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Foxtel Now Box - Android TV - $59 + Delivery (OW Price Match: $53.10) @ Dick Smith by Kogan


Foxtel Now Box
Android TV

Dicksmith are selling this at a discount, usually its $99 + Delivery.
It is listed as being Australia Stock on their website, so you maybe able to get Officeworks to price match ($53.10)

This is the updated model that was released in early 2020 with the Netflix button on the remote. The older models didn't have the Netflix button on the remote.


  • Foxtel Now
  • Netflix
  • STAN
  • Disney+
  • Kayo
  • Freeview Apps (7Plus, 9NOW, 10Play, iView, SBS On Demand)
  • Freeview TV (has aerial socket built in)
  • Chromecast Built In

Amazon Prime can apparently be sideloaded - See Whirlpool for more info.

FYI that Foxtel is apparently releasing a replacement for Foxtel Now in a few months time (Google: Foxtel Project Ares), I have no idea if the Foxtel Now box will be made redundant once this new service is released or not.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • +11 votes

    F Foxtel.

  • What does this do that the Vodafone box doesn't?

  • can we use it to install 3rd party APK, or Kodi?

  • Can it be used as normal android box?

  • You can now log in to the Foxtel Now Box / Foxtel app using your satellite details if you have mulitiscreen or multiroom.

    The app is available in the Play Store on TVs, the Vodafone TV, and the 2019 Nvidia Shield, and can be sideloaded on to other Android TV boxes:



  • Does anyone know if this supports login from a normal Foxtel account, so you can effectively use it as a second set top box? It doesn't look like it from what I can see online, but curious to know if anyone has used it for this.

    Edit: Never mind the info from Kirt above suggests you need multiroom or multiscreen subscription to do so.

  • Do you need a Foxtel account to activate these? Or are they just a branded Android box?

    Any word on EXFAT/NTFS for USB drives? Thinking of refunding a Vodafone tv and getting this.

    • You need to create a foxtel login to get access to the box, you don't need to pay anything or have a subscription, just a free account to login initially.
      Can't help you with the rest, I just use it for Netflix, Amazon prime, 7plus, 10play, youtube and the occasional casting which it works perfectly with

    • Apparently it supports NTFS/Ext3/Ext4. No word on EXFAT.


      Can anyone verify?

      • From what I could find it does the lot bu I dont have one. It would be good if it does. I need a replacement for my Vodafone box.

      • NTFS doesn't work

        • Well, shit.

        • I own a Foxtel Now box. And i had to use this app called JS USB OTG on the Google Play store in order to access NTFS to play movies from my USB hard drives. It costs a few dollars to buy but is worth it. You just buy, install it, open the app and you get immediate access to your files on the USB hard drive. And then when opening the video file it then loads a chosen video player in order to play it. It probably works with USB flash drives too.


          The app works as i've tested it on the Foxtel Now box.

          • @hollykryten: What is the playback quality like for media files - I use VLC and it is very choppy (x264 720p) unwatchable on anything I put through. Otherwise great box (was free with Digital Paper/Foxtel promo 2 years ago.)

  • Can you side load any APK on this (Zwift?

  • These were pretty crap (locked, no playstore) when they launched in 2017. Get a Vodafone TV is my advice.

    • As long as you don't let it update which will break NTFS support.
      If you're streaming from a NAS etc then go for it though.

      • I was overseas and didn't know about the update - came back to the TV's all switched on due to the HDMI wakeup - possibly for over a week! I haven't had a chance to look through the new firmware - found closing a crashed app a pain - couldn't find an easy way! Hopefully they will release another update for bugfixes… I noticed plex will no longer play some video formats also though it could be coincidence..not tested much else yet..

      • havent seen how to stop / prevent the update, any tips?

        • I reckon if you buy one you either keep it offline and use it purely with your external storage.
          Or let it update and use it for streaming/casting duties.

          Unfortunately, we cant have both!

  • Everyone has so many questions! And here's one more…
    What Chromecast model does this have? ie is it 1080p or 4k?

    Oh, and is it only Wi-Fi?

    • On the box it says 4K, but I dont have a TV with 4K so unable to confirm.

      It has both Wifi and Ethernet. Wifi is not that great.

  • FYI I have one of these and i would advise against anyone buying it. It is constantly freezing and randomly rebooting itself, would definitely look at other options out there.

  • Reviews seem to indicate that the operation on this box is pretty smooth. Are we able to side-load apps like RSS Player and Kodi on this?

  • Any idea if this will support the Plex app? Trying to work out the difference between this and the Telstra TV3 Roku unit.

    • Google tells me the Plex Google Store app works correctly with no issues.
      Kodi appears to be blocked.

  • +8 votes

    I would advise against getting one. They're dog slow. Much much slower than the Vodafone TV and Vodafone TV is pretty cheap too. Even if it doesnt support Kayo or Foxtel Play natively, you can just sideload the APKs (get from Whirlpool).

    • I totally agree…. I bought/have 2 of these unused…heavily crippled android box which is blocked from running various play store apps such as kodi (though kodi alternatives work) it's VERY slow… I had tried Chinese imports (m8s) before and eventually bought 3 vodafone TV boxes which run everything perfectly (except for bluetooth audio connection - not tested since the android pie update in the last couple of weeks!)….Don't waste your money on these - the only way I could sign up for an account was by having a trial and giving away credit card details on the foxtel box…I read stories of people being charged months after cancellation of services - had to fight on the phone with them to have credit card details removed from the account….

    • You can install Kayo and Foxtel play as add-ons to Kodi also, slightly quicker/easier than sideload perhaps for some people

  • My Android TV box with Kodi 18 runs Foxtel Go plug in no issues.

    I paid about the same as this and can run most android apps. I'm running a Mini 8S II MBox

    • So when people call these things Android TV boxes, you really just mean Android right?

      Not the official Android TV operating system devices licensed through their partners and therefore certified to do proper 4K Netflix etc?


      I heard most of these "Android TV" boxes run the standard Android version of Netflix limited to FHD. Can anyone confirm???

  • On another note for these boxes - as they are so terrible as is, being that they are a re-branded Technicolor Skipper has anyone had any success in finding replacement firmware to remove all of the preloaded Foxtel stuff which cripples the device?

  • I only discovered android tv boxes existed about 24 hours ago. I imagine this is better than all the nameless boxes on eBay?
    Can I assume it will safely run without ever touching the Foxtel side of it? Purely for Netflix/Stan/etc?