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Aldi 2000W Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner - $39.99


On sale next week (8th Sep), seems like a pretty good price!

Cyclonic bagless design
1.5L easy to empty dust canister
Adjustable speed control
HEPA filter
360° swivel hose
5 metre auto rewind cord

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  • +14

    this deal sucks…

    • +10

      You're just bagging it for a pun.

      • +9

        keep it 'clean' please…

    • +9

      and these jokes blow…

      • +2

        dsnt blow it sucks…

    • +3

      If I put some blades in this and suck up crushed fruits and ice-cream, will it make me a Boost Juice??

      • +1

        with added fibre!

  • Anyone tried it before?
    Is it good to buy?

    • I bought one last time - nice bang for buck

    • +1

      I bought one too, looks a bit different to the one in the photo but so far it's been great. i think mine was more like 100-200 though?

  • yeah, wonder what its like.
    I bought that Sanyo "cyclonic" bagless a few months back from Telstra. It was great for about a month and then got progressively pissweaker.
    Hopeless as an asthmatic at a bagpipe festival now…

    • +1

      from Telstra

      Next G ??? or the new 4G ???

      • +2

        Looks like Telstra is now conning people with Vacuum cleaners, not just telecomms lol

    • .dupe.

      • +2

        that's only 1800W, this one is 2000W… sucks even more than Telstra…

        • +1

          ark ark///

          Seriously though these Dyson inspired type vacuums have a big central filter a bit like a tubular car air filter. You can empty the dust from the removable bin, but once that filter gets even a little clogged, its all over red rover.
          I have prolly only used it for ~20 hours tops.

        • some come without a filter, but you're right, you are supposed to replace the filter regularly…

          I have prolly only used it for ~20 hours tops.

          your place must be really dirty ;)

        • Actually this has inspired me to attempt to send this back to the bastards - definitely not "fit for the purpose"

        • -2

          Do you have to call the Telstra HelpDesk in India ?

        • my dyson sucks and sucks and doesnt clog or lose suction power, however its 10X the price

        • +1

          and doesnt clog

          that's because it doesn't have a replaceable filter like the cheaper ones…

      • JV, it have a washable hepa filter and its replaceable as well

        • Anyone know where we can buy the replacement filter? And how much?

    • +2

      Yes, but will it Blend ? O.o

  • -3

    bag a bagless bargain

  • I have a similar one from Godfrey.
    It sucks- not have sucking power after 2 months use.Threw out.

    • you did clean the filters?

    • +2

      the HEPA filters can be washed with a garden hose. Good as new afterwards.

  • I have a very similar one from BigW, works fine.

    This is probably worth about $60-70, so this is a bargain, but expecting a $200 vacuum cleaner is foolish.

    • i remember seeing a choice review. i think it said vacuums were mostly equally as good on hardwood floors, on carpets the more expensive vacuum cleaners were better.

      • +5

        Of course on hardwood floors a $5 broom works just as well. :/

  • +1

    I think this is the same vacuum we paid $99 several months ago, its a great dyson copycat, its used daily and we haven't had any issues with it, at this price I'll get another one just in case, great vacuum.

  • -1

    how about this prouduct? good?

    • +1

      did you not read the comment immediately above yours ?

      • +1

        Will my local Officeworks price match?

        • +1

          It's unlikely that officeworks would stock the same brand

  • -2

    These things are rubbish if you want to pick up anything more than a few crumbs. I've tried about 4 cyclonic cheapies and they all LOSE suction in about a minute and a half. Eventually I bit the bullet and bought a Dyson. Sure I forked out $350 but in the long run it's well worth it.

    If you're a student/dirty bachelor who vacuums once a blue moon or don't understand the concept of actually sucking up dust particles then yeah this is fine.

    • +6

      I don't see why you have to be so negative

      Some people like me only have one carpet in their house, or perhaps they want to clean their car with it.

      Some intelligent advice would be that its recommended to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner if you do your whole house every week.

      mashing the keyboard and then mentioning a $350 vacuum cleaner isn't helpful, I think the ozbargain community realise that if you pay 10x more for a product you get something better, you don't need to tell them.

    • Don't worry about the numpties who negged you. Thanks for giving us an honest review of the product.

      To the person complaining about you being 'negative': the guy had a negative experience with the product, and was therefore negative about it. I'd rather honest reviews like these, than people pony prancing around the issue without any conviction; all in the name of 'being positive'.

      • Can't you read?

        He purchased some random cyclonic cheapies, who knows where they are from, maybe crazy clarks?

        He has NO experience with the product in question, the only real information in his post is that he likes his $350 dyson.

        • +1

          The 'cheap' ones are all more or less the same and work on the same principle. i.e Once the canister starts filling up just a little it LOSES suction. Doesn't matter where you buy it from. People are free to buy whatever the like but at the end of the day these things aren't any good for people who have carpets in the house. If it's just a little room then that's fine.

          My point was that I spent probably more than $350 on multiple cheapies until I came to my senses and bought a Dyson. Not everything cheap is a bargain if you end up paying a lot more in the long term. I learned my lesson. Certain appliances should not be skimped on. It will always cost you more at the end.

        • +1

          But on the other hand I spent $60 and have had it for 2 years and it still works great.

          My point is that your solution isn't for everyone.

  • +1

    The only real bagless vacuum is the Dyson. There are no copies because the dyson is patented. These "Bagless" vacuums are just ordinary vacuums but instead of the vacuum bags which acts like a container for dirt and a filter all in one, these bagless vacuums uses a separate container for dirt and a filter to prevent the dirt from entering the suction motor. You will need to replace the filter regularly like replacing a bag on an ordinary vacuum. So in the end, these bagless vacuum will cost the same as ordinary vacuum as you still need to buy the paper filters.

  • +2

    I bought a vacuum from Aldi about 18 months ago and recently started to play up. The motor will vary the speed plus burning smell. Checked all filters etc but the same. I think the motor is gone, wouldn't buy another cheap vacuum anymore. My other 22 years old Miele still working only problem I can't get the filers and bags anymore.

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