Menz FruChocs Milk Apricot & Peach 350g (20% off) $4.50 @ BIG W


I have a price alert set on this on Pricehipster and have never been alerted (as it's never been on sale) until today! I will preface by saying that this is more for the east coasters. Fruchocs is on sale all the time at ColesWorth in SA (but not for us east coasters - it's not even in ColesWorth for us).

For the uninitiated, courtesy of wikipedia:

FruChocs consist of a cube of dried apricot and peach paste, coated in milk chocolate. FruChocs have been produced in South Australia since 1948.

They're pretty nice. I like them. They're kind of tart. Wish we had the dark chocolate version.

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