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15% off Dell XPS 13 (2020) 9300. 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel i7, 13.4” FHD (1929 x 1200) Windows 10 pro from $2719.15 @ Dell au


New 2020 spec XPS 13 laptop was released last week. The Dell website automatically takes you to the ‘for home’ products which under ‘new XPS’ consist of 2020 XPS 13 machines with 4K screens (why on a 13 inch??) and windows 10 Home starting at $3399 for 16GB ram, 512 GB ssd.
Kudos to Destratis on Whirlpool for finding tucked away in the ‘for work’ section a more sensible unit with windows 10 Pro and a FHD screen for $3199.
Applying the code in your cart takes $479.85 off making it $2719.15 (code found on lifehacker).
Note only silver available in that configuration. Has a silver case and black keyboard.
ShopBack 6%, No tracking email yet > 1 hr after purchase though.
I grabbed one , estimated delivery time 23/3/20.
Also grabbed a P2419HC monitor, Logitech wireless keyboard k380, wireless mouse Logitech MX anywhere 2s mouse and a Dell Pro 13 sleeve. Other than the monitor these other items scored the discount too.
Edit: ShopBack email received over night.

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    This is so inexpensive and affordable.

  • +1 vote

    Jonesing for the 32gb spec to be released.

    And isn't the 4k version also OLED

    Dope ass terminal and editor blacks right there


    I got last years version and have had previous versions. Very nice laptop but it can't beat my X1 Carbon. Shame you can't stack deals at Lenovo like you used to.


    looks nice but seems eXPenSive for what you get. upgradeable NVMe, 16:10 screen and TB3 ports for eGPU is pretty nice, though.

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    Strange times when windows PC makers and Samsung are making apple almost look like good value.

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    Have the 13" 2in1 7390 which this model is partly based off. Its an amazing looking laptop but I have had countless issues that have ruined the experience. The motherboard has been replaced twice, the keyboard once, the battery once, not to mention the countless times I have had to wipe and reinstall windows because that's the first thing the dell customer service suggests. I still get random BSODs, driver errors, and issues with using it with my egpu (HPU omen accelerator). Used to love dell and windows but all these issues have me waiting to see what the apple has planned for a new mbp 13"


      Yeah that's the problem with Dell XPS. Amazing design, crappy quality control. It's been like this since the first XPS 13 came out a while ago.


    BTW there's a Home model with 1080p screen available in Premier, so you could ask sales for it. Price is about $2800.

    Not sure they're take discount codes as well though.


    1929 x 1200?


    is AUAFFILIATES15%OFF an approved code on Shopback?


    The code also works for all other models of XPS (even in the Home section).
    Love this laptop. I have 2015 (9350) model and it is really good. I just find the 8GB RAM fairly disappointing for what I do (data science). Will definitely buy a new one IF they offer 32GB RAM at some point.

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    Why it has UHD on 13" is the same reason Apple uses retina on it's 13" MBP.

    The OS scales everything so that what you see is identical to a FHD screen (ie how the windows "fit" on the screen) but at much higher resolution so everything is much clearer - especially text.

    I find it odd that people always question this on a 13" laptop but never question the exact same thing on their phone, which also uses high DPI screens with scaling to make everything sharper.

    Seriously after using one, text on FHD (72-100dpi) looks fuzzy.


      Scaling often looks crap, so it's best to stick to 100% where possible. 1080p is the perfect res for a 13" laptop and gives longer battery life than high res too.

      Also, don't forget the people buying a 'premium' laptop like this are often older, and their eyesight isn't what it used to be…

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        Lol, what? Old people buy premium laptops? Haha!!

        I have high res screens on all but one of my older laptops and they look great. 1080p is blurry by comparison.

        I find it weird that people arguing this are often the very same people who argue that a 400+dpi screen on a phone is an absolute must.



          That's why Microsoft doesn't make phones any more. The issue is not DPI, it's scaling. A higher DPI is always better but things must be scaled correctly. A 13-inch 4K display and a 27-inch 4K display cannot have the same scaling or else two things will happen: things will either look too small or too big, despite having the same "DPI".

          A year ago Windows 10 still had major issues with scaling. Hence it was always better to max out at 1080p for laptops and QHD for desktops, as higher resolutions had weird issues with menu bars looking tiny while the window looking huge.

          Apple hasn't had this issue for at least a decade. All apps scale nicely at whatever DPI, so even 4K displays on MacBooks are not an issue.

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            @BrutallyHonest: Yeah… MS don't make phone because of their inferior scaling… that's the reason. /s

            Not that they were late to the party, not that there were less apps, not that the apps were worse than their iOS or android equivalent, not because devs stopped writing apps.. none of those things. It was their scaling. You hear that everyone!

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    Was in JB Rundle Place SA today just doing a final check on the XPS 13 to calm my jitters re FHD vs 4K (stuck with FHD).
    Saw a dude and his gf buy last years XPS (4K, 16 gb/ 512gb) for the rrp of $2999 (currently 2399 on Dell website). Pretty sure he got sucked in to an extended warranty too.
    It was hard to watch.
    I could have stepped in and saved the dude $600 in a jiffy before discount codes and Cashrewards.
    Is there such thing as a OZB Community service foot patrol? Or OZB powers of citizens arrest for slimy salespersons?

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