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[Amazon Prime] Bose Frames Alto or Rondo $229.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Came across this deal which is on offer for the next few weeks. These glasses are a nifty idea, sound quality is surprisingly good. I had the Alto but even the small sized frames were a bit big for my Asian head.

Great deal if you're looking for a pair of these.

Cheapest price that I can find and cheapest it's been on OzB. Discount will apply once you get to the last page in the checkout.

Alto S/M
Alto M/L

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    Nice find. Cool tech and decent sound.


    Thanks for the post. Been holding out for a price drop.

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    Very interesting and innovative concept. I wonder if you can get clear and/or reading lenses for inside use.


      From what I have read in Bose forums you can get prescription lenses put in them but officially they say it will void the warranty.
      There have been a few posts on Reddit (here and here of people using their own lenses.


        It won't void the warranty. They sell official replacement lenses in different colours with instructions for how to swap them out.

        If you do have to do a warranty claim you will just get a replacement pair. So remove your custom lenses and pop in the original ones.


      I've had prescription clear lenses made for mine - brilliant alternative to using a hands free!

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    Any way you can claim via private health insurance if fitted with prescription lenses?

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      Don’t think so

      Most health funds only give a rebate / discount on the lens not the frame

      Best to check with your health fund to be sure

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      if you get the lenses fitted by a provider registered with your health fund (eg an optometrist) then yes, you'll be able to claim something back.
      The only way you'll be able to claim something back on the frame is if you buy it from a registered provider. I haven't heard of any optometrists stocking this frame yet (but happy to be proven wrong)

      PS - ALL Health Funds will give a rebate on spec frames, up to a certain limit. But you CANNOT claim anything from health funds on JUST non-prescription sunglasses off the shelf, UNLESS you are also purchasing prescription lenses for those frames at the same time.

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    I got one last Aug and it causes headache.

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    I saw someone wearing a pair of these recently… I just thought they had a terrible taste in sunglasses until i realised they were these.
    I'll stick to Ray-Bans and Airpods.

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