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Airasia Unlimited Pass - Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Australia RM499 (~$181 AUD) + Airport Tax (Malaysia Address/VPN Req.)


Probably good for frequent fliers. Unlimited travel at cost of RM499 @ AUD181. The cost of the ticket is waived. But all other anciliary charge such as airport tax is added on. Still trying to confirm the T&C's if it only applies for flights FROM Malaysia.

AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available to all Malaysia-based AirAsia BIG members on airasia.com/deals or mobile app from 29 February 2020 (1200hrs Local Time) to 7 March 2020 (2359hrs Local Time) only.

Redemptions are only valid for the base fare and do not include ancillaries, add-ons, airport charges, taxes and regulatory fees, or other charges, if any, which shall be payable by the passenger at the time of booking.

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        • Same return flight is now $505.35!

      • Don't remember whether I got notification from AA directly. A relative contacted me on the second day of the flash sale and I thought the 'free seats' would have been gone by then.Suprisingly, the booking engine was better than previous megasale across the network.

        I think with the negative outlook on the economy due to COVID-19, AA and other legacy carriers have to wotk harder to stimulate demand. The weak oozie dollar is putting a brake on my ability to take advantage of the cheap fares.

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    This is probably a godsent deal for Malaysian international students or expatriates in Australia.

    I managed to get the deal and for reference the lowest I've seen for return KL-Sydney is RM172.25 (roughly $63 AUD).

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    In my opinion flying internationally to anywhere in Asia anytime soon is probably not the smartest move, not because you might get sick but because you might end up with some unwanted extended holiday. Great deal stop by at Xmas island free of charge.

  • I have been trying to buy for a few days but whenever I enter https://airasia.com/deals it's always a blank page, I am connected to NordVPN Malaysian server. Anyone solved this?

    • I just signed up for the seed vpn 1 year free https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521727 then connected to Singapore VPN. https://www.airasia.com/deals is accessible but I don't see the deal… not sure if it's because of location… Also have Nord VPN and can't access the site via VPN..

      • i used cyberghostvpn 1day trial just to purchase the deal. chose malaysia vpn and it works

        • That worked but payment constantly fails… giving up!

      • Most likely you need a Malaysia server to access the deals. My friends said only for those in Malaysia now can access the deal. I emailed Seed4Me support to request a Malaysia server but no reply yet.

  • I'm gonna be getting some - figuring out which friend to get help from.

    Its probably a pretty good deal even if you use it once

  • They are asking for Malaysian mobile number which I only have 1, how do I buy this for my family too?

    • To answer my own question I can use the same mobile numbers for all accounts, but after buying 2 passes the next purchases are getting payment errors.

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    It applies to flight to and from KUL, I have been able to get it working for flights Melbourne-KL-Melbourne.

    • Is there a way to see available flights thats eligible for unlimited pass before even purchasing the pass?

    • what were the prices like?

    • Can u see if flights in Christmas or busy periods are able to be booked?

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        Just had another look, don't bother, discount code not applicable most of the dates. Wasted my money on the pass.

        • I mean this was kind've expected. What dates are we looking at that are blacked out?

    • Screenshot?

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    Curious as to how many flights it would take to make this an economical choice. From experience, the majority of the ticket price with AA has been surcharges, taxes and add-ons, with very little actually being for air carriage.

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      Costs of Gold Coast - KL return flights I bought in sale last week.
      Base fare was $0.

      Pass would save $0 on that type of sale fare as all costs were taxes, charges, etc.

      Likely there will be more of these $0 base fare sales until flights fill again.

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        Better buy those $0 base fares rather than this pass.

  • I assume each family member has to buy the pass, in that case how do I book a flight with every family member included and still use the pass?

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    This cant end well. Your VPN hack with a false phone number and address and check in with your Aussie passport. Cross checking finds you are fraudulently purchased the ticket. Emigration puts you on a flight home or worst still in a Malaysian detention centre.

    I can see the 60 minutes/Current Affair story now. "OZbargainer got more than they bargained for"

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      The check in counter does not check how you bought the tickets, as long as you have the booking which passport you use does not make any different.

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    Five years ago, an inquisitive OzBargainer (oh, it's me! - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/183534) did some research into the so-called Air Asia ASEAN pass and discovered the restrictions were worse than the upbeat marketing and superficial terms and conditions made out. People worldwide were crying that they couldn't use their pass on days where discount flights were still available in the normal search engine (e.g. https://www.reddit.com/r/travel/comments/382gug/scammed_by_a...).

    Now while a few things are different this time e.g. the unlimited factor, who's to say the scam won't be the same? If you're booking this week and can find someone with the pass to verify the savings on desired dates then maybe it's worth taking the risk. But with the explicit mention of customers "in Malaysia" in the t&cs, the risk of coronavirus keeping base prices low anyway and no guarantee of flight dates even on low demand days in their previous passes, I would give this a pass (irrespective of their Fuhrer).

