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QANTAS: Los Angeles Return from Melb $665, Brisbane $684, Sydney $685 @ IWTF


Incredible fares from Qantas! Great Prices on flights to Los Angeles, USA from $665. Travel in May - Oct/20. Flights are direct from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Note: Flights from Sydney may have one or both legs operated by American Airlines.

$564 Return Melbourne to Los Angeles Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
30/Apr 21/May $564 View Flight
21/Jul 04/Aug $665 View Flight
27/Oct 10/Nov $665 View Flight
03/Nov 17/Nov $665 View Flight
08/Jun 23/Jun $665 View Flight
28/Jul 12/Aug $665 View Flight
17/Aug 01/Sep $665 View Flight
03/Nov 18/Nov $665 View Flight
28/Apr 11/May $665 View Flight
27/Jul 09/Aug $665 View Flight

$684 Return Brisbane to Los Angeles Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
11/Mar 25/Mar $684 View Flight
18/Mar 06/Apr $684 View Flight
16/Mar 06/Apr $684 View Flight
16/Mar 01/Apr $684 View Flight
04/Mar 11/Mar $684 View Flight
16/Mar 30/Mar $691 View Flight
18/Mar 01/Apr $691 View Flight
18/Mar 30/Mar $706 View Flight
18/Mar 04/Apr $730 View Flight
21/Mar 01/Apr $731 View Flight

$685 Return Sydney to Los Angeles Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
12/May 26/May $685 View Flight
25/May 08/Jun $685 View Flight
24/Mar 07/Apr $685 View Flight
15/Jun 29/Jun $685 View Flight
12/Aug 26/Aug $685 View Flight
09/Mar 23/Mar $685 View Flight
03/Nov 17/Nov $685 View Flight
25/Nov 09/Dec $685 View Flight
20/Apr 05/May $685 View Flight
25/May 09/Jun $685 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • +2

    Who knew a 🍺 would help flights hit new lows !

    • +2

      I had an acute case on the weekend and am still recovering

  • +1

    At what point will they just start cutting services?

    • +1

      They already have. Together with price reductions for flights not cancelled.

  • +1

    Oh man i'm holding out for a good deal on flights over to LA for the 21st September to 5th October from Adelaide and seeing these prices is a tease.

    • +5

      If the AUD remains as weak as it is I don't think you'll have much trouble finding fares like this in September and October.

      • -1

        Eh? Strong AUD will make flights cheaper not a weak one.

        • +2

          Outgoing tourism drops on a weak dollar. US is probably offering incentives to get more passengers.

        • Lol. What do you think people do when they get there? Stare at the wall? A weak AUD naturally affects flight prices in the way I've described. There is never going to be enough demand in the other direction to make the opposite case.

  • +1

    Bear in mind the departures from Sydney, at least outbound, are the daily service operated by AA. For anyone as picky as me with airlines this may be a deal breaker.

    • Hi - Sorry I did not notice that. Not all flights are operated by AA though. Here is a $685 operated by Qantas in both directions:

      • That $685 example is still the codeshare operated by AA's 787.

        • You are correct! I went through to the booking site & it showed as AA. I will update the post

    • +1

      whats wrong with AA?

      • -1

        Extremely squishy on their 787s and generally poorer levels of inflight service service.

        • +3

          That's double the service I expected!

        • +1

          Hands down have found AA service way above the standard of Qantas dragon crew.

      • +8

        I found AA to LAX far better than Qantas both in service and comfort.
        I am 187cm and 120kg for reference.
        My wife preferred the AA flights aswell.

        I have not had good experiences with Qantas the past 5 years or so.

    • Alcoholics Anonymous?

  • Just something to keep in mind, most of the tickets exSYD are on codeshares operated by AA on both outbound and inbound. Add about $100 for QF operated flights.

  • +6

    the only thing i'll be able to afford if i went to the US would be the flights.. :(

    • +2

      Yep, the dollar’s pretty weak right now.

