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Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse - $125 @ Landmark Computers or $118.75 w/ Officeworks Price Beat


Landmark Computers have this mouse on special at the moment, made even better by getting Officeworks to price beat. I’ve just purchased one for $118.75 at my local.

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Landmark Computers
Landmark Computers

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    If I’m interstate, how much postage do they add into the price at OW when they do the price matching?


    Is it better than Logitech g703?

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    Cheaper by 10 cent on Amazon.

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    $110.54 after price beating with https://www.tech4u.com.au/logitech-mx-master-3-advanced-wire... where the current price is $116.36.

    Just ordered.


      I went to OW in Pitt St Sydney but the guys only do price-match after including the $15 delivery. So it's $126 after price-matched, no deal for me :(


    I got the MX Master 3 from OW on 2nd March for $118.75

    On the 11th March I dropped the mouse on the floor and Ratchet mode stopped working. It got stuck in freespin mode.

    Resetting to default, switching between Receiver and Bluetooth, clickng the mode button, selecting Enable/Disable SmartShift and switching between Ratchet/Freespin didn't fix the problem.

    I ended up opening the mouse up and wiggling the mechanism with electromagnets with the power switched off. Ratchet mode started working again after that.

    If you're going to pull back the pads, make sure that you get your fingernail or something under the glue before trying to peel it back or you'll end up splitting the pad in half (leaving the glue layer stuck to the plastic). There are two screws under each side pad, one screw under the bottom pad, and no screws under the top pad. Removing the top part of the mouse is a pita. You have to carefully pop the sides up near the two main buttons.

    I didn't really expect this from a $100+ mouse. The corded G502 seems better for my general use.

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