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      they've already proven that they do this, in the flash sale they had last week they had SYD-KUL flights for around $171 in for example October, but if you tried to change your existing flights in say April to those exact same dates in October, none of those cheapo prices were available.. so I have very little faith this situation will work out any better…

    • It clearly states in the t&c what flights are available. Domestic flights are not applicable. Only direct flights greater than 4 hours. I'm not sure if it was the same before.

      • I don't think you understand my point at all. Of course the "ASEAN" pass was different. But the "etc" in the t&c's exceptions (as commented above) is still a mystery until proven otherwise. My point is that, "what if" for an "applicable" route on an "applicable" day (not some weekend or holiday in Australia, China, South Korea, etc, just some ordinary Tuesday that's still discounted in the normal search engine), you find your preferred flight "sold out". And then discover that the non-transparent availability per flight drops further as the year elapses, despite discounts being offered in the normal search engine. With the ASEAN pass, where there were often multiple flights per day per route, another complaint was that not all times of day were offered (so people would be forced to get the 11.55 pm flight despite 7 pm still being available and "discounted").

        But there's no need to guess right now if we have OzBargainers that have taken the leap. Hopefully it's different. Just buyer beware (I've explained other reasons the average person might not need this deal above, since some people look at upvotes rather than do cost benefit research into their own requirements).

    • I've been shunted by them once a very long time ago (this was about a decade ago). Their refund policies are horrible. And of course, consumer protection laws in Malaysia are not as good as they are here. Remember the time they got fined by the ACCC?

      I still fly with them though. They've definitely reduced their assholery. Their flights are cheaper than any competing fares. They do a decent job in the actual flight and they've broken the traditional monopoly and protectionism of the national airline (such as for example, preferential treatment on who is hired based on race).

      I know several pilots in the airline, and though they may have their gripes, most are genuinely happy for their families & friends to fly with the airline.

      So yes, no doubt they will do a fast one on key dates, but this is still a deal nonetheless. If you are able to travel flexibly, just one return flight makes this worth the trouble.

      • Yeah, $350 SYD to KL return without waiting on a flash sale is still an OK deal. If Australians were explicitly allowed to redeem this deal and frankly, it wasn't the coronavirus special, I would maybe consider it. But it would help if they had a guaranteed availability quota you could view without joining first.

        I'm flexible and I turned down the recent $0 base fare so I don't think I'll be jumping on any international flight deals in the near future. The fact I make frequent visits to nursing homes puts some extra guilt on me at this early stage of the virus' spread.

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          From a marketing standpoint its a pretty genius move. Its like funding the business using prepaid money for almost zero interest

        • Yes, people who visit aged care facilities have probably experienced the lock downs necessary to stop the spread of the seasonal flu virus, that healthy people take for granted.

          Many elderly die due to the ordinary virus each year. They are amongst the most vulnerable. (At least the flu injections for residents, staff & visitors can help there.) 1 person introducing this virus in those facilities would be devastating!

          Bought the $0 base fare flights as after many years I am no longer a carer for a vulnerable elderly relative. That's the reason why I need a good long rest in Malaysia! But plans may change in the 3 months before the flight.

  • how do you pay for it? all my credit/debit cards are declined? I have just created an airasia account.

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      Read kampua's comment above: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521725?page=1#comment-8399...

      It would be stupid to buy this before the last few days. Maybe offer kampua a dollar to check applicability for each day you want to fly and he can save you some trouble and slowly claw back his loss…

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        he didnt say when; xmas period? summer holidays?

        • Yeah, which is I would wait for him or others who already spent the money to investigate. As I mentioned above, the ASEAN pass had similar t&cs but excluded even ordinarily discounted days (which are normally already excluded over holiday periods).

          Don't let them win!

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        Ooh, i'll do it for $0.99 :p

  • Can anyone screenshot syd-kl for long weekends in NSW please? Easter April, queens June and xmas? thank you!!!

    • Can you post the actual dates?

    • I'll bet you $20 there's zero chance.

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      But the terms and conditions exclude weekends and public holidays, which is every single date you just listed …

  • how do you get the promo code after you purchase the unlimited 1 year pass?

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    so how much is the cost of 25kg luggage, airport tax, selected seats etc?

  • How does this apply to children under 12 since they don't have BIG membership? Anyone tried?

    • The pass is not available for children who are under 12 on the day of departure.

      From the terms and conditions:
      "The AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available for BIG Members within Malaysia who are at least 12 years of age on the date of departure and the passenger must be the BIG Member who made the booking. Each AirAsia Unlimited Pass is assigned to one (1) passenger only with one (1) BIG Member account. For the avoidance of doubt, the AirAsia Unlimited Pass is not available for children aged below 12 on the date of departure."