    • I remember going there when it was 50 US cents to the Australian dollar. :(

      • At the Hight of it I think it was close to $1.10

        • I was in the US at both of those extremes! Still had a great time at 50c, just had to eat at diners and be careful where you drank

    • +9

      737 Max capable of flying 13-14 hours from Australia to the USA? No way. LOL

      I must say that your comment is irrelevant to this post.

      • -1

        I must say that your comment is irrelevant to this post.

        Except for the great price bit, yeah.

  • +2

    Why are there so many deals to LA and not other North American destinations?

    • +10

      Qantas is being a bit LAX about this.

      • +2

        Because it’s nice to SEA new cities , but the LASt time I went to the USA it was ORDinary

    • +1

      San Francisco is the same price.

    • +1

      Good point given there are QF/AA flights operated to Dallas, Houston, SF and Vancuver. Maybe it has to do with the excess capacity they have on these flights, or perhaps it is related to Californian tourist subsidies (if any). Would be nice to hear more on this from a #Qantas peep. I guess it is not Twitter though :).

  • +1

    Which 3rd party travel company to go with?

    Buying directly from Qantas is about $80 expensive. I am leaning towards buying directly from the airline.

    • +9

      In this current climate, I would book directly with the airline for an extra $80.

      I've had recent experience needing to reschedule out of a destination quickly and early, I used a third party (Aunt Betty) who were pretty good, but nowhere easy as dealing directly with the airline which could've all been done online in minutes.

      • +1

        I agree with Charlie, I'd book direct for that price difference. Most of the sites they list I've never heard of to be honest.

    • I've used Byojet for international bookings before without a drama, and Gotogate for domestic

      • Thanks guys, will be booking directly.

        Now just looking to purchase some Qantas credit.

    • +2
      • Done, waiting for their response now, eta 3 days.

    • Or book in-store with STA travel or Flight centre

      • +1

        Flight centre won't match the price. I booked direct with Qantas.

  • +1

    Don't forget double status credits on Qantas if you buy by tomorrow

  • Anyone know if I can purchase this and also gain double status credits with the current Qantas FF deal on?

    • +1

      I’m sure somebody knows

    • +1


    • Domestic and International Qantas operated flights with a ‘QF’ flight number

      You won't get double status credits for any flights operated by AA.

      • If you book from qantas it will show the flight number QF, e.g QF309 operated by AA?

        • My bad just read it properly, it says qf operated

  • Incredible price. I paid $900 only 5 months ago which was a great price at the time to go in May-June this year.

    So easy to just go on a whim at these prices

  • +1

    Just booked return flights to San Fran last week. Feelsbad

  • Are VA likely to match QF and UA fares? Hmm, to wait or to pull the trigger?

    • I’d wait

  • anyone flown united and can give any feedback?

    • -1


    • +1

      Years gone by I have but their offering on this route has gone backwards from what I hear. A colleague of mine travelled with them in December and said he wouldn't use them again for a long haul flight like this.

    • Yes, many times. Fantastic economy

  • Wow. We can unfortunately only go on holidays during school holidays (being married to a teacher) and christmas holidays this year.

    We just paid return flights for 3.6k for 2 of us…. Damn.

    • :( there is no way, in history, discount price in december-jan school holiday? Similar situation here :(

      • @countmein

        Yeah, sucks unfortunately but not much we can do :(

        Similar when we went to Europe at Christmas 2 years ago, had to pay almost 2k per ticket…argh!

  • Any similar business class deals ?

    • +1

      You must be rich.

      • I Wish - medical reason

        • Apologies. Poor attempt at a joke.

  • AA serves peanuts, QF does not (only Singapore flights have satay). AA has been known to deny boarding for people allergic to peanuts.

    • +1

      I believe we reached peak humanity a while ago.

    • Deny PRE-boarding. Not boarding. There's a difference.

      Plus that was resolved aged ago.

  • Anyone know if these flight classes are upgradable?

    • +1

      I chat to qantas chat, not upgradable for any Sale economy. You may for Saver and above. Like to hear if someone has different experience *finger crossed