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45% off Sitewide (Free Delivery over $150 Spend) @ MyProtein


Free delivery with $150 spend, $10 delivery with $100 spend

Pair with ShopBack 12%

5kg Impact Whey Isolate - $110 paired with 12% ShopBack makes it $96.80 + $10 delivery

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Referee gets 35% off discount 1st order ($75 minimum spend), and referrer gets $20 credit.

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    Not bad at all with the 12% cash back.

    • Keep in mind

      Cashback Rates
      New Myprotein Customer
      Existing Myprotein Customer

      I signed in and wondered why my cashback was so low. Maybe it's better not signing in to try and get the full 12%

      • Setting up a new MP account would work though wouldn’t it, or does Shopback somehow know you’re an existing customer of MP?

  • I wonder if anyone pays retail at MyProtein. Ps strawberry cream is the bomb

    • I don't even think it's possible to pay without at least 35% off.

  • Does the cashback still work if the code isn't on shopback's site?

    • My Valentines Day sale purchase @ 46% off was picked up. Currently is pending, but I'm optimistic it will go through.

  • If anyone doing a Brisbane order can you PM me, I only need fish oil as did big order recently and do not want to pay 19.99 shipping.

  • Thanks OP I ordered 6 different flavors of 1 kilo bags (I am not joking)

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    For anyone thinking about getting the pea protein, the taste is not as bad as people are making it out to be.

    A few things to note:
    - don't use the scoop in the bag, it exceeds what is recommended (80g scoop vs 30g as instructed). I have found lots of companies do this trick to various degrees so you use up more powder than needed and gain no benifit.
    - use water to mix powder (cold) then add milk once mixed in (if your going to add milk at all). I just use water as it's easier on the stomach and absorbs better.
    - add water gradually and mix it in (just like making pancake batter). The powder is extremely fine and at first it will get super gluggy but as you add more water it thins out nicely.
    - the taste has a sort of nut flavour, it's bland but I prefer that to the over sweetened powders

    Hit me up if you have any more questions 😊 I don't work for them, just happy to share my experience.

    • Yo, good feedback. Curious if you've tried the Vegan Protein Blend to compare both? I've tried to VPB which was quite good and mixed great but not the Pea Protein and the latter is a hell of a lot cheaper.

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        No worries, happy to help :)

        I have only tried the vegan pea protein from these guys. I saw the VPB but was turned off because it had soy, pea protein seemed more pure and came more recommended.

        For taste, I would suggest just finding a local health food store that stocks pea powder and getting some to try. It pretty much smells and looks exactly the same and I'm guessing the taste would be similar. The only difference may be how finely it's been grounded to help it mix.

        • Thanks for that. I’ve tried other Pea protein powders and found a pretty big difference between them so thought I’d see if anyone had tried both from MP.

          All good, I’ll just order it anyway, can’t go wrong for the price :)

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    Where do they ship from?

  • Been reading a lot about the flavours and right now I'm torn between Chocolate Smooth and Mocha. Can anyone vouch for any of these flavours?
    Getting the Whey Protein Isolate.

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      Mocha if you take with milk. Chocolate Smooth if you take with water.

    • always chocolate. Chocolate is hard to stuff up, other flavours can vary from excellent to barely drinkable. Get a big chocolate and then see if you can get a small or sample bag of other flavours to try out first.

      • Choc, Strawberry or Vanilla. All good

      • Yeah, choc most of the time will be the safer bet. Just got intrigued by the mocha as it gets quite a number of hands up

  • Are these better than Mushahi protein? Chemistwarehouse selling entire Mushahi range at 50% off. Although this still is a bit more than Myprotein..

    • +2

      Honestly no. I've said this in multiple posts before, they use a terrible sweetner combination that is very difficult to get used to.

      Though according to online reviews it's not every flavour.

      The multivitamins also reek beyond comprehension, I thought a cat or dog had urinated on the box, but it's the tablets themselves, I flushed them all.

      Lastly, their pre workout/post workout powders are the worst I've ever used. They seem to contain way more caffeine than necessary and have about 3 different colour additives. I get bad reactions from artificial red colouring.

      That concludes my TEDtalk

      • Thanks for your opinion. Any recommendations from Mushahi? In terms of flavour and mixability?

    • Mushashi is supermarket trash with a huge markup. They use the exact same sweetners as Bulk Nutrients or MyProtein, but have a worse macronutrient profile.

      They taste better, but that's kind of meaningless. The best tasting protein is still significantly worse than the worst milkshake from the worst cafe. None of them are something you would drink for enjoyment.

      Agree that their preworkout is trash, and the range is confusing. But so is Musashi, their pre is comically underdosed. Like 90% of pre out there, and 110% of what you will find in discount chemist. Transparent Labs or gtfo.

  • Code has expired. Says only valid for yesterday. I guess because the code is for 3mar.

  • There's a 35% off code on their website now: Forever

  • Anyone around the Northside of Brissy, I am selling 2x 5kg bags for $50 each (Cookies & Cream & Strawberry Cream).