      • Thanks, mate. Looks like not great for those with kids.

  • Could someone has the membership please check if there is any flights available for December/January? Thanks

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    And after this news, you can expect more sales to get ppl flying via KL… lol…

  • For anyone using NordVPN and can't access the web site, turns off Cybersec in NordVPN setting and you will be fine.

  • Just tested, easter period not available for unlimited pass redemption.

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    Can I book for someone els? Thanks.

  • For close to 200 aud. You would have to do a discounted (both ways) return trip to get the money's worth.

    Frequent flyer with flexi dates will get their money's worth but otherwise nothing special. Most weekend I checked are not discounted but a few are (until the cheap seats are allocated I guess).

    The average deal is a $200 ticket becomes $100. Or a $110 ticket becomes $50. Before ancillary charges.

    • This is for mel-kl.

  • I purchased successfully with NORDVPN and there are a few routes from Per - KUL and great deal KL - Japan. But I have noticed all AirAsia fares seem to be incredibly low right now anyway.

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    If anyone is interested I have found the prices for a few flights, availability is a bit hit and miss and it seems Australian school holidays is a no go. I haven't yet successfully booked a flight but very keen to hear if anyone has.

    Perth - KL = $89, KL - Perth = $54.53
    Melb - KL = $89, KL - Melb = $54.91
    Syd - Kl = $103.45, KL - Syd = $77.03
    Gold Coast - KL = $80, KL - Gold Coast = $49.19

    KL - Osaka = $27.07
    KL - New Dehli = $27.07
    Kl - Tokyo = $27.07
    KL - Beijing = $27.07
    KL - Ahmedabad = $27.07

    Osaka - Honolulu = $131.60

    I plan on full-time travel later this year so this will be amazing if I can get availability and successfully keep the pass.

    • Do these prices include the taxes?

      Taxes out of Aus are pretty high.

      • +1

        That is total flight costs with the unlimited pass.

      • Taxes out of Aus are pretty high.
        Same price $124 Gold Coast - KL return in last week's flash sale. Bought then.

        These prices are only taxes & charges. Base fare is $0 in that Flash Sale or using this Pass!

    • I booked 2X one way flights out Melbourne to KL for me and the wife (with 2 codes from the passes)

      Paid X2 $89 , chose our seats and add on luggage (extras)

      • Do you only buy one pass and use it twice? My partner and I bougth two seperate ones because I assumed it was for named travler only

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          No, we got 1 pass each. Yep you are right that it's only for the BIG account holder.

  • i think this deal is for OZ residents… More like for malaysia residents

    • Its advertised only for Malaysian AA account holders, but IMO no brainer for Malaysian living in Aus/overseas who often fly back to KL.

      Would have made back the $184 in 2 trips.

    • I meant this deal is NOT for OZ resident. It advertised as for big members in malaysia, maybe just open to malaysian resident.

      • Obviously its not for Australian residents, as you would need a VPN or someone in Malaysia to buy the pass. But for someone who travels from/to KL very often or uses it as a travel hub to other destinations, the value is insane.

  • Pretty amazing deal. Hard to gauge the exact value with the taxes and restrictions but it's safe to say it's very worth it if you fly often to Asia (in particular for Malaysian international students).

  • I think maybe another sale coming next day.

    • Air Asia sale announced from Sunday! (For Big members)

  • Last 24 hours to get one.

    If anyone with a pass can you tell me the earliest date you can find Perth - KUL return and the cost?

    I am a frequent flyer to KL (although not sure now) with flexi dates of travel.

    This looks like a sweet deal but would like to know there are enough random days to use it for a 3 or 5 day trip.

    • 14 days from now, the total is around $129 return

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    Air Asia BIG SALE announced for Sunday!
    Same price as using paid Pass
    - as predicted!!

    Sale for Big members 8/3 (free to join)
    public from 9/3

    Notified in member email today
    Are You Sure You're Ready For the AirAsia BIG SALE?!

    Gold Coast to KL $80 (probably $124.35 return - same price as recent Flash Sale or using this $181 Pass)
    Gold Coast to Phuket $123
    Gold Coast to Go Chi Minh City $131
    Gold Coast to Kochi $151

    Travel period: 7/9/20 - 1/7/21

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    If u missed the recent flash sale or not eligible to purchase the unlimited pass, this coming BIG SALE is probably better with more certainty, wider choces on destinations and travel period is until 01 Jul 2021.

  • Air Asia has gone into "hibernation".
    Can any purchasers of this pass tell us what recompense Air Asia is now offering the pass buyer?

    • Nothing.