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New York Return with United Airlines (LA/Houston Stopover) ex Melb $775, ex Syd $805 @ IWTF


A couple of cracker fares if you don’t mind the layover/s. Sample fares in link show travel dates Mar-Apr and Jul-Sep 2020. Good luck and safe travels. Enjoy :)

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  • Most US flights are an amazing deal right now, I got fights from Melb to New York for $690 on VA and Delta. Playing around with dates helps bring the price down a lot.

  • Good deal if you don’t mind the layover/s or potentially sharing a plane with someone with coronavirus

  • hold tight, they'll tumble further

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    US probably on the verge of an outbreak as well

    • Whole world probably on the verge of on outbreak as well

      • Here we're already operating on the basis it gets labelled as a pandemic. May not do a lot to Australia internally (e.g. Swine flu was a pandemic and didn't impact us a lot) however in terms of travel, probably difficult.


      • Yep and travel companies offering cheap flights to encourage non essential travel are just shooting themselves in the foot and us as well

      • But if you catch it and survive, you’ll be immune and have cheap travel and empty places to take photos everywhere.

        • Immune? Supposedly there have been people who had recovered only to catch it again.

          • @Ron280: that's correct. There've been a few people getting it a second time.

            Also, it could become like a cold or flu where it keeps mutating into new strains and you keep getting some form of it.

  • Can I still make the "careful, they might beat you up" joke or is it too old now?

    • Regardless, United are often rated as one of the worst airlines in the US both in on time performance and customer service. In fact, if ever possible, avoid all US based airlines. They routinely oversell tickets, have some of the smallest seats in the industry and get rated poorly.

      This is the reason Air Canada almost always wins the best North American airline award.

      • Small seats ? Or large Americans in normal seats?

      • AC are usually quite expensive…and they have recently had a spate of safety-related incidents.

      • Just this month i flew a 16 hour flight on AC in a 787 and it was really tight man. The seats were so narrow. I don't know if that's the plane's design or if the airline configured the seats that way. It was a 3-3-3 config.

        I was in the tail (middle seat to boot), and as soon as the plane reached cruising altitude, the bastard in front of me reclined his seat all the way back and didn't pull it back up until just before landing.

        This was torture. I don't remember seats being this cramped in width.

        I was in the first zone to board, being in the tail end, and our luggage compartment was already taken up by others. All 3 of us had no overhead storage. We were also overbooked. They asked me to volunteer to stay back another night. I'd already stayed back a night when a 4.5 hour delay made me miss my connecting flight back home.

        Everyone oversells tickets btw. Most of the time, people cancel. If you don't oversell, you get empty seats and leave money on the table.

    • I recently flew United to LA.

      Im used to flying Scoot and Airasia.
      Id still prefer to fly scoot or Airasia over United haha

  • What AC is this? Their 757 are terribly old. 787 is about all you would want to fly.

  • Good deal but may turn out to be a one way trip

  • Well you can always fly over and live off $1 pizza slices.

    • LOL. My daughter and I were just remembering those pizza slices from when we were in New York 3 years ago. Then I open up OzB and read this thread - nice coincidence!

    • These were great on Lexington ave! A short walk from the W. Could eat those every day

      • Thanks guys.

        Heading over to NYC for the first time - will be looking for these $1 pizza slices.

        Any other recommendations, for us Ozbargainers?

  • I can't bring myself to fly United anymore. No discount is worth the shitty seats, service, entertainment, etc., for that long of a flight.

    • That's what happens when an airline is owned by the airline union.

    • When is the last time you flew united? 1980?

      It’s got economy plus sitting which is way better than economy and you do not have to pay premium economy pricing. Just slightly more. Most of the route now flys latest jet with internet access. Service, not much worst than qantas to be honest. Can’t compare to Asian carrier for sure.

      • I can attest to redrum22's comment. My in laws live in Philadelphia so we've been flying back almost every year. United's economy seats are smaller compared to Qantas's (my husband also agreed on this one), food is boring (can't remember what I had with United on our 2018 flight, but I flew with Qantas in 2019 and had some Asian fusion salad as main dish which was a nice surprise) and in flight entertainment and services are no where comparable to that of Qantas. If for short distance, I wouldn't mind cheap pricing. But we are talking about a 14 hour flight from Sydney to West Coast (or 16 hours to Texas) then to East Coast.

  • Where are all the cheap flights to Europe?

  • Use the code FLYRUS to receive a free corona with your meal

  • Booked. Thanks OP
    Booked in my Coronavirus shot, ain’t nobody stopping me!

  • Hopefully prices will continue to fall (doubt it) but I hope business class tickets also come down in price.