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Two Years Insurance for The Price of One (from $129) - Bicycle Network


Received a "member" email but looks like it's open to anyone.
Personal injury and liability insurance. Coverage details and PDS here:

Membership flash sale – 48 hours only ⏰⏰⏰
The Olympics, the World Cup… And now you can add the Bicycle Network Leap Year Flash Sale to your list of unmissable quadrennial events!

Sign up with an annual Bicycle Network membership and you'll get an extra 12 months membership free – that's two years for the price of one!

As a member, you'll get access to a range of benefits including comprehensive bike riding insurance, riders' rights and legal support, plus a whole lot more!

Be quick, this special offer ends midnight this Saturday.

Select an annual membership below to get started:
Individual Membership
Individual Concession
Family of 2 Membership
Family of 3+ Membership
If you have any questions about Bicycle Network membership please give us a call on 1800 639 634 or send us an email.

Happy Riding!
Anthony Elliott
Member Services Manager

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  • Is it correct in saying, your bike not covered unless you're in an event (non racing)?

    • When am I covered?

      Whilst participating in a Bicycle Network event

      When you sustain an injury during any or all recreational or commuting bike riding activities (excluding riding to derive a commercial benefit – e.g. racing or couriering)

      I interpret that as being any recreational riding, or an event run by “Bicycle Network”. Any race, activity or event that’s got commercial benefit (you could get paid) not by that group wouldn’t be covered, including things like using the bike for work deliveries or races held by other parties.

    • doesn't cover your bike at all. This is personal injury and liability insurance. I.e. if you injure yourself falling while riding or your hit a car and it's your fault, you have insurance that covers you and the damage your cause.

  • the insurance doesn't cover bike. It covers the person.

  • Where does it says it will add 12 months?

    • when you hit on the Join now the language used is:

        This membership does not automatically re-bill and it will expire on February 28, 2021

  • Can someone suggest an insurance that covers theft (and maybe repairs) of bicycle?

    • Is my bike covered as a part of Bicycle Network insurance?
      No, your bike isn’t covered by Bicycle Network insurance. You’re covered for personal injury and public liability.

    • I'd also be keen hear people's recommendations on some more complete insurance.

    • Many home contents insurances will cover bicycles out of the home.
      Stepping up to a more expensive level of home contents insurance is probably cheaper than taking out stand-alone bicycle insurance.

    • I have this.
      You need a different policy for each bike you ride.
      It covers the items this post does, plus the bike.
      You need an approved lock, and read the rest of the fine print (like always)
      I pay $8.33 per month for $1,500 bike value.

      • Thanks for sharing this excellent cover.

        I just insured my other half who bought the Cell ebike from Aldi and rides to university everyday.

        Also, currently 20% off using LEAP20 coupon code.

    • I pay an additional $60 per annum on top of my contents insurance, to cover for theft and damage (I'm with Woolworths insurance). It is a part of the 'Portable Valuables' category that most insurers offer (not all insurers cover bikes however). My bike is around the 4K mark and found this to be the cheapest for the coverage I required.

    • I'm insured by Velosure https://velosure.com.au/ I've already crashed into a traffic cone on a group ride, snapped the carbon fibre frame of my bike in the crash and these guys paid me out for a new bike.

  • Just in case there are people who don't know - you can get a partial membership through participating in their 'Super Counts':


    The next one is their Super Tuesday Count on 3 March. There probably aren't many locations left though…

    You also get a free hat and sometimes a free t-shirt too.

  • steep excess:
    $100 for personal injury
    $1,000 for public liability

  • Doesn't TAC cover most if not all of what your insurance covers? I can understand getting this if you ride on trails or private property but TAC covers all health injuries on main roads, no?

  • In weighing up if this is worth it, wondering about hypothetical scenarios of public liability or injury liability and what damages may cost.

    Say the cyclist is at fault with a luxury vehicle, maybe denting one panel? Or what if it caused that vehicle to crash or injury to occupants?

    What about bodily injury in colliding with a pedestrian, what damages might that amount to?