of first month with referral. (first 6 months).

    good if you only need a few months of nbn.

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    It’s 2020 and they still calling 12mbps “Broadband”.

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    I used to get 7MB/s connection ADSL2+ about 15 years ago in Adelaide. Now I'm on 4MB/s NBN connection.


    I am with Flip for my NBN and it has been a bad experience so far. The worse part has been that you are always waiting for a call back from them. When you call technical support they take a message and you wait for a call back. Support hours are very limited.

    So far the service has not been worth the saving.


      hi i am trying to sign up with flip. can you refer me with a private message? they need your mobile number or account name for that. however the random code above I don't get any name so they are not applying the referral credits. thanks ; I was able to do it online now so no need any more thank you.


    Exetel also increased their 100gb limited $39.99/month 12/1 Mbps plans to $43.99. I guess this is the cheapest unlimited plan at the moment.

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