10 Port 19.2A Unitek USB Charger - $99 + $13 Express Shipping. Was $159 - altronics.com.au


Yeah she'll charge a buncha stuff all right. This bad boy connects up to 10 devices and keeps them all juiced up and ready to go with 19 Amps of power. Sure, it doesn't have ya latest QuackCharge 15 point oh and you actually have to plug it in (not for lazy Qi folk), but it works great & comes with an approved Aussie power supply.

Great for classrooms and business or those of you with half a dozen burner phones.

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    Have been looking for a multi usb charger. Any feedback on this one? Can I use it to charge iphones?


      I bought the 60W version for $49.95 on ebay two weeks ago and I like it alot.

      It doesn't come with charging cables - so adding some 1 foot lighting cables etc is what you need to charge iphones.

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    she'll charge a buncha stuff…this bad boy

    Did the charger get a sex change as you were writing your post?


    do i have to hardwire this on its own circuit? Lots of amps


    Some one clarify for me.

    I was under the assumption power outlets are 10A max

    With industrial versions being 20A

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      You talking 240v volt mains power?


      Yes that is correct 10A max, but that is at 240v. The max power is 240 x 10 = 2400 Watts. If you use a transformer to lower the voltage to say 5v you now have more current available 2400/5 = 480 Amps.

      The law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.


        By your reasoning, if I put a LED light on, it should be blown to pieces - 5 W LED being fed by 2400 W power !!!

        This thing only demands 100W or less not (max) 2400 W as you implied.


          Sorry, wording could have been better

          I should have said the maximum available amperage if the device demands it is 480 Amps.

          If this still isn't fully correct, just let it go. I'm sick. Don't make me have to think while I am sick.

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    ….anyhow generally speaking…

    Amps x volts = watts

    Mains is 240v, this unit is 5v


    Yeah i get it's 100w not 40w but price seems like what RRP should have been


    Or two wall bricks (reputable brand) is half the price and has most of the bells and whistles

    Look, I'm genuinely interested, but you need to see if you can sharpen the price


    This item is $74.95 on ebay (melbourne seller).

    Search for "unitek charger 96W".

    OP Please don't inflate the price and then discount it to pretend it is a good deal.


      The ebay one looks like it's the other (similar) model. MSY last sold this one for $75. They're now out of stock. Either way $112 delivered doesn't sound like a good deal.

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