$10AUD off First Money Transfer (Minimum $200AUD) @ Instarem


New Discount code for Instarem enter code BONUS10 on your first transfer to receive $10AUD off your first Transfer, use it with a referral link to get $10 off your next transfer as well.

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    Minimum send amount should be 200 to apply coupon


    Is their minimum transfer amount still $200 AUD?


    Are there any codes for existing users?


    I signed up, assuming it would be similar to transferwise (wanting to send EUR to AUD) - finding out it only allows me to send AUD to another currency when I'm logged in.
    On the main website you can choose different source and destination currencies, so why limit once you sign up?


      yes because the funding source is your bank. it does not accept cards. for sending Euro look at xendpay, very good rates. Its also on ozbargin


        Transferwise also uses the bank account as source.
        It's very misleading that on the website you can choose EUR as source, but once you sign up you can't anymore.
        (I have a bank account with EUR as source)


          If you like Transferwise use that ? you can still claim the instarem bonus by sending AUD - > EUR (Transferwise bank)

          If all you have is an EUR bank register at the Euro site.

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