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JB Hi-Fi 15% off Toshiba & Asus Computers 40% off HP Printers


15% off all Toshiba & Asus computers

40% HP printer + 50% off ink if you purchase a printer in one transaction.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Walked past JB Hi-Fi in Bondi and they had 15% off all laptops, I think there were the typical exclusions (Apple, Tablets, etc.)

    They had the Dell XPS 15z for roughly $1440.

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    Stay away from HP printers. I had 2 and both broke a few days after the warranties had expired.

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      So they were designed perfectly!

      What sort though? I've had a LaserJet in the office that's been going strong for almost 10 years.

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      I have 2 units that's 3 years and 5 years old and they are still working, are you are very heavy worker?

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        3000 pages in 1 year is too hard for a personal printer? I don't think so. My Fuji Xerox, on the other hand, has printed 6000 pages in same period and still works fine (bought it for 1.5 year).

        Those two were P1005 and 1006 if I recall correctly? Looked alike or very similar. The latter was a bit better, but did not last any longer.

        • I never keep it for more than a year as you can get one the the price od catridges. I just bought HP 410A for $112.80 with ink and get a $40 cash back. It mean my printer is now $71.80.

    • I have had a 1020 LaserJet for years. First few years I didn't print much, but my sister and her kids now use it all the time and no issues yet.

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      lol what? How can that not be 15% off?

      In fact that's more than 15% off! lol

      i.e. ($598*.15)-598 = $508.30

      • You are right I mixed up the prices realised this after I typed the correct prices.

  • Stay away from HP ;they're moving out of the consumer space. Like WTF, HP??

    • Yeah, I'd be worried that you won't be able to get ink for them soon when they stop making consumer products. Though there are always 3rd party cartridges, they're sometimes dodgy.

  • Are the prices on their website already reduced? Or is it 15% off those prices?

    • Not reduced; however, if you click 'buy online', the new screen will display the price with the discount applied.

  • hmmm… would jbhifi price match binglee when i live in melbourne… they gave me this 'best price' for Asus - R051PX at $350… saw bing lee had it for 329.. plus with the 15% off asus computers at JB it would come down to 337.45….

  • That's a pretty huge discount for the printers - I've never seen those current model printers for those prices! I've actually got a new-ish 6500A Plus, but I'm half tempted to get one of those Envy printers.

  • When will u have the next 15% off TVs…

  • Does not seem to include tablets. :(

  • After checking both JB and OW online prices for printers, not much difference - JB might be 40% off RRP, but OW have similar or cheaper pricing (JB beats them on 50% off ink in same purchase…maybe OW will match?).

    Eg. HP Deskjet All-in-one 3050 JB $58 OW $48 / HP Envy100 All-in-one JB $298 Apple $299 OW $298

    Just sayin.

    • Don't know what site you're looking at, but the HP PhotoSmart Envy 100 e-All-in-One Printer with the JB Hi-Fi sale is $178.80, that's including the 40% off.

  • Don't forget when purchasing the inks to get the XL's to receive a Cash Card via redemption from HP


    $45 Cash Card if you purchase HP ENVY100 e-All-in-One Printer HP 60 Black & 60 Colour

  • FWIW, I have been a very infrequent printer for years. Like most here, I work in IT and can print the odd job off here at work. I might print say 5-10 pages a month at home max, but then might go 3 months with no printing, just PDF event tickets and the like. I bought a cheapie colour laser Dell and it's served me very well.

    Not the cheapest cost/page for a high output user, but it's actually cheaper for a low user like me as I don't have injkets carts that dry/jam up everytime I go to print after 3 months of no printing (or use a tonne of ink to do a head clean) like they used to.

  • http://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers/toshiba/satellite-15-inch...

    Looking for a laptop currently with a bit of a beefy graphics card. For $759 That seems to have the best graphics card in the price range that I can find from a quality brand.

    • I just went to office works and priced matched with 5% off. $721.

  • Thanks for the post. My printer went into cardiac arrest today, my husband then attempted CPR and now the printer is dead. Went to OW and got a price match on a Hp Officejet 6500A plus for $108 and purchased the ink for $95 to get my $50 cashback, which JB do not stock.

  • thanks got the HP 410cA Premium fax printer for $112.80 + 5 inks @ 50% off for $40 less $40 HP promo.
    Been looking for a bargain 50 page ADF for ages, cheers!